No Filter Needed!

Looking to have your cell phone upgraded instantly to take professional photo’s? Check out @Radiance_Ring online today! It’s all about lighting an they make it easy with their attachable clip Ring light.

Check out my before and after. No crazy filters applied, just the ring. It smooth’s out skin for a perfect selfie. While taking away all shadowing. As someone who is an avid photographer and taken college courses. Lighting is always the Key element. An taking pictures of the products this a blessed gift! I am convinced my Nikon D6000 need’s their Big Ring Light. An I’m going to have to purchase it asap.

I have had other clip-on cell ring lights. This one blew it out of the box! As soon as you turn on the lights an see how bright it can go; will seal the deal. An it’s not yellow cover or lighting. It’s a white ring, led bright white lights. I also like the button on top. So much easier to use than the other I had with the button on the back. The sturdiness can be seen too just by the thickness of the ring. An does not add hardly any weight to your phone. An so far the charge has lasted a half hour. An still going…. I will be doing a YouTube video because, this product deserves to be on all @Beanstyled social channels.

It’s worth every penny! Go ahead and get the Radiance Ring Today. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Selfie On Beauty’s! 🀳

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CHRISSY’S Knee High Socks!

Huge thanks to Chrissy’s Knee High Socks for collaborating with Bean Styled. I can see my Pole Fitness Sisters, my Roller Derby girlfriend’s, teachers and coaches. An great for sports practice during Volleyball an softball. An those who have a need for the most stylish socks!

I love Chrissy’s Knee High Socks. To those of us who love our tall socks the most important aspect is… they stay up! They are soft and comfy. Come in so many colors, stripes and funky patterns. What’s even more fun is that you can get your own custom design’s.

They are affordable on any college or mommy budget. An definitely keep your legs warm.

Check out Chrissy’s Knee High Socks Today!

Get Your’s at the link below!

More pics on my Instagram

*Sponsored post complimentary products but, opinion is all my own!

Glam Sticker Tattoos

Looking for a great way to accessories any outfit? Look no further than these glamorous sticker tattoos on Amazon. They are metallic Gold and Silver. Few with some amazing metallic colors, and come in many different styles. They work great and lasted through one shower for some of them!

Nothing is better than laying silver and gold on ones skin. An these sticker tattoos make your feel glamorous while doing so. They shine and sparkle so bright.

From Halloween look of Cleopatra. Which is what I demonstated on the YouTube video. To many other costume accessory ideas. They are great for any slumber party fun. Or on nights like New Year’s Eve when it’s about anything gold and silver. Don’t miss out on the hottest Summer music festival accessory; they are a must have!

They are simple to use. Peel off the plastic top after you cut out your favorites. Place them on clean skin. They actually stick to skin well. Then apply a wet rag with light pressure for 30 seconds. Carefully slide off white paper backing. An you are left with fabulous body art!

These Tattoo Stickers are definitely made for the Fashionistas who like to have fun with their look. They look so stylish when applied you’ll think of many ways to use them to Accessories.

Get your Sticker Tattoos at the link below:

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RoseGold Bead Bracelet, perfect gift!

Looking for a great gift! Birthday, Holidays, or just because this Bolo Bead Sterling Silver Rose Gold plated bracelet will make any Jewelry lover light up.

They are 5mm beads so it’s a dainty piece. I say these are a great size for any woman. The Ball drawstring stays up much better than other bracelets I have had like this one. This also means it will adjust to any size wrist! I give credit to EZCreations for providing quality there. Also, the gold is luxurious! Extemely smooth. If you have bought jewelry and you feel as if the gold isn’t smooth. It’s probably not. Meaning not made with solid materials and has more of a mix of metals.

This Bracelet hasn’t left my wrist. It’s so elegant and trendy. It goes with a lot of looks. An it just sparkles!

Gift one or get yours today at the link below:

Welcome to the Holiday Season πŸ’‹Bean, Your BFF in Beauty-Fitness-Fashion

*Bracelet was complimentary but, review opinion is all my own.

Fall for Booties!

Fall 2017 has arrived and one of the hottest items this season are Booties! An the Fashion is so retro 70’s inspired fabrics and colors. I can’t wait for the bell bottom pants and all the baby soft pink!

I fell in love with these Big Buddha Peep-Toe Booties. The Tan color goes with just about everything in my closet. The suede feels luxurious and easily wipes clean. I have worn them about 100 hours and they still look New! Extremely comfortable an extra padding in the soles. An suede inside but, airy so no sweating or slipping! The square heel provides great stability too. The toe area does not cut into my toes like other shoes with similar Styles have.

Thanks to Mesh1 for the Big Buddha Booties for Testing.

My other want in the Boots department are over the knee boots. Pair with any leggings or Straight leg jeans an Instantly jazz up any outfit. Plus, can be worn with skirts an dresses! Live where it’s really cold it’s just another layer on the legs.

Check out my Fall ’17 Fashion Pinterest Board for other Fashion Trends and Style’s you’ll see this season.

Happy Fall πŸπŸ‚

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FALL 17′ Fitness Fashion!

Looking for trendy Workout apparel? Look no further than Bean Styled to show you where and how to style your fitness fashion. No more sweat pants and t-shirts. We can feel confident and empowered in our workout wear!

Check out this stretchy Crop top that will go great with Black or a Rainbow of Colored leggings!

Perfect long sleeve for cooler weather. An cropped so you can stay cooler when giving πŸ’―% and sweating! Buy yours at the link below:

An I have a great pair of leggings with reflectors on the back. Sent from another fast shipping Amazon Seller who I have collaborated with.

So if your a runner you’ll love these. I love them because they are high waist and lose on the ankles. Extremely soft and comfortable material. Perfect for gym or studio classes!

Get your High Waist leggings at the link below:



LazyCaturday Leggings!

Looking for a great pair of Made in the U.S.A. leggings that are so luxurious you’ll never want to take them off? As a West Virginia University Alumni I am a lover of the city of Pittsburgh (it’s not far from Morgantown, WV peps!), an actually lived there a few months after College. So give lot’s of love to LazyCaturday Online Fashion!

Their Tuxedo Leggings in Charcoal are the perfect style to dress up for work, Lunch with the gals, or to your workout class. Plus, nothing beats curling up to a good Movie with a hot cup of coffee to just relax after a hard Day’s work in a comfy pair of leggings. An no worries ladies! These leggings are double lined so they Do Not show through. They are just Purrfect! 😸

Right now you can score these Tuxedo Leggings FREE with Any Purchase on their website with Code: FREELEGGINGS

Shop LazyCaturday website Today!

Link Below:

Tuxedo Leggings

Nothing beats a great versatile pair of leggings, Grab yours Today!

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