Best SKINCARE Fridge


There has been a new trend on Instagram that we totally bought! After much research on finding the best “Beauty Fridge” intended for skincare mainly, nail polish and makeup. This is why we dub ours the “Skincare Fridge”.  Cooluli is a great product that makes the perfect mini fridge for your vanity. From looks to how well it works!

Great thing you can choose from a mini like ours or a bigger fridge. They have multiple colors, and updated options. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. It can be used on travels. An also is a warmer. Just hit the switch on the back. There are many labeled with Beauty names but, do they work as well?

We couldn’t test them all. But, the Cooluli get’s as cold as any dorm fridge. Is energy efficient. Comes with multiple plug options. An the warmer and color options are endless. Make sure to read reviews on products. Most have been happy with their Cooluli’s as well.

Many stores from Urban Outfitters, Walmart, to Amazon where we bought ours from Cooluli store carry the Cooluli brand. The options and colors will vary on location.

An this is not a sponsored post. I truly love my Pink mini that is quiet and working spectacular since it arrived. Let us know what brand you use and if you have a Cooluli let us know your favorite color and size!

B.eauty E.xercise A.ttitude N.utrition

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It came today.. My @cooluli_usa mini fridge! Which is now dubbed my Skincare fridge for my vanity! I am so happy with my purchase off of @amazon I have researched these for month's, since I seen them pop up last year for this personal use. There are many now labeled as Beauty fridge, Makeup Fridge. An no I have not tried them all. However, I had an awesome dorm fridge and all I was concered is that it really kept things cold… And not just chilled. This Cooluli mini actually keeps my products COLD! Can't wait to get a video up asap. I'm absolutely loving it already. Definitely helped organize my vanity and drawers. I also learned that because, this device warms too. You can do warm moist towels for skincare facials. Of course warm or cold food and drinks! Also, great for desk at work, camping, in my van… Thinking we could almost have use for two in this house. More serious if you have medicine that you need cold and near your bedside or chair. This will work great! My opinion 5 stars and Lovin IT! 💗💆🏻💄💋 #cooluli #skincarefridge #makeupfridge #skincare #facial #mask #healthyskin #skincareproducts #mua #fitskin #minifridge #vanity #amazon

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