HairMax… Regrow Your Hair!

The New wave in hair regrowth is here. Check out @HairMax An LED Light Therapy Hair regrowth device. Looks like a futuristic headband. Don’t worry they have 3 sizes to fit all heads! Non invasive way to help combat your hair loss. A headband with some powers against hair loss.

Depending on skin tone and hair color. That dictates how well the device works for you to start. Then how many times an dedicated you are to using it. They recommmed 3 times a week an can be done on wet or dry scalp. Which is perfect so you can take 5 minutes even when your in a hurry. Another great aspect about the device is it is safe to use with other hair regrowth products such has shampoos. Unless it specifically states don’t use under LED lights 😉

Using Hairmax on Wet Scalp

That’s right 5 minutes 3 times a week. I can at least feel the difference. I can feel a tingling sensation when I use the device. Even more so when I use it wet. May be from the folical’s are open from a warm shampoo and rinse. I can feel a slight heat from the device as well dry or wet.

I’ve noticed in the 2 months almost I have had the device; my hair does feel thicker. Seems to be growing even faster. I think I see a difference in losing less hair in the drain an brush.

So the Hairmax is #BeanApproved for my book. Definitely worth checking into if you have family history like myself of hair loss.

Check out my Youtube Review Video.

Regrow Hair with HairMax

I will be sure to update long term use results in about 6 months. Watch the video for more views and details about using the hairmax. An follow along @Beanstyled other Social Media pages to stay up to date on all things Beauty, Exercise, Attitude, an Nutrition.

💘 Coach Bean

  • Device was compliments but, opinion an review is all my own.

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