About B.E.A.N.



Beauty, Exercise, And NutritionĀ 


“Helping Sprout Healthy Life Style’sĀ in Beauty, Fitness & Fashion. By Finding the best Products, brands, and Companies that use Natural/Organic ingredients and materials!”

“Have You Bean Styled?”

Bean Styled creates WORKOUTS tailored to your fitness level, ability and concerns. In the place where you are most comfortable. We teach a “Healthy Lifestyle Method” so there is NO DIET to follow. Just simple getting back into shape using your own body, an Health coaching to get you back to eating healthy natural food.

  • Personal Training
  • Personal Image Consulting- Have successfully styled Clients in Person and Online for many events.
  • Read great articles covering everything from Beauty, Fitness, Fashion, health and related topics.
  • Reviews on Products actually tried. One’s worthy enough to be #BeanApproved” land here on our website to be recommended.

Bean Styled was established by a retired career National Power Tumbler & Trampolinist National Champion & Junior Olympic Gold medalist Athlete. Now Power Tumbling an Trampoline coach. AFAA certified Personal Trainer, Pound Pro an other Group Fitness Instructor.

Thanks For Stopping By and Checking out Bean Styled Studio

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