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Thanks to my @Glossybox skincare subscription monthly box I got introduced to @Cbdfx because one of their CBD infused facial mask was in the WildThing theme May box. I instantly fell in love with this product and company.

The facial mask not only left my skin hydrated and glowing. It left myself feeling calm. I just had wisdom teeth pulled the day before. I can say it helped relax me as well as get some rest. Could have been many other factors as well. However, the skincare it provided was luxurious and the time to relax provided great relief.

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@elemis Pro Collagen Cleanser is why I subscribed to this subscription box. For the price to try this brand along with other products made it worth every penny. This cleanser is my New favorite! I'm using nothing else for a good minute. Aroma is out of this world. @cbdfx_ I have fallen for after using this mask. I just had my wisdom teeth Removed Thursday. This not only provided for an amazing hydrating facial that plumped my skin. Left it glowing. It doubled as a way to help my pain. I swear to you in my opinion it helped the burning in my jaws. So I used my coupon that came in this months box to purchase more products from #cbdfx @stevelaurantbeauty Wild Thing eyeshadows are absolutely beautiful and highly pigmented. Create dramatic and natural looks with just this one Pallet. @bellapierreofficial kiss proof Lip Creme definitely stays put. I do like the color. @eyeko I really can't do the Big of the eyeliner. But, product did go on smooth. An for simple thick line; it does work good. I am going for a 2nd month with GlossyBox. I love how they have a focus on skincare and next month is a global theme. Get Your #GlossyBox Today: https://www.glossybox.com/referrals.list?applyCode=JILLIAN-R42 Check Out Link in profile to www.Youtube.com/beanstyled for more Look into the product's in this box! 🐆💄👯‍♀️🧖‍♀️ . . . #glossybox #glossyboxwildthing #stevelaurant #cbd #cbdskincare #saturdayskincare #skincare #eyes #eyeshadow #elemis #bblogger #mua #makeup

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I have tried other CBD formula’s. It’s not that I disliked them but, after trying CbdFx tincture; I’m forever a loyal consumer. Yes, I do feel it helps with body aches. Years of Tumbling has taken it’s toll. I have arthritis and aches that really diminish when I take this CBD tincture daily. Most importantly it is The BEST TASTING cbd tincture i’ve ever tasted. I like the company is cruelty free and vegan. They are also grow non-gmo and organically gown hemp. The Wellness 2:1 Tincture also contains CBG, coenzyme Q10 and other great ingrediet’s that can aid in weight loss as well. Helping curb appetite, increase metabolism, and provide some energy. After, I got the mask I followed the company on instagram and entered a contest to win this tincture. So I encourage everyone to enter giveaways. If it wasn’t for that I don’t know when I would have tried their tincture since other’s have not been that great before.


I have gotten into CBD because, of my body aches. I have used other brand’s of infused bath salts to soak in and I find it really helps with pain. So I got into CBD oils and tinctures to ease the same aches and pains. Yet, recently life has been so overwhelming. I decided to see what holistic options there was for anxiety. Of course, CBD was listed. An when I seen CBD vape pens on cbdfx.com I thought that may be a great way to control my breathing. Just like a breathing device that slows your breathing down and helps with controlling breathing this has added CBD. Instantly love the flavors I tried. Strawberry lemonade and Mint were both swell. I do feel it helps calm me. An no there is not enough THC (what makes you high from marijuana) in these products to effect you. Also, note this CBD oil comes from Hemp. Again, not the marijuana plant. What’s great about their prefilled vape pens is just that. Easy to take with and fits in small places. Plus, it lights up to let you know it’s working and when it’s empty it lights up no more. I do wish they had bigger prefilled but, they do last about a week when used daily for myself. The option to buy a vape and oils to fill is there. However, I like the convenience of the pens.

CbdFX CBD Vape pen

So it takes a great deal for me to hype up natural alternatives. Because, I love them so much. I like to know the company has a good message. There tag line is #FeelTheDifference and that very well rang true for myself. I did feel the difference! So maybe it’s CBD skincare, hemp oils, tincture you’re into or looking for. You must check out CBDFX products today!

Stay Healthy and Active,

Coach Jill



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