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Maybelline has amazing new Shine compulsion products that are as hydrating as they are shiny! Plus, they added glitter!!!

I received the Taupe Seduction lipstick. If you have fair skin like myself this could be the perfect color. Can’t usually do the reds. This is the perfect brown/pink that almost anyone could wear. Yet, it is perfect for my skin tone. I love that it left my lips hydrated and in better shape. Like I had been wearing chapstick or just did a lip mask. Yes that moisturizing! So then you think we’ll it’s so hydrating it’s going to bleed right off the lips…No Way. I was impressed too. It’s so shiny yet stayed put all day.

The Gone Griege lip liner is the perfect match to this lipstick. But, it also matches almost all my other lip colors. Since I tend do to the Pink/browns when I do lipstick. I save my crazy colors for lip gloss or balms. It helped define my lips and make them look bigger. An helps my Lip Shine stay put.

I am really excited to try their new Glitter Fix gloss over this lipstick. Thanks to Influenster for my complimentary products. I love the color they sent me. An I now have a new favorite lipstick and liner! Grab yours Today, it will be your go to lipstick for summer!

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