SpinMaster Extreme Fun!

Looking for some awesome toys for Inside and Outdoors? Needing that gift that will label you as the best gift giver? Check out the Spin Master toy’s my girls and I got to play with and share with our friends over the weekend!

Just some of the Kids!

The Monster Jam Shark Megalodon Storm is a real storm! This rechargeable car is fast and I do mean quick. Extremely powerful it really does glide from dirt to water and back again. Both cars do a great job of flipping back on their own.

So brining up the Air Hog Stunt Shot. This is probably one of their favorites. They can go crazy in the house and it has NOT broken a thing. It really does flip good. It’s light as air so it catches air with the speed SpinMaster provides in this rechargeable car. It can even go up and down stairs. This remote controlled car is really entertaining.

Now let’s talk Ninja Bots! I have no shame in admitting I love these as much as the kids. So did the other adults. You pick fighting styles with movement of your hand. They come with multiple weapons as well so it’s fun to guess the outcome. It becomes very competitive but, loads of laughs guessing what the Ninjas are saying to each other. We played with these all weekend!

Find Spin Master RC toys at: WalmartTarget, and Amazon

As an active parent and coach. I like toys that will keep them off the screens and active. SpinMaster has them! It’s also great during this time we have amazingly fun indoor toys that are safe to get a little crazy with. I am A Okay with that!

-Coach Jill

Sponsored by @Tryazon #SpinMaster #MegalodonStorm #NinjaBots #StuntShot #Tryazon

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