Queen Of Self Tan!

No Streak’s Left Behind!

I have tried every self tanner on the shelves. An since the early 90’s I have been every spotted color from darkest brown to yellow! No more worries of self tanner streaks thanks to St. Tropez Self Tan.

Purity Water and Mit

Trust me when I tell you I was beyond skeptical. I have seen this product for years. I was never brave enough to try this “New” formula no matter how many fellow bloggers raved. I received this mit and sample from my #Allurebeautybox An I can’t thank the @Allure beauty expert’s enough! The purity water self tan is like tinted moisturizer or bb cream. Lightest application of color yet enough to make a difference. Very light formula on skin, soaks in fast, and can dress in 15 minutes. Smells good too. An ingredients are safe for skin. I have used every last drop an it didn’t phase my sensitive skin at all. Matter of fact it looks healthier than ever. An glowing without the harsh summer sun. I am so in love with this product. I will now be forever part of the #StTropezTribe.

It is fool proof. The mit smooths and applies product effortlessly. No more lined hands or feet. I will be using this for events like my upcoming auditions and Pageants. Worth every cent. Find it @Ultabeauty

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Updated* Ms. Health & Fitness 19 Votes

Vote Sports for Kids!

Hello Bean Stylers!

Voting Link: https://mshealthandfitness.com/2019/jillian-dworak

Today I am here to ask a huge favor of all my readers. Asking for you to go an vote for me in @MuscleandFitnessHers Magazine online competition Ms. Health and Fitness 2019! Not for me so much as for the kids and Veterans.

I seen the competition on facebook. The $20,000 grand prize and 2 page spread gave me the idea to enter an try to win this for all my tumbling kids. Past and Future. I am working on taking steps to open a Competitive Power Tumbling gym under the Usta1.org. ‘The United States Tumbling Association’ is now 48 years old. Many here in Nevada have never even heard of this sports organization I spent almost a full decade competing.

The straight rod floor, Trampoline and Double-mini Competition’s were born by the USTA. They have Scholarships and National Team opportunities. It took me to Hawaii when I was 12 and brought me to Vegas the first time at age 13. I don’t think I need to explain to much on how sports can be good for kids. Competition or not. It gives them a healthy lifestyle beginning. Keeps them from running the streets. An a great coach can set up life lessons you’ll remember 20 years later. These points are of course from my experience as a National athlete.

I’m asking for your time to sign up to submit a Free Vote Daily. I have raised $300* in donation votes so far. You can purchase extra votes; which money portion goes to @WWP Wounded Warriors Project. My prize money will go to opening my Power Tumbling gym in Henderson, NV. The 2 page spread would help so much in raising awarness for the USTA organization and the sport of power tumbling.

Watch my WHY Video: https://youtu.be/L0nMH8Fj-k4

Click link to Vote:


Thanks for any contributions,

Very Grateful Coach,

Jillian Dworak

Why Pay More… Buy Men’s!

Why spend more on Female Branded Products?

So buying men’s products for myself is not a new thing I’ve been doing. If you were born in the 80’s you may have worn boy’s Nike or Adidas shoes because, they didn’t make as cool ones for girl’s. That is also when I learned I wore a smaller size in male gender shoes. An then a friend in High School taught me to buy L or XL White Tank tops in Boys because, they were more affordable! Why pay $10 at a department store. Again… Not fair but, I feel every hack I learn I’m winning the economic gender war!

Challenge: Mens vs Womens

As a poor college student I started to buy men’s razors. They had more blades on the razor head’s at the time than women’s. So when 3 blades came out then 4 and 5.. My legs kept looking better. Yet, the men’s razors were also cheaper. So why should I buy a pink handle when the green with more blades works better and is less expensive? I don’t get where companies think we don’t have course hair either. Ahem, an ignorant Facebook comment from Gillette Womens page. Ummm, trust me my leg hairs are soilders! So jump to today and women have same brands and blades. Yet, Women are still getting charged more. It is the same with Body Wash. I want women and men to go out and buy the same exact brands. Example, Dove Mens Bodywash and Dove Womens. Any Brand. They all do it. I did a drip test. Open the bottles and turn them over. The womens will flow out. So much thiner which means you’ll need to use more. Or I find I use less Men’s because the thicker formula lathers. I know I am not the only blogger or person who has called this out. An won’t be the last until we start getting louder. I’m planning on doing my thickness test on Youtube soon an I’ll be sure to come back to add that video.

Now some companies have started to make the switch. Thanks to a great Company like Harry’s Razors which is what I use. They are same price for women and men and promise no Pink Tax!

Find How much to Date* Being Female has cost you!

Pink Tax you ask? Oh, you didn’t know that Companies, and localites add on tax to women’s product’s such as Tampons, Pads, bodywash and those Razors mentioned above! An amazing Advocate group http://www.AxThePinkTax.com has a great website to see how much estimate you’ve paid in the Pink Tax or other way I see it; cost of being female in America. Why in society today do women still have to pay more. The hypocritical thing is that men only products such as condoms have no additional taxes. I was shocked to realize that some men don’t even know about this #PinkTax. A comment thread on facebook made me reply to a male friend and his other commenters about the Pink Tax and whom have daughter’s. After they had no idea and said they never heard of Pink Tax then I replied with something along lines “When you have to start buying these products for you daughter’s maybe you’ll realize the burden of Pink Tax.” Come to find out they had no clue. An another female jumped in on the facts. So understanding and educating needs done. Imagine your female family or friend making the decision to buy food for children or afford feminen products she desperately needs. Opting to find another way to make it through that bloody week. This is a decision for so many. Government needs to stop punishing women for being Female.

So as this started out as a blog to challlenge women to start buying men’s Product’s such as Body Wash. It has become a Call To Action. To make sure our boys and men know that Pink Tax is happening. An how it can challenge a female’s life. Women an Girl’s shouldn’t have to pay more for anything over Men an Boy’s in America. Voices to our Government make the biggest Impact. Also, does our pocket books. Start saving money by purchasing male geared products over the same more expensive female products. I honestly love smelling like Mountain Cascades! Maybe then we’ll see corporations change Gender Price Inequality.

Equality To All,

Coach Jill





FREE Bean Body Challenge

If you are looking for the easy way to lose weight we are not here to tell you this is it. However, I feel I have created the most common sense way to get your body moving. Over weight or just looking to lose that last 10lbs this Bean Body Challenge will have you looking at working out a more positive way.

Looking to start a workout program is so hard when a lot of the marketing for them is thin, athletic, already lost the weight photo’s and video’s. As a mom of two I have had to take off more than 70 lbs after having babies.. TWICE. Yes, because I gained that both times with both kids. That’s 140lbs ya know. So don’t let’s the picture fool you. I have taught several group fitness classes and have had many personal training clients. For three years I was so busy this made a full time job. Now I want to share what I have heard from client’s and what I know has worked for all of them and myself!

15 repetitions each, 3 exercise Daily. For 14 days and then on the 15th you put them all together that gives you a full routine. If you can’t make the full routine which should take you 30-45 minutes. You do as much as you can and then repeat the routine until you can complete it fully. After that you can add in weight’s and more rep’s up to 20-25 while completing the entire routine. It is a great way to re-introduce yourself to working out. If new to working out the Bean Body Challenge workout plan set’s you up with all the basic daily move’s used in life and the gym.

Head over to the Bean Body Workout Page scroll down to the bottom and you will find the Challenge. Click on the link and you can print out the Challenge and have the workout plan right in front of you. You can see each workout clearly. There is also a Video that show’s all the move’s and has explanation on that page to help guide you through the exercises.

Also, Starting this month we will be posting Purchasable workout video’s so come back to check out that page daily. Targeted workout’s created from many years as a National Power Tumbler and Group Fitness Instructor with moves that build for any fitness level and work to build muscles and lose weight. Try it Today and hashtag #GetLeanWithBean so I can find and see how you are doing. Along, with encouraging your family and friends to get healthy and fit.

Stay Positive,

Coach Jill



Girl Wipe That Frizz!

Wiping Out Hair Frizz… Literally!

My teenage self is screaming why these Nunzio Saviano Anti-Frizz Hair Wipes could not have been around in the 90’s? I mean 80’s would have had no use for them. An here in 2019 we finally have a almost magical product wiping out hair frizz. Providing Sleek Shine to straight or curly hair! Thanks to my #AllureBeautyBox subscription for the perfect match an introduction.

Anti-Frizz Hair Wipes, Kicking Frizz Out!
Shine O My!

I grew up in the Central Illinois midwest. Where the humidity get’s so high you feel sticky. I’ve lived on the east coast and deep south New Orleans where you can’t breath and your hair sticks up in curls. My naturally wavy hair turns major kinky curls in That kind of weather. Usually buns all summer! An no matter what products we all use; heating tools are needed to combat the frizz war on our head’s.

However after discovering the NS Anti-Frizz wipes. I could cut out all products. Go straight to blow dry and curl or straighten. Even let my natural hair dry and have my own natural hair without the frizz! These Anti-Frizz wipes give Sleek, Shine, No Frizz Perfection! I am loving these hair wipes. Fit in purse and perfect for travel. You can now go anywhere and have an Amazing hair day! I really am so excited about this product. I personally will be getting more.

Well, today after blowing drying and straightening you can still see the thickness/frizz. Usually heat tool’s along with oils I use make sleek hair. Today no products just tools. Then the Anti-Frizz sheet. You can literally see the Shine appear and frizz be gone. Watch the video below and subscribe to Bean Styled Youtube

If you have dry hair these could really help get some hydration back to roots. Can search and find them on Amazon. I am hoping they will be in Ulta or Sephora asap. Worth Trying!

Coach Jill





DIY Outdoor Jenga

Don’t Spend $80 On Outdoor Jenga!

Jenga was one of my favorite games to play as a kid. Something I could play by myself as well. I didn’t grow up in the weekly game Night type family. An often had games you could play solo. However, Many have seen the lifesize homemade Jenga at Bars, Hotel’s, Camp Grounds and other establishments in recent days. So it is a great idea for a company to capitalize on retailing their own. However, I about had a heart attack when I seen at Target the outdoor Jenga game for $80!

Not many people have a top notch carpenter husband but, I believed him when he said that was ridiculous. So if you can spend just a quater of that… only $20! Wouldn’t you just make your own?

Took 6, 8 foot 2×4’s making each block 10 1/2 inches long. Makes 18 stacks high, 54 pieces. Cost him 18 dollars at Lowe’s. Trust it’s tall enough an get’s crazy just as it should playing Jenga.

The days of families playing together in the backyards of America do not have to be over. It’s the type of activities that still move our bodies and heart’s.

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Get Outdoors & Play Today!

Coach Jill

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Eye Bright Gel

The Eye Gel that gives Cinderella eyes!

I have always used an eye cream just because that seems to be the majority of eye skincare products. I always thought of a good working eye cream as a thick hydrating cream. I’ve enjoyed many eye creams but, Skincare Cosmetics Retinol Vitamin A Eye Gel changed my skincare game forever.

I can feel how plump and hydrated my eye area feels after applying this eye gel. You get an extra boost of Retinol Vitamin A in the beads. It soaks in really quick. Works great under make-up. Applied alone it leaves eyes giving off glass skin shine. The green tint helps take down redness and shallowness. I’m absolutely loving this eye gel. Highly Recommended. An great product to share on Memorial Day as it is Made In The U.S.A.

Check back soon for another great beauty product review! Enjoy your holiday weekend. An Bless All Those Whom given their life for ours.

Coach Jill