Nuts for Kopari!

No matter what else comes out this year In 2018 for Skincare… @Koparibeauty has my vote for Top New Skincare line. An award for their Coconut Cleansing Oil as Best New Facial cleansing oil!

The first time I used the oil to cleanse my extremely sensitive and dry skin I knew I’d never buy anything else. No, I’m not joking. Should I contribute it all to the coconut? It cleans an does not dry out my skin where I feel I have to slap moisturizer on my face asap. My skin actually felt…Normal! Anyone who suffers from extreme skin issues must give Kopari a shot. To not have to worry about skin blotches or dry skin is a freedom for me.

So doubling up using the Kopari facial Moisturizer made my skin feel so soft. An the feel of the cream on your skin is luxurious! Light yet airy and very Hydrating. Doesn’t weigh on skin, it soaks in completely. Provides a great base to apply makeup. Since it hydrates my skin so well; I don’t have to worry about dry spots from makeup powders.

Kopari Lip Gloss is simply amazing. Clear and makes lips sparkle without any sticky feel. Soaks in and leaves a beautiful shine to lips. This is one lip gloss that is doing some good being on your lips! My lips have healed better than with my traditional chapstick. Kopari also has colored lip glosses I must try soon.

Their Rose Toner is a great pick me up. Especially, after a hard Workout. It helps clean and refresh skin. Smells amazing and has become my favorite. Use it after your Cleansing ritual as well before serums and moisturizers.

Kopari’s Coconut Body Oil is perfect for my skin! It doesn’t hang around on skin like baby oil. It soaks in, leaves an amazing scent, and skin gets a huge drink of Hydration. My husband always compliments my perfume but, I keep saying it’s my body oil… I don’t think he cares;) I just love what the product’s are doing for my skin.

Check out KopariBeauty online and now you can find them in @Sephora stores! They have body scrubs, a coconut melt lotion, travel sizes, plus so much more! #BeautyinaNutShell


Bean, Natural- B.eauty, E.xercise A.n N.utrition ❣️

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