Crafty For Mental Health!

Is it just me or are crafty people happier people? Make sense as it gives your mind the opportunity to intensly focus on a project you love and have joy in creating. In a way for myself it has also allowed time to somehow figure out life’s problems and thoughts. Why I started blogging in 2008. Writing about things I enjoyed was a way to release stress. After my first child my website was a great way to bounce back from depression. It still is a great outlet for me as much as it’s turned into an additional income. I enjoy sharing an helping other’s in all aspects of life. Today it’s art that helps the mind relax. A fairy garden that is so easy to make, your own relaxing glitter globes and traveling vanity box!

I am such a Pinterest nut. No, really it’s my favorite social media. I can scroll without anxiety, nothing to respond to, it’s creative to pick up ideas, I can Pin a bagillion ideas like it is my fidget spinner. I have a DIY board which was one of the first boards I created. Where I put my favorite craft projects I intend to use one day. One of those on the to do list is the Fairy Garden. So for about $25 total because, I had most of these items already around the house. The Plate, Cup, fork, and stones. The little fairies, rocks, and moss I got from @biglots on cleareance for around $8. Most expensive was the glue. I spent $12 and used at least 15 glue sticks making the waterfall. The glitter and holographic flakes I used in the waterfall for sparkle I had but, for cost purposes they would be a couple dollars. Not only is it great to have the mind off of life. It is a great time to bond with children. My daughters and I created wonderful memories making our mini fairy garden in which we plan on making bigger in a flower pot. I’ll share pictures on my instagram so be sure to follow. Even the littlest one had fun just playing with the decoration. Check out the Video and pictures below. The only addition from the video is some more glue on waterfall and the secret Crystal inside the cup!

Fairy Garden Video

Next up, I have seen and made an adult glitter globe. Idea from Pinterest. I also seen it as an opportunity for the kids as good science lesson for my homeschooled kids to do. We learned about density and created a Valentine’s day jar glitter globe. The recipie is simple. Half Corn Syrup ( I used light corn syrup) Half Water leaving a gap for some air so it all can mix. It takes a good 24 hours before the corn syrup and water do mix so when you shake the glitter is looks suspended instead of just falling straight down. This is where I get the name idea of calling them Galaxy Globes and have ideas for future globe creations. No, they don’t have to be in a globe. I used bottles and jars. They are more than a great toy and craft for kids. They can be used as a sensory tool or calming device. Something to focus on and take your mind away for awhile. Another craft that uses our mind. Like the Fairy garden. Create one you can get lost in all the detail’s and just daydream. Or even work through problems. Why I like things that sparkle and are colorful. It’s more than just pretty; it’s calming. I wonder how many of you feel the same when viewing shiney objects or colorful nature like rainbows?

Finally, my first pinterest pin was a suit case turned into a travel case. I have been wanting to make one for some time but, didn’t ever feel I had the right case. Well, I have had this hat box I think from Michael’s Crafts for years and decided I would use it. I have gotten into minimalizing my lifestyle so I have gotten rid of many organizational tools or storage cases. Which is a wonderful feeling! So empty hat box I really wasn’t using will be used every time I travel! I glued in a makeup pouch which should hold everything in place. Not get tossed around and created two sections. I glued in a shelf so I can put my toothbrush or little travel essentials on it. I used magnetic stripping to put a pocket mirror in the lid that I can actually take off and carry with me. Or use to do my makeup or skincare in any situation. Check out the and video below and picture on @Beanstyled Instagram.

So really no matter what your creating. Get out and do some crafting. For the sake of your mental health. I know there are probably so many more things in life that needs taken care of but, sometimes we just need to take time out for ourselves. I believe creating and crafting are essential to human’s. It always does appear to help my attitude.

Take time to Self Love,

Coach Jill

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