Silks… Aerial or Yoga?

What's The difference?
Silks vs. Handles

Seems there is much confusion on what artistic silks really are. Aerial silks is what you see as circus performers. Aerial yoga is a cross of silks with TRX straps and the word yoga added. Both can be a great workout. One who want’s to do Aerial silks should take a class and learn the basic. You will also usually learn a little history and feel how much strength you will need and build by practicing this artistic art. The yoga silks they refer to as Trapeze you could probably get away with just the video’s and books they come with.

The Aerial Silk: Aerial silk is one of the newest forms of aerial acrobatics. It traces back to French circus schools around 1959. Where a student presented it for their performance. I can’t thank them enough for this idea. It has been a great way to use my Power Tumbling abilities as I age. Aerial Silks takes a lot of body strength. But, has been proven to be great way for the body to build strength. An a fun workout class for gyms and studios. I caution those who have never been on one. It is not a typical acrobatic piece you can just get on and learn in 5 minutes. Some moves and drops can get you caught up or even killed. It really is a great acrobatic event to watch. It is also part of a Sport that you need to be taught proper techniques. Youtube video’s can help but, I would’t recommend trying everything you see without a level of experience.

The Aerial Trapeze: So it really is a Aerial Silk (not so long) with added handles that remind me a lot like the TRX workout’s. An the knot’s are already tied up for you. This piece of equipment is made to be a workout. Much easier for someone who may want to even transition into Silks later on. To tie a regular silk all the time would get annoying if this was the workout your going for. It is also not so easy to tie regular aerial silks. There are certain ways so they don’t slip. It seems even some of these aerial trapeze you can buy comes with their own workouts. An using youtube wouldn’t be out of the question.

That Yoga part: So you can really do Yoga anywhere. Aerial Yoga has made it’s annoucement. Using the silk in this term has evolved to do yoga moves upside down and seems to have even new moves created. So to call it Yoga for me is a bit of a stretch; no pun intended. However, if you’re getting your Om on with the help of a silk… More power to you. Anything to get you motivated and introduces you to a new artistic ability is fantastic. Just don’t think that yoga created the Silk. They may have created aYoga Trapeze but, even that isn’t the straight bar circus trapeze. So don’t get confused by yogi’s lingo. It’s not all that correct when talking about silks or circus.

So no matter how you want to hang upside down, stretch, or fly. The aerial silks is a great piece of equipment. Starting off in a yoga sling or Trapeze will most likely be easiest for most people. Yet, if your looking for a new artistic ability and ready to gain strength like you never have before. I suggest finding a local Aerial Silks class. Either one you won’t regret the fun.

Coach Jill

AFAA Personal Trainer

Trampoline Tumbling Coach

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