DIY Outdoor Jenga

Jenga was one of my favorite games to play as a kid. Something I could play by myself as well. I didn’t grow up in the weekly game Night type family. An often had games you could play solo. However, Many have seen the lifesize homemade Jenga at Bars, Hotel’s, Camp Grounds and other establishments in recent days. So it is a great idea for a company to capitalize on retailing their own. However, I about had a heart attack when I seen at Target the outdoor Jenga game for $80!

Not many people have a top notch carpenter husband but, I believed him when he said that was ridiculous. So if you can spend just a quater of that… only $20! Wouldn’t you just make your own?

Took 6, 8 foot 2×4’s making each block 10 1/2 inches long. Makes 18 stacks high, 54 pieces. Cost him 18 dollars at Lowe’s. Trust it’s tall enough an get’s crazy just as it should playing Jenga.

The days of families playing together in the backyards of America do not have to be over. It’s the type of activities that still move our bodies and heart’s.

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Coach Jill

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