IDEA Convention Must See!


I can’t even begin to explain what it’s like to walk into the IDEA World Convention. It was overwhelming to see all the Brands, Companies, And Products. Yet, an Amazing feeling being around so man other enthusiastic health and fitness professionals.

Here is a short list of what I picked up and dove into learning more about.

Let’s talk Food first:

Be Better Bars!

A Protein bar that’s not just focused on protein but, ingredients. They are all dark chocolate for the best in antioxidants. Made with all natural ingredients. Each waffer or square bars are packed with lot’s of nuts, crisp, coconut and other ingredients. Many different flavors. They taste so good. You get a handful of oats or nuts with dark chocolate. It just melts in your mouth. Unlike other protein bars these don’t have that fall apart chalky taste or texture. My child and mother in law mother both found their favorites. An I really really love all the waffer ones! They deserve the Gold Medal for protein bars!

Vegi Rice: AWESOME!!!!!

Cauliflower rice and Sweet Potato Rice-

I love they can be cooked in the microwave. An baby approved. My child loved them. So happy they were at the IDEA Convention. When I got back to the hotel my 1 year old was extra hungry. No way could I get to a store in time. So I put the Sweet Potato rice in the hotel microwave. She loves sweet potatoes and absolutely loved her Vegi rice. Got us thru until delivery came with noodles. The cauliflower I added to dinner one night with no complaints from the family. Such a great healthy option for many.

Workout Products:

Frog Fitness- 🐸

So the Steelers Football players have already been working out on this machine. You can be horizontal moving it, stationary. Standing up for movements and squats all with added resistance. A little hard to explain and picture. But, must see it! I didn’t make it to the 7am Workout to check it out. I did see it at the convention in action. I can honestly say I want one! Check it out online to see the newest form of resistance Training. Frog Fitness

Kettle Grip- (orange handle above)

This is amazing! Makes me think “Why didn’t I think of this” I have used weights in place of kettle bells in Workouts for years. The basic of the kettlebell is the undistributed weight and how it help’s create extra resistance. So why not use a dumbbell or weighted ball. This amazing invention gives any weight a handle!


From foam rollers, pressure point balls and other massage tool’s. They have every muscle group covered. It can be a workout, rehabilitation, or relaxation. As a trainer I use devices and recommend products like these for all three. Everything is made of great material that won’t be breaking or rubbing off. We received the Mobipoint massage ball and that little ball of wonder is amazing on tight muscles. Perfect for hands and feet.


Okay I didn’t find any clothing but…

Haiku Bags-

Talk about style that fits your active lifestyle and eco-friendly! Thanks Haiku for being at the IDEA convention. I have found a new brand I am loving. They make cute wallets, bags, purses and more out of recycled plastic bottles. Cyclepet is an amazing fabric produced from post-consumer recycled beverage bottles. Vegan friendly and made with nontoxic dyes. I received the Haiku Mini RFID wallet. It’s so cute, stylish, and protected with RFID blocking technology. Check them out online HaikuBags Follow on Instagram to see all the cute style up close. I am definitely getting a shoulder bag asap! So many cute patterns I can’t decide.


“The Perfection Detox Tame Your Inner Critic, Live Bravely, and Unleash Your joy” A book by Petra Kolber available this August 2018. She was just as amazing speaker as she is a writer. For attending her lecture at the IDEA convention we got the first chapter sent. She is funny, witty, and seemed like a genuinely fun person. Her book is mainly about letting go of being perfect. Disconnecting from social media and so much more. She has the Life Coaching book of the year. Everyone including myself needs to learn to let go and not feel the need to be perfect. I highly recommend reading it. I’m looking forward to the rest of the book!

Check it out:

Follow her on Instagram @PetraKolber

Sadie Nardini

This chick is just badass! Click her name to follow her on Instagram. Not only was she a group Fitness instructor. She learned how to cut her personal classes and make 6 figures doing online workout video’s. I’m going to be constantly instastalking her. I kinda wanted to ask her why she wasn’t a Pound Pro since she is a real Rockstar too! It fit’s her personality. Yet, working out for her seems to be her calm. So must check out her Yoga workouts. She gave away so much information and motivation. From marketing, to website fixes, and where to go online for many things. If I didn’t want to see the next speaker or event I would have went to the bar with her. She was so kind to meet up with people and answer more questions. I kinda wish I had! I’m working on my first full published Workout video. Hope is to have my first one up in about a week. An I thank her for all the insight helping me get there.

Definitely think about attending the 2019 IDEA world Convention and Blogfest. It was so motivational, informative, and uplifting. Great to meet new people, learn about others and dive into all the new health and fitness products!

Til next time,

Stay Healthy 💖 Coach Bean

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