InStyler 7X Smart Dryer


I am still loving my @Instylerhair 7X Smart Dryer! Dropped on shelves in September.

You have: Control of Air FLOW. Push Button Cool Shot, no more holding down button. No need to shut it off every time you need to break. It will turn off when you lay it flat and come back on when you pick it up! It does take 2 seconds so the quickness can be updated in the future. Then you have the ions that I have to say must make a huge difference in my hair. This dryer does make my hair more smooth. Maybe the force of air but, has completely cut down my dry time from older dryer. So taking less time is absolutely my favorite part of this dryer.

So all in all… Being that it lays in your hand by the shape without tight grasp needed and weight is lighter than others… A-! Sometimes will shut off but, snaps right back on thinking it was being layed down.

Worth your pennies to invest in the #Instyler 7x Smart Dryer! Find it @Ultabeauty

Coach Jill

***Product was complimentary but, testing and opinion is all my own!

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