Set That Look!

Makeup setting sprays were created to help keep makeup from rubbing an wearing off. Now they have ones that hydrate, highlight with sheer or no color.

Here our a couple of the handful I’ve tried lately I like.

#1 NYX Dewy Finish Long lasting setting spray is as printed… PROFESSIONAL! I love the look of Healthy hydrated skin. An no matter what look you apply dramatic or Natural. This spray leaves makeup set with a still glowing look. Not matte about it. No rubbing off on clothes or sweating off at the gym. Yes, it’s that good. I’m a personal trainer. Trust me I tested the sweat factor! My makeup stayed put. Goes on sheer and will not mess up your make-up application if you hold it out and just MIST your face.

#2 Next up, I’d leave this to Makeup artist, Professional, and those of us willing to keep trying. I do love Hard Candy’s Glow illuminating setting spray. But, beware those pearls are like micro glitter! Shake well. First time I could see it on my vanity seat. So know to cover up with a towel. An to really hold your arm out and kinda walk/lean your face into it. It works great and leaves skin definitely glowing an hydrated. Contains coconut oil so feels like lotion at first but, sets fast and skincare ingredients soak in. Its a great highlighting spray along with setting your make-up.

Please share any of your favorite Makeup Setting Sprays and Moisturizing facial sprays!

Stay beautiful Stylista’s!

💕 Bean- Beauty, Exercise, and Nutrition!

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