We had a great time at Tumbling Boulders power tumbling and trampoline gym sharing the gourmet Wiley Wallaby Licorice with all the athlete’s and parent’s. Huge thanks to Tryazon and Wiley Wallaby for picking Bean Styled and myself, Coach Jill. To host a good for you snack that kids and adults both enjoy.

Here at Bean Styled we have been searching for the clean, natural, organic products in all foods, beauty, and fashion for years. So our Attitude when a company tries to do better with ingredients and with kids. Is a major Win in our book!

The Wiley Wallaby company sent over so many flavors plus their sour candies. The SOURRAGEOUS DROPS candies were such a huge hit. I honestly did not think that many children loved sour candies. However, I am a big lover of the sour and tart so I enjoyed them as well and shouldn’t be so surprised. So many exotic to traditional flavors like Blueberry Pomegranate, Watermelon, Strawberry, Tropical, Huckleberry, and Green Apple plus a big bag of mixed! I could not really pick a favorite. I really enjoyed all the flavors. The kids Fav’s were the strawberry and watermelon. Based on what was NOT left after the party! We had a few flips and tricks for winning bags to take home. The kid’s really had a fun practice. This was a great opportunity to reward all their handwork.

The best feedback was from the kid’s and parent’s. Although I had not had this brand myself. Few kids have and this was mentioned as a couple of the parent’s favorite licorice ever. I can agree as we are probably about the same age. I remember the homemade soft chew licorice at my local fairgrounds and Scenic Drive weekends. The flavor is so juicy and the texture is exactly like I remember. This licorice brought back some feel good memories and nostalgia of a childhood kind of forgotten about. I am a licorice Lover. I used to eat black licorice with my uncle and I could still go for some today. So I know I’ll be ordering myself some of Wiley Wallaby’s Black to try and I won’t be disappointed; I’m sure of it! These also work great for a take home treat for the candy bucket for after class. Or, if your a teacher that can hand out candy rewards. This is one you can feel good about and know most parent’s will be okay with this candy.

You can find Wiley Wallaby at a retailer near your or on Amazon. HURRY USE CODE: TRYWILEY21 for 20% off through June 20th. Don’t let this good option for a summer time snack go to waste. Order yours today!

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Until Next Time, Be Sure to Share all our Articles! Much Love and Light,

Coach Jill

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