FreemanBeauty Body Mask!

It’s not like myself as a skincare guru has used a mask on these particular body parts. So it’s wonderful that @FreemanBeauty has started making them for everyone to try. I’ve tried the Booty, Breast, and Belly mask. I’m seriously in love with them all. Just give them a shot. Amazing ingredients leaves every body part supple, plump, and hydrated!

The booty mask has got to be really the most fun. With summer approaching and in quarantine or not… you can still go outside. An making your backside look fine is absolutely acceptable. If you’re a mom like myself maybe you need a little lift. It does seem to really firm up the tush for 24 hours. Also, leaves a nice cooling effect. The mask are packed with ingredients and stick on great. Not to mention CUTE!!

The last mask I actually tried from Freeman Beauty was the Bust Mask. They actually stick well and would fit most sizes. I’m rather smaller chest so they covered. The skin is definitely hydrated and leaves skin smooth. The ingredients definitely help plump and tighten skin. Which I smoothed on my entire chest and neck. Cause if I’m lifting the ladies; I want it all tight.

As mother day approaches I have to say these would make any mom happy. Just also give her the hour to relax and have herself a self care Mom’s day. Plus, to really give her “Me time”. Having kids or not the belly mask can be great for any stretch Mark’s and dry skin. Lose weight? Great to have some help firming up loose skin for a day. Hydrating and toning ingredients really left my skin feeling more firm!

I have been using Freeman beauty products since I can remember. They never fail me. They keep up with the beauty times. You can find them @Walmart and I do believe @Ultabeauty

Stay Following I have a great new Keto protein shake post for all tomorrow!

😘 Coach Jill

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