Happy Little Plant’s Protein Puffs

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This post is Sponsored by Hormel but, taste bud’s and opinion’s are our own!

As a mom, coach, and personal trainer I live off finding better for you foods. I do not agree with GMO’s or any genetically modified food’s. So I try to buy fresh, local is always best, and foods made from mother nature feed our soul. So I am feeling lucky and grateful to introduce the:


Ask yourself where does meat get it’s protein….. All animal’s gain protein in their meat mainly from plant sources. So why eat the middle man. Go straight to the best protein your body needs and that is plant’s. It will also help us all get back much needed mineral’s in our diet’s. You want the best proof? Look at some of the largest animals on earth. They are Herbivores… Like the Big Bad Gorilla!

Watch our Taste Testing Video!

Three amazing flavors in Ranch, Cinnamon & Sugar, and Nacho Cheese! When you put kid’s to the test your going to get nothing but, truth. My youngest really enjoyed the cinnamon and sugar. She is my pickiest eater so the fact she really enjoyed the entire back of the Protein puffs doesn’t make me feel bad. This could be a great way for her to eat breakfast. The hardest meal for me as a mom to get her to eat. My oldest surprised me with like the Nacho Cheese flavor most. It doesn’t have any heat to it just a nice nacho spice. I really surprised myself with how much I enjoyed the Ranch. To me the texture was like a cracker and they taste delicious. Grab yours today on AMAZON <—Just Click

It is simple ordering and easy delivery. Plus, you get the amazing variety pack to try all the great tasting flavors. My girl’s and I enjoyed them much. This is also something I would share with all the parent’s and client’s I have as well. A Grab and Go snack that is good for any occasion. Check out Hormel’s new Happy Little Plant’s Plant-based Protein Puff’s Today!

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Coach Jill

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