Detox Water® here to change the Aloe Game!

Best Aloe drink on Earth!

Hello @DetoxWater I love you!

I am a child of Aloe. What in the world is that? I’ll tell you! Anytime there was just about anything wrong with us growing up. Aloe was going to be the cure. Scrapes from falling, sunburns to even suggestions of eating it. However, as a kid I couldn’t hack that. An does anyone remember ‘The Magic of Aloe’ product’s that had lip gloss, blush and make-up; I had it all! I know women whom have even used Aloe for woman issues down below, no joking!

I absolutely do believe, seen, and love the power of Aloe. So I was instantly excited to see this New product called “Detox Water” made with Bioactive aloe. I was even more astonished that I actually loved it! I have tried and tried. Many, many Aloe drinks and just haven’t found anything I ever could drink down. They are either too chunky and thick and usually have no flavor at all. Neither apply to Detox Water. It is not thick. Consistency just like water. You have that hint of Aloe taste but, more flavor. An it is so refreshing! I love kiwi and cucumbers. An it seems no company wants to make kiwi anything. So I literally screamed in excitement when I seen their Cryptokiwi!

They call it a “healing hydration” with Activealoe® allows the best retention of the health benefits of Aloe Vera.

This is not just body hydration but, skin hydrating. Perfect product for Bean Styled Studio. It helps the inside and outside of the body! Our skin is just as important as our heart. Non GMO, Gluten Free, vegan, and Kosher it is just about safe for anyone.

An I personally loved it so much I gave it to my 14 months old. It helps aid in digestion and support’s immunity! An the fact she loved the taste made this mama Happy.

This was my favorite new Food & Drink product that was set up at the IDEA World Convention an Blogfest 2018 in San Diego, California. I had the opportunity to attend and I am so thankful for the opportunity!

Make sure to follow the blog. Tomorrow I am going to post my entire experience at the IDEA Fitness professional convention. Along, with other new products and companies you must know about too! It was an amazing experience and every blogger, coach, an trainer must attend at least one time in their career.

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