Head To Bum Masking!

Well, we have been masking the most sensitive skin areas for years. The skincare Companies are catching up in skincare. Neck, Breast, Stomach, and Booty! Body Target Mask are as important as facial skincare, using body lotions and body scrubs. Neck and chest skin both wrinkle and sag. So start trying out these mask that not only mask the area in wonderful ingredients. But, also have straps to lift skin and help hold it in place. Essential an added facial workout. The Chest ones have ingredients and lifting power. Stomach ones target skin concerns such as stretch marks and sagging skin. Some even help with ingredients that soak in to aid in weight loss. Then the Bunda or aka Booty has now come into play. Lifitng and firming ingredients. If you sit all day maybe your tush is dry and chap. No worries… Hydrating booty mask to the rescue.

Don’t think you need a Specific target mask. As long as it is kept on external skin. Most mask can be used on the bum or any other part of your body. Just read ingredients and at times if product says face only… Stick to that. Most skincare for the face is made with nourishing ingredients so safe for skin anywhere. I took our fave Charcoal bubble mask and made it a Bubble Butt Mask including back of thighs Swim suit season, Models, drivers like uber and other professional’s who have to sit all day. We can think of many who need different types of body mask’s.

@DanielleCreations has full line of face to bum Gold Mask. @Freemanbeauty also has brand new Body targeting mask. Look for these product review’s coming asap.

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Coach Bean



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