CoolMakers The 2020 Girl, Most Wanted Christmas Gifts!

Thanks to @Tryazon and @Spinmaster my girl’s and I got to have a @Coolmakers Spa Night Party and shared virtually with our friends! These item’s were already on their want list. So we really excited to throw this party. Check out the video to see them in action!

Cool Makers Toys

The most favorite of the three Cool Maker toys that my girls and I loved and will probably use the most is the GO GLAM NAIL SALON. This machine maybe a kid’s toy but, It works perfectly! I wish all nail stickers and stamps were made for the Cool Makers Go Glam Nail Salon. My 4 year old could press them on easy as my 11 year old. It is a great toy to share and have spa parties. Each cartridge does your nails twice. It came with multiple stamps, 2 colors and a top coat. Everything besides the batteries one would need to do their manicure and pedicure. Oh yes, this machine gets better… It has a built in Nail Dryer & does the toes too! Yes, it fit my adult nails as well. So it was a perfect mommy-daughter time.

HollyWood Hair Extension

My youngest was begging for the Hollywood Hair Extension Maker on her Christmas list. So when it showed up in the box. It was jumping and screaming like Christmas morning! Was I going to get it? Yes, I planned on buying this Cool Maker toy. I would greatly recommended it because, now I need more ribbons! It really does a great job at making hair extensions. It comes with clips, designed ribbon, blank ribbon, and two markers to design your own. The ribbons do look like hair. It comes with a cute mini spray bottle and sponge curling iron. All works well and easy to follow. The only complaint is that you will now need to buy their ribbons as they have their own attached bobbin. I didn’t like having to throw them away. So it would be great to have a refillable bobbin so you could use any ribbon. However, it is easy to use. Both girls enjoyed designing and doing each others hairstyles. They also thought of everything as you can store all the hair, clips, and extras in the bottom. It has a handle to carry and go onto their next client.

My oldest favorite of the three and was on her Christmas list; the Orbeez Soothing Spa. She loves her Orbeez. I thought this would be a useful way to use Orbeez. As a parent I have these little jelly ball’s rolling around my house constantly. This is a fun and effective way to use them! Let them grow over night, it has a drain in front so you don’t use the Orbeez. Then just add in warm water to warm up the Orbeez, drain, and turn on! After 15 minutes you do have soft feet, perfect for a pedicure. It is a little noisy spitting out its Orbeez but, with all the girl talk and laughter you don’t notice it after a minute.

I have to hand it to Spin Master. They really took kids toys and made them Cool. In the fact they represent and look just like the real spa! They work amazingly well and kept my girls busy for a good hour and a half. I know they really enjoy the toys when they want to keep playing and not go to bed. Huge thanks to Tryazon and Spin Master for allowing us to do a virtual spa party with friends. I know a couple friends that will have CoolMakers gifts under their trees as well.

Hope everyone is getting excited for the season. Happy Holidays!

Coach Jill

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