Why Pay More… Buy Men’s!

So buying men’s products for myself is not a new thing I’ve been doing. If you were born in the 80’s you may have worn boy’s Nike or Adidas shoes because, they didn’t make as cool ones for girl’s. That is also when I learned I wore a smaller size in male gender shoes. An then a friend in High School taught me to buy L or XL White Tank tops in Boys because, they were more affordable! Why pay $10 at a department store. Again… Not fair but, I feel every hack I learn I’m winning the economic gender war!

Challenge: Mens vs Womens

As a poor college student I started to buy men’s razors. They had more blades on the razor head’s at the time than women’s. So when 3 blades came out then 4 and 5.. My legs kept looking better. Yet, the men’s razors were also cheaper. So why should I buy a pink handle when the green with more blades works better and is less expensive? I don’t get where companies think we don’t have course hair either. Ahem, an ignorant Facebook comment from Gillette Womens page. Ummm, trust me my leg hairs are soilders! So jump to today and women have same brands and blades. Yet, Women are still getting charged more. It is the same with Body Wash. I want women and men to go out and buy the same exact brands. Example, Dove Mens Bodywash and Dove Womens. Any Brand. They all do it. I did a drip test. Open the bottles and turn them over. The womens will flow out. So much thiner which means you’ll need to use more. Or I find I use less Men’s because the thicker formula lathers. I know I am not the only blogger or person who has called this out. An won’t be the last until we start getting louder. I’m planning on doing my thickness test on Youtube soon an I’ll be sure to come back to add that video.

Now some companies have started to make the switch. Thanks to a great Company like Harry’s Razors which is what I use. They are same price for women and men and promise no Pink Tax!

Find How much to Date* Being Female has cost you!

Pink Tax you ask? Oh, you didn’t know that Companies, and localites add on tax to women’s product’s such as Tampons, Pads, bodywash and those Razors mentioned above! An amazing Advocate group http://www.AxThePinkTax.com has a great website to see how much estimate you’ve paid in the Pink Tax or other way I see it; cost of being female in America. Why in society today do women still have to pay more. The hypocritical thing is that men only products such as condoms have no additional taxes. I was shocked to realize that some men don’t even know about this #PinkTax. A comment thread on facebook made me reply to a male friend and his other commenters about the Pink Tax and whom have daughter’s. After they had no idea and said they never heard of Pink Tax then I replied with something along lines “When you have to start buying these products for you daughter’s maybe you’ll realize the burden of Pink Tax.” Come to find out they had no clue. An another female jumped in on the facts. So understanding and educating needs done. Imagine your female family or friend making the decision to buy food for children or afford feminen products she desperately needs. Opting to find another way to make it through that bloody week. This is a decision for so many. Government needs to stop punishing women for being Female.

So as this started out as a blog to challlenge women to start buying men’s Product’s such as Body Wash. It has become a Call To Action. To make sure our boys and men know that Pink Tax is happening. An how it can challenge a female’s life. Women an Girl’s shouldn’t have to pay more for anything over Men an Boy’s in America. Voices to our Government make the biggest Impact. Also, does our pocket books. Start saving money by purchasing male geared products over the same more expensive female products. I honestly love smelling like Mountain Cascades! Maybe then we’ll see corporations change Gender Price Inequality.

Equality To All,

Coach Jill





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