Updated* Ms. Health & Fitness 19 Votes

Hello Bean Stylers!

Voting Link: https://mshealthandfitness.com/2019/jillian-dworak

Today I am here to ask a huge favor of all my readers. Asking for you to go an vote for me in @MuscleandFitnessHers Magazine online competition Ms. Health and Fitness 2019! Not for me so much as for the kids and Veterans.

I seen the competition on facebook. The $20,000 grand prize and 2 page spread gave me the idea to enter an try to win this for all my tumbling kids. Past and Future. I am working on taking steps to open a Competitive Power Tumbling gym under the Usta1.org. ‘The United States Tumbling Association’ is now 48 years old. Many here in Nevada have never even heard of this sports organization I spent almost a full decade competing.

The straight rod floor, Trampoline and Double-mini Competition’s were born by the USTA. They have Scholarships and National Team opportunities. It took me to Hawaii when I was 12 and brought me to Vegas the first time at age 13. I don’t think I need to explain to much on how sports can be good for kids. Competition or not. It gives them a healthy lifestyle beginning. Keeps them from running the streets. An a great coach can set up life lessons you’ll remember 20 years later. These points are of course from my experience as a National athlete.

I’m asking for your time to sign up to submit a Free Vote Daily. I have raised $300* in donation votes so far. You can purchase extra votes; which money portion goes to @WWP Wounded Warriors Project. My prize money will go to opening my Power Tumbling gym in Henderson, NV. The 2 page spread would help so much in raising awarness for the USTA organization and the sport of power tumbling.

Watch my WHY Video: https://youtu.be/L0nMH8Fj-k4

Click link to Vote:


Thanks for any contributions,

Very Grateful Coach,

Jillian Dworak

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