Girl Wipe That Frizz!

My teenage self is screaming why these Nunzio Saviano Anti-Frizz Hair Wipes could not have been around in the 90’s? I mean 80’s would have had no use for them. An here in 2019 we finally have a almost magical product wiping out hair frizz. Providing Sleek Shine to straight or curly hair! Thanks to my #AllureBeautyBox subscription for the perfect match an introduction.

Anti-Frizz Hair Wipes, Kicking Frizz Out!
Shine O My!

I grew up in the Central Illinois midwest. Where the humidity get’s so high you feel sticky. I’ve lived on the east coast and deep south New Orleans where you can’t breath and your hair sticks up in curls. My naturally wavy hair turns major kinky curls in That kind of weather. Usually buns all summer! An no matter what products we all use; heating tools are needed to combat the frizz war on our head’s.

However after discovering the NS Anti-Frizz wipes. I could cut out all products. Go straight to blow dry and curl or straighten. Even let my natural hair dry and have my own natural hair without the frizz! These Anti-Frizz wipes give Sleek, Shine, No Frizz Perfection! I am loving these hair wipes. Fit in purse and perfect for travel. You can now go anywhere and have an Amazing hair day! I really am so excited about this product. I personally will be getting more.

Well, today after blowing drying and straightening you can still see the thickness/frizz. Usually heat tool’s along with oils I use make sleek hair. Today no products just tools. Then the Anti-Frizz sheet. You can literally see the Shine appear and frizz be gone. Watch the video below and subscribe to Bean Styled Youtube

If you have dry hair these could really help get some hydration back to roots. Can search and find them on Amazon. I am hoping they will be in Ulta or Sephora asap. Worth Trying!

Coach Jill





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