SugarWaxing & Professional’s at HumbleBeeLV!

First, Thanks to @HumbleBeeLV for my first, enjoyable, and skin changing #Sugarwaxing Service! Here is my social collaboration with a local small beauty waxing business called #HumblebeeLV

Let me Introduce to you a new waxing Service I’ve never had! (Surprised? Me too!) A girl who started going to the beauty school for services when I was…11 never heard of SUGARWAXING!

Dulcinea owner of HumbleBeeLV contacted me through my personal Instagram wanting to do a local business social media collaboration. An of course I said yes! It falls into Natural Beauty, I’ve never had the service, an it was my first in person collaboration. All too exciting to not find out what this SugarWaxing is all about!

I not only learned so much about SugarWaxing. I found a great esthetician who was knowledgeable in her craft. I love it when I learn little FYI information. Like when she told me SugarWaxing started with Cleopatra. I was instantly intrigued and instilled Dulcinea much trust in her ripping out my leg hairs. To say the least I was a bit scared of the waxing process. I researched myself and according to Wikipedia, “Sugaring, sugar waxing or Persian waxing is a method of hair removal that has been in use since 1900 BC. Historically, sugar was confined to the regions surrounding Persia until the first millennium AD. As a result, it is speculated that honey was the first sugaring agent.“. I love any Natural beauty products that still work thousands of years later. An better than ones we have even created today. Think about that one!

When I first arrived she greeted me like we had been friends forever! I appreciate that so much when someone works with the public you have to have great customer service skills. The suite is quiet and personal consultation is quick. An the whole process for half legs only took 45 minutes. Now mind you we talked a lot for social media sake. So if in a hurry I bet she can get you in an out in under 30 Minutes! I was astonished how quick it really did go. An it did not hurt anymore than having my eyebrows done. I honestly think that feels good. An the only part was the inside part of my leg that made me flinch.

One ball of SugarWax is used for your entire process. You can see how it gets more Yellow. Full of dead skin and hair. It may look gross but, the exfoliation is a gentle one and only lifts dead skin. The service doubles as a great exfoliation and waxing skincare procedure. At least for myself, with such dry an sensitive skin. I believe this is actually better than shaving. I’m going back in 4 weeks so for the price once a month; I find the service is so worth it! Especially when she told me I could even have hair not grow back eventually. I am absolutely OKAY with that idea! An if this improves my skin on my legs. Like I believe it will. I’m definitely throwing out razors, having my whole legs and arm pits done. End of hairy leg struggles, helps my dry skin… What could be better for the price? Just shorts, beaches, and legs out in the sun!

Waking up the next day they feel extremely smooth and look so shiny! It’s a miracle. I don’t wear shorts. Most who know me see me in pants daily. If I can improve dry skin and red patches. I will be rocking them this summer

SugarWaxing is not only for us women. Men have found it more relaxing and easier on chest and back hair. Check out their Instagram for an amazing video! It will make you a believer in SugarWaxing.

HumblebeeLV has two locations Summerlin, Southwest, and a new location coming to Henderson in June 2018!

I highly recommend Dulcinea an crew at HumblebeeLV to do your SugarWaxing Services. They have the knowledge, and most wonderful experienced staff.

I’ll be sure to update after my next appointment on my SugarWaxing journey. It is far from over. I will have my full YouTube review video of my experience up tomorrow! Be sure to follow my Instagram for daily updates. And follow HumbleBeeLV on Insta, Facebook, and all their social medias as well. You will learn about waxing and score some giveaways and deals!

Stay Beautiful Stylista’s Inside and out!

💖 Bean- Beauty, Exercise an Nutrition

**Social collaboration offered a free service but, Opinion is all my own!**

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