7 Chakra Incense

Next time your looking for Incense I highly recommend the clean burning free of harsh chemicals #7Chakras Incense sticks! They smell amazing while leading you into a calm state of mind. Knowing your not breathing in charcoal or other chemicals. Come’s with a burner. Which these simple ones are my favorite because, they work best at catching ash and easy to dump.
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Meditation is a huge part of my life since High School. I notice when I don’t make time for it; my mind and life get’s chaotic. It’s me time, clear your mind time, and clear thinking time. I discovered chakras and really dove into them in college. I am an avid Rock and mineral collector since childhood. We use gemstones daily for heat, light, and people don’t even think about that. Coal & Copper = heat and lightbulbs (for most of us still;) Quartz Crystals we know can hold electric energy. So just maybe gemstones used in Chakra cleansing can help the body. People wear magnet’s for certain ailments why not gems? Either way it is a great, colorful, sparkling and beautiful way to meditate.

The 7 Chakra’s have correlating Gemstones. Each gemstone holds different energy and allows for those particular areas to be cleared. The quartz crystal is the Master crystal that is said to be used before, during and after a chakra cleanse. Physical and mental ailments are said to be helped. If anything it is a great way to stay mentally Healthy. As it allows time to self for deep clear thinking.

There is much to be learned from this Eastern tradition. An there really is a lot more to Chakra’s. Like 141 other energy portals we possess. Head to your local library or book store and start learning more today.

Coach Bean


*Sponsored product Post but, opinion is all my own!

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