5 Ear Seeds For My Anxiety

Have You Ever Heard of Ear Seed’s? What brought them to my attention was the fact I decided I was done dealing with my anxiety alone. Meaning; I’m not hiding it anymore. So on search of holistic methods along with working with my primary care doctor. I’m taking control.

I’ve dealt with anxiety since I can remember.  I never had to talk when I was little. Let’s just say about mute. Come Kindergarten I was that child freaking out crying. An first day jitters did not stop at that grade. Never having talked about mental health growing up in the childhood home. I always ignored/ hid my stomach flipping, heart pounding, hands dripping sweat and feeling cold shivers. I am sure anyone who has anxiety can tell you about the same on how it makes you physically feel. On the other hand you have your whole mental self to talk into being okay with whatever it is that’s causing the anxiety. Talking yourself into a plan or working out any problems during an anxiety attack is about pointless. You must learn to get to your quiet place and breathe. Then work on whatever it is causing the anxiety. That’s what I needed to learn and realize first.

I never want to feel defeated. So as I have overcome much. I continue to battle with not feeling anxious and learning to not let it take control of my thoughts and life either. In a way I have learned to use it to help other’s as well. Maybe because, I try to understand how others feel when they are going through anything that causes them grief and hardships.

I am a physical person. Always been an athlete. So when it comes to working out for me it is much more about keeping my mind busy rather than focusing on how I look. I take my anxiety and stress to the weight room and cardio workouts! For anyone who ask how I stay so fit. That’s this trainers secret. I do it for my health but, my Mental Health. That’s why clients also stick with me. I focus on how they talk to themselves and what to say when they don’t feel like working out. Now those bigger lessons and statement of words come with paying clients. It is the same with kids I coach. When you make them see their worth and that they can be great… kids show up and the talent pours out!

Also, don’t think outgoing people don’t deal with anxiety. I may have been shy but, that ended in college. I ended up being called one of the most outgoing in college. Hold up! Even my bestest friend is the most outgoing person I personally know yet dealt with anxiety since I’ve known her. I give her much credit for making me feel okay about talking to my doctor about it. Let’s just say any discussion in my home growing up would have only lead to the statement “You must he crazy” and I have to say right now. Don’t listen to those who don’t understand. I too am guilty of just that. I’ll never forgive myself when a friend was going through this after High School and I pretty much told her it’s all in her head. Lucky for me she is still a friend and I am much more understanding. Of course after dealing with it personally. I also listen better these days. That has come with maturity and being a coach for a living. However, that is the next point I come to. Anxiety causes the hearing to decrease because the mind is flooded with worry at the very moments. So remember to try and listen as that will help in figuring out the problem later. If you miss needed info it won’t be helpful. I’m guilty of this so it needs said. I also feel I’m the last to be listened to and have a shoulders to lean on. This does not give me or anyone to lean all problems on someone else. I feel most of anxiety sufferings do not do this as it is hard to talk to begin with but, when we do find someone we tend to unload more than we should. Few and far between those who really have patience and understanding. So to learn how to talk positive to ourselves is a must. An to calm the mind to work out problems is the only way. So let’s get on calming these minds.

So with how anxiety makes one feel, how hard it is to talk to others about it even your Dr. This is for you. Now for all legal reasons and because I care please consult your Dr. Or Suicide prevention or nearest bestie if you need to talk. Communication is KEY! I have ruined opportunities and relationships because of my anxiety and not communicating. I shut down and that is not any way to handle situations. No one is a mind reader; that we know of. Anxiety hinders talking so knowing that actually should be reminder again that’s the first thing to work on. Learning how to communicate when you do not know how to explain it. That is as hard to understand for some as it is to read. An even if someone doesn’t validate your feelings. Know they are real and sometimes you may have to walk away from someone in your life that may not understand. It’s a really sucky feeling. Yet, you can’t always put all the blame on yourself. So long as you are trying to find solutions.

So my one solution I found while searching late one night I couldn’t sleep was landing on Ear Seeds. I was searching ancient holistic remedies for anxiety. It based of acupressure points in the ear. You could also do ear massages at anytime and work towards same calming effects. However, with ear seeds they keep the pressure lightly applied. I found a few articles and a GMA segment where they showed them. So @Wthn and @Earseeds are the two top companies. I say this with just doing my research. Always continue to do more. They have great reviews and seem safe with proper use.

Good Pic.of Points

When you buy your starter pack you get all the information you need on placements and how it will help the mind and body. I will provide link to WTHN refill pack I purchase. I found it easier to place them on with my fingers to hit exact points and just lightly press on. They have a clear backing you don’t see. I had so many compliments on how they looked as well. So being that I slept, showered about daily, do hair, play at the beach, wrestle with my kids, and they stayed on. I was more than impressed with the materials and materialistic look of them. What’s going to keep me wearing them is the fact I do think in some magical or true holistic healing they helped. Kept me much more calm the week I wore them than I have been in months. I didn’t even remember they were there until someone said how cute my piercings were. I had to laugh and tell them exactly what they were and for. You can see a professional certified earseed acupuncturist for application if you don’t feel comfortable doing them yourself. I learned that 5 days is max and let your ears relax a few days before re-applying in the same areas. They are so many area’s kinda like your chakra to work on in between placements for anxiety. An this was my way of finding them. Ear seeds are a way to aid in weight loss, depression, bowl problems. Kinda like chiropractic as another example to help other parts of the body functioning like organs. An when you look an acupressure there are many parts of the body including feet that are said to help aid in the bodies physical and mental compartments.

Chakra Style

So now that you have read about my anxiety, which I am positive now many can relate to. How I have learned to use it to help others. Let me give you all the details on where to get them. I purchased mine from WTHN. They seem to have reasonable prices and a refill pack that was great to start with. Recommend the starter kit if you want to get educated. I had done enough research. Printed out ear maps so I felt ready to apply. Also, I’ve had acupressure on my feet done so I get how slight or hard pressure is needed. Yet on the ears nothing do you press in hard or put any seeds in the ear canal.

Click to go to WTHN they have great basic starter. These earseeds lasted 8 days (DONT DO THAT ONLY TESTED THEM HIGHLY) So great quality. The ears need cleaned very well before application. Then wear only max 5 days or they do get dirty underneath and don’t want them to sink into skin. Now I have the hand of it and feel they work for me. I want to try the more expensive yet gorgeous Swarovski Crystal’s. Why is it worth it? Because, since we are talking holistic methods. I will continue to believe Crystal’s have energy that could provide positivity. Check out Earseeds

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So this was just one holistic more natural way to help curb my anxiety. Truly feel ear seeds have an affect for myself. So if you’re battling any mental health give Ear Seeds accupresser a try. I was skeptical. So for me to blog and share about this method really SPEAKS VOLUMES!

Keep following… I have something else to share this week that has also been helpful to taking down my anxiety.




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