I was introduced to this Brand and product through an invite to The Good Face Project. @GoodFaceProject on Social Media check them out today! They are a sampling company getting the word out about clean ingredients in your skincare and beauty products. This is extremely important to me. I have always thought about all the chemicals that could soak into skin when applying all the scientific skincare to my face. Really a concern when I was pregnant. I have also found that more natural the product. The better my skin continues to look.

@GoodFaceProject Clean Beauty

Lucky for all of my readers and follower’s! This is a new project and you to can join an receive free product’s for your trial and review. Best part you get to learn first hand about a companies process and missions. While getting to keep some of the most luxurious and newer products.

Sample Clean Beauty for Free!

Good Face Experts is an invitation-only group of Good Face app users who test new products for the most innovative Clean Beauty Brands.

Good Face Experts receive FREE products, in return for honest feedback. Ready to help create the best of Clean Beauty?

Apply to our fast growing community today, and begin receiving free Clean Beauty samples as soon as January 15! Link to subscribe here.

For my first product trial I got to review a product from a skincare company called Furtuna skin. The specific product was their Replenishing Balm. Unlike any other product on the market for skincare. This is a last step in skincare to be applied even after your moisturizer! Made in Italy with organic ingredient’s from their own organic farm. Through this Good Face project I have learned they have Cooking and Baby Brand’s as well. I am a mom with two kids. So this brand fit’s my lifestyle completely. I fell in love quick. Really quick when I seen how it not only made my skin glow. But, I believe really helped heal some facial skin problems. I am under going a lot of life stresses that have directly affected my skin. The replenishing balm helped control all my hormonal stresses showing up on my face. This product alone retails for $78 – $185.00. They leave no details behind. From an old wax Seal logo to making sure you have a diamond polished plated in white bronze hand sculpted (as Italian’s are known for) by Italian artisan applicator.

You will want to apply this ocean blue, natural field aroma balm onto your skin forever. I have extremely sensitive skin and this balm is actually made for that specific skin. My skin is so dry especially more in winter. So it was the perfect time to give it a good trial. I love to layer this on every day. It is to be used as your last skincare product after your regular moisturizer. At night I can put on a few layers and let it soak in all night as I sleep. Makes a great night time masking. Put on your typical over night mask and add this as your last product. It is worth it every time I wake up and my skin look’s completely renewed. I will spend anything on my skin. I can’t wait to get more @furtunaskin products in my drawer.

Check out Furtuna and The Good Face Project. If you love beauty and skincare as much as I do. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

I hope everyone had a great Holiday season. I wish you the best in 2021. There will be a lot more coming from B.E.A.N. in the New Year and it’s so exciting! Follow and subscribe today.

Coach Jill

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