Self Care Corner

Okay maybe not a corner! However I am fond of my corner’s. I always had a comfy corner in my bedroom as a kid. Usually, my stuffed animals and a pillow. I was lucky enough to get an aunt’s old vanity and to this day can’t live without one. My vanity space which I say is my self love space. Has served as my beauty, journaling, homework spot through out my life. Lucky, I was to have a desk in my dorm at West Virginia that served all my purposes. At many times I created my vanity space not with the actually piece of furniture the vanity. Yet, I’ve realized this spot has always been my area to think. My meditative space isn’t on a yoga mat; it’s at my vanity.

I always gravitated toward corners and windows. So I had to dive into Fung Shui just a minute to maybe see why I have a connection to corner’s of room’s. Now to learn corners are important really excites me. It’s about energy and wealth. Take a look at this graphic to learn more. Also, according to Fung Shui “In feng shui corners are famous for retaining energy (which can be either stagnant or vibrant, all depending on your efforts). Why? Because a strong corner will actively draw in the incoming Chi (according to feng shui, Chi contains all the various qualities of energy, including wealth).Jan 7, 2019″

CORNER: It is nice to have my soft rugs and pillow’s built up. A great reading corner. I don’t know why I like to sit on the floor when I read but, I do and it works for me. Do you have a favorite place in your home?

I have always had a vanity and use it as a space of self love. I do my skincare to beauty to writing. Yet, certain times I enjoy my own little world in the corner. Reading or thinking.

Vanity: A beauty influencers dream yes. But, can be a space in the bedroom or closet. They say to keep your work out of where you sleep. That doesn’t work for me. I find I do my best work here. Maybe a thing to my childhood. Around 14 they made a walk through from my bedroom to a bathroom through an old closet. This old closet became a new desk area for me. I would write my penpals and use it to journal and hideaway from a not so great home life. This was before California closets even became a thing for millionaires to do. So trust when you don’t need much if any money to put one together. Having a secret closed off space is very peaceful.

Today I have my Ikea white modern pieces I enjoy immensely. However, I have discovered the Kon Mari method of cleaning and organizing. Check this out with a simple Google search and you’ll end up with a self care area you love that doesn’t get cluttered. It doesn’t matter what style or desk you have. As long as it serves your purposes and brings you joy. I used an old writing desk for years. Blankets and comfy pillow’s always make the best corners. You can buy shag rugs and pretty lights to doll up any space. Dollar store, Amazon, and Ross Dress for less have budget friendly decor if you do need new items for freshness.

Closet: In a more closed space just make sure to have lighting. Self Care isn’t about hiding in a depressive lair. It’s positive energy even if it’s hidden. An although I wish for a bigger closet than my walk-in just a bit more. I do understand some get Pinterest worthy and could fit a great self love area. Check out Amazing Bathroom board which contains hidden vanities and enormous closets.

Self Care comes in many forms. Working out, reading, drawing, meditation, painting really anything that personally brings you joy an does no harm to self. Self Love is more of the mental ability to love thyself and stay out of depressive, anxious, negative mental thought processes. Hard to do in life. But, focus on self care which helps bring joy does contribute to self love and staying positive when life comes with harsh waves.

No matter how big a space you live in. There can always be a designated area for self care. Nothing fancy needed. Just some comfy pillows or a favorite chair. Plain desk or custom. It’s about making it unique and comfortable for you.

Come back for more and share this articles with friends if you enjoy positive attitude ideas and articles.

Coach Jill

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