It’s In The Gel with Neutrogena!

Neutrogena has a new Mask Collection! Two convenient options; Neutrogena Hydrogel sheet mask and Single-Use Mask Shots. Supercharge your favorite Neutrogena skincare regimen. These mask saturate your skin in nourishing essence and locks it in.

I love using the Neutrogena lotion cleanser on dry skin and splashed off with warm water. Followed by the hyaluronic serum an topped off with the Neutrogena hydro-boost gel Moisturizer.

Then add on your mask option to lock in all that great hydration and skincare. The mask sheet is perfect for day time. In 15 minutes you have hydrated plump skin perfect for flawless makeup application. Or, enjoy the overnight mask for deep hydration and wake up to plump glowing skin.

The mask sheet use the innovative technology from South Korea. Fusing nourishing essence with a polymer derived from seaweed to form the translucent flexible sheets. They fit great to any facial shape an size. I really love how this one covers eyes and lips if you like too. #ItsinTheGel

The portable mask shots are perfect for travel and storage options. An there is so much product in this little pod. I did my entire neck and face with a thick application. I left dry 15 minutes before I laid down to bed.

The Neutrogena Gel mask are perfect for skincare. Helping create a flawless skin base for makeup application. An all around Brightening and hydrating the skin.

Learn more & Get yours at the Links Below:

Check out the Day to Night, It’s in the Gel! YouTube Video. Check out my personal Instagram for more pictures and other great skincare.

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