NYM TINTED Dry Shampoo

It is no secret if you read my blog that I am in love with @Nymbrands Dry Shampoo. The best for the price range. An it really takes away oil without build up. It gives great volume when you even have clean hair. I use it daily as a dry shampoo or to increase volume in my hairstyle’s.

NYM Tinted Medium

Huge thanks again to @Influenster for my full size complimentary spray of NYM Tinted Dry Shampoo. Say goodbye to any white residue! An ladies getting wiser like myself…. It covers gray so well! Just another great reason to try their dry tinted shampoo!



Best SKINCARE Fridge


There has been a new trend on Instagram that we totally bought! After much research on finding the best “Beauty Fridge” intended for skincare mainly, nail polish and makeup. This is why we dub ours the “Skincare Fridge”.  Cooluli is a great product that makes the perfect mini fridge for your vanity. From looks to how well it works!

Great thing you can choose from a mini like ours or a bigger fridge. They have multiple colors, and updated options. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. It can be used on travels. An also is a warmer. Just hit the switch on the back. There are many labeled with Beauty names but, do they work as well?

We couldn’t test them all. But, the Cooluli get’s as cold as any dorm fridge. Is energy efficient. Comes with multiple plug options. An the warmer and color options are endless. Make sure to read reviews on products. Most have been happy with their Cooluli’s as well.

Many stores from Urban Outfitters, Walmart, to Amazon where we bought ours from Cooluli store carry the Cooluli brand. The options and colors will vary on location.

An this is not a sponsored post. I truly love my Pink mini that is quiet and working spectacular since it arrived. Let us know what brand you use and if you have a Cooluli let us know your favorite color and size!

B.eauty E.xercise A.ttitude N.utrition

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It came today.. My @cooluli_usa mini fridge! Which is now dubbed my Skincare fridge for my vanity! I am so happy with my purchase off of @amazon I have researched these for month's, since I seen them pop up last year for this personal use. There are many now labeled as Beauty fridge, Makeup Fridge. An no I have not tried them all. However, I had an awesome dorm fridge and all I was concered is that it really kept things cold… And not just chilled. This Cooluli mini actually keeps my products COLD! Can't wait to get a video up asap. I'm absolutely loving it already. Definitely helped organize my vanity and drawers. I also learned that because, this device warms too. You can do warm moist towels for skincare facials. Of course warm or cold food and drinks! Also, great for desk at work, camping, in my van… Thinking we could almost have use for two in this house. More serious if you have medicine that you need cold and near your bedside or chair. This will work great! My opinion 5 stars and Lovin IT! 💗💆🏻💄💋 #cooluli #skincarefridge #makeupfridge #skincare #facial #mask #healthyskin #skincareproducts #mua #fitskin #minifridge #vanity #amazon

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7 Chakra Incense

Next time your looking for Incense I highly recommend the clean burning free of harsh chemicals #7Chakras Incense sticks! They smell amazing while leading you into a calm state of mind. Knowing your not breathing in charcoal or other chemicals. Come’s with a burner. Which these simple ones are my favorite because, they work best at catching ash and easy to dump.
Get yours or Gift one for the holiday season from Amazon at the link below:

Meditation is a huge part of my life since High School. I notice when I don’t make time for it; my mind and life get’s chaotic. It’s me time, clear your mind time, and clear thinking time. I discovered chakras and really dove into them in college. I am an avid Rock and mineral collector since childhood. We use gemstones daily for heat, light, and people don’t even think about that. Coal & Copper = heat and lightbulbs (for most of us still;) Quartz Crystals we know can hold electric energy. So just maybe gemstones used in Chakra cleansing can help the body. People wear magnet’s for certain ailments why not gems? Either way it is a great, colorful, sparkling and beautiful way to meditate.

The 7 Chakra’s have correlating Gemstones. Each gemstone holds different energy and allows for those particular areas to be cleared. The quartz crystal is the Master crystal that is said to be used before, during and after a chakra cleanse. Physical and mental ailments are said to be helped. If anything it is a great way to stay mentally Healthy. As it allows time to self for deep clear thinking.

There is much to be learned from this Eastern tradition. An there really is a lot more to Chakra’s. Like 141 other energy portals we possess. Head to your local library or book store and start learning more today.

Coach Bean


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SBR Nutrition… Liquid Vitamins!

Sick of swallowing pills or had enough of chewing gummies? Get the liquid advantage and higher absorption from SBR Nutrition liquid vitamins! It will definitely make you think and feel differently about your daily vitamins!
I enjoy the taste of all three. I have had a few other liquid brands and have not enjoyed them so much. Either taste or consistency was off. I did have a favorite B-12 but, SBR Nutrition is now my go to. I much prefer their mellow cherry flavor. The taste alone is better and I can feel how much more my body reacts to these clean and Vegan friendly liquid vitamins.

I took a daily biotin pill now supplementing with SBR liquid. I love taking care of my body as much as my skin so Biotin is a must! Keep hair growing Healthy. Helps nails not chip and peel. Wonderful to help skin keep looking youthful. Fights fine lines and wrinkles. Looking for energy? Winter is approaching; I need the extra Vitamin D!

Check out http://www.sbrnutrition.com for your liquid vegan friendly vitamins!

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No Filter Needed!

Looking to have your cell phone upgraded instantly to take professional photo’s? Check out @Radiance_Ring online today! It’s all about lighting an they make it easy with their attachable clip Ring light.

Check out my before and after. No crazy filters applied, just the ring. It smooth’s out skin for a perfect selfie. While taking away all shadowing. As someone who is an avid photographer and taken college courses. Lighting is always the Key element. An taking pictures of the products this a blessed gift! I am convinced my Nikon D6000 need’s their Big Ring Light. An I’m going to have to purchase it asap.

I have had other clip-on cell ring lights. This one blew it out of the box! As soon as you turn on the lights an see how bright it can go; will seal the deal. An it’s not yellow cover or lighting. It’s a white ring, led bright white lights. I also like the button on top. So much easier to use than the other I had with the button on the back. The sturdiness can be seen too just by the thickness of the ring. An does not add hardly any weight to your phone. An so far the charge has lasted a half hour. An still going…. I will be doing a YouTube video because, this product deserves to be on all @Beanstyled social channels.

It’s worth every penny! Go ahead and get the Radiance Ring Today. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Selfie On Beauty’s! 🤳

💓 Coach Bean
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Sweden #1 Beeswax Lip Balm You Must Have!

I partnered with BrandBacker to try out Lypsyl amazing Original Mint Intense Protection lip balm. Great protection against all the elements.

It is Sweden’s #1 best-selling lip balm. I can see why with it’s formula that glides on so smooth and instantly cools lips. No sticky or tacky feel because, it soaks in. You can actually feel the hydration to your lips. In just a couple days it has transformed my dry lips to soft and smooth.

Made with Silky Swedish Beeswax it is creamy yet lightweight on lips. An it smells absolutely yummy! Also contains coconut oil, Organic Shea butter and Vitamin’s A & E. Plus, how can you forget the name Lypsyl when that packaging is too darn cute with that bee slider! It makes a good reminder to help save our Bee population here in the United States.

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Find at your local Walmart.

Shop Link Below:


I absolutely love the cooling sensation and seen a change in my lyp’s 😉 Try Lypsyl Today!


🐝🐝🐝 Bean

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Glitter Your Life With Sunshine Glitter!

Dog days of summer may be upon us but, you can’t end 2018 or start any vacation without knowing about @OfficialSunshineGlitter

I love a company who is taking the boring and making it brilliantly Shine! Not only can you protect your skin with Glitter. They have everything to make you shine. From glitter detangler, lotion, lipgloss, and even bug repellent! Every woman who has ever wanted to be a mermaid or unicorn can live in glitter! Rainbow Brite would be proud! Perfect for festivals, camping, and parties! An glitter lover’s from ages 1-101 will fall in love with Official Sunshine Glitter.

Huge thanks to the company for sending over Sea Star Sparkle Spf 50 in Gold Glitter MANGO TANGO scent sunscreen. It smelly Amazing I can daydream I’m on a tropical getaway. An any day I want to protect my skin and Shine like a Glitter bomb. I Can! No stickiness or flaking off.

They also take care of you skin afterwards with their Totally Fun After Sun with Lidocaine to help numb any minor burns. Amazing cooling sensation that feels great on skin especially after long days in the sun. I can wear this out every night in Las Vegas. Perfect even if your not out partying in clubs. Honestly, I would put on glitter just to go shopping or hang around my house. I truly love glitter.

What makes them a great natural product is the ingredients they use. One of my favorite skincare ingredient’s Aloe; is in both. Eco-friendly product that makes us feel good using it. Even better it comes out of Miami, Fl. Born in the USA! Dermatologist have even given it the okay.

Sparkle while protecting your skin any day any time. Let your inner Glitter Goddess shine!

🏖️✨ Bean

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