Press on Nails Gold Medal.. Dashing Diva Magic Press!

@DashingDiva Magic press on nails are simply that… Magic!

These nails stayed on two weeks before I took my nails off. I coach tumbling and none of these nails popped off. Now that is just astonishing! I took them off to see how easy it was going to be. That was just as easy and did NOT peel any of my nails off. I think I’m going to have to do a challenge and see how long the nails will actually stay on all ten… Longer than two weeks so possibly a whole month!

An Guess what… I’m Still rocking my toe nails. I absolutely love to do press on nails and toenails. I have tried about 3 other brands and hands down… I’m sticking with Dashing Diva. You can find them @Sallybeauty

They are the perfect size for my hand’s flat big bed nails that are naturally short. I don’t have petite nails like a lot of my lady friends. I do like them short but, I love to have my nails done. Yet, they cost is getting out of hand these days. I also love the fact I control when I want to do my nails even at midnight. And, I can take them off without going to a salon.

I am stocking up on my Dashing Diva nails so I have whatever style I need for events, vacation, or when I want my nails looking fabulous. I can’t rave enough about these press on nails.

Bean 💅

*Complimentary products but, opinion is all my own!

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