Home Hair Removal with Silk’N Infinity!

At Home with Silk’n Infinity

Ever wanted to head to your local Med Spa or Dermatologist to try laser hair removal? Is it the cost that holds you back or possibly the time you’d need to take? What if all of those problems were solved plus additional safety measures so you feel confident doing it yourself. At a quarter of the cost how could you go wrong or even say no?

Thanks to Tryazon and Silk’n I got complimentary the Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal device to try and share with my following and Bean Community. The overall verdict is: WORTH THE PURCHASE! The eHpl light technology Silk’n created is FDA cleared and seems to be working for many. Make sure to get to the bottom of this blog for a special gift!

Watch The Facebook Live Party here You can see how it works and over all safety factors. Silk’n has not only made it easy to use but, also fool proof. The price of Infinity vs. Over $1,800 for a Dr. Or office visit makes it a no brainer. After 2 treatments I can already see patches not growing back and not coming back as fast. The book provides all the how to and read on their website what skintones and hair colors this shall work for. For sensitive skin like myself no worries. So far the first 2 levels have been safe and non irritating. I will be updating my Silk’n Infinity journey over the next 365 days. July I plan to do a YouTube and Blog update. I’m hoping it starts with I’ve trashed all razors!

It’s great size and compact. You can travel with it. I think the heat feels good. When you feel that little pinch it doesn’t feel like much at all. It does take a minute to learn button push and hold but, you find your groove. I see as I do it more and follow the treatment plan it provides. The process gets easier and faster. I get my legs, under arms, and bikini area done in 25 minutes.

Silk’N Device

Make sure you Follow @beanstyled and my personal social accounts for freebies ans discounts. The Solk’n is offering all my followers A SPECIAL GIFT!

All this:
Receive 30% off the Infinity
PLUS exclusive free gifts of Silk’n Hydramist spray moisturizer
Pedi Pro 2 in 1 Mani & Pedi device
Silk’n Foot Cream
Silk’n head band.
Exclusive coupon code from March 5-31, 2021

Go to: https://silkn.com/products/infinity-bundle-tryazon-special

Use Promo Code INFINITYSET at checkout for this exclusive discount!

Huge thanks to @tryazon for picking me to host this party. Grateful to have a leading skincare device to share the knowledge and amazing results with my community and friends. Follow so you can see long term results!

Stay Fit Friends 💛 COACH JILL

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