DIY Outdoor Jenga

Don’t Spend $80 On Outdoor Jenga!

Jenga was one of my favorite games to play as a kid. Something I could play by myself as well. I didn’t grow up in the weekly game Night type family. An often had games you could play solo. However, Many have seen the lifesize homemade Jenga at Bars, Hotel’s, Camp Grounds and other establishments in recent days. So it is a great idea for a company to capitalize on retailing their own. However, I about had a heart attack when I seen at Target the outdoor Jenga game for $80!

Not many people have a top notch carpenter husband but, I believed him when he said that was ridiculous. So if you can spend just a quater of that… only $20! Wouldn’t you just make your own?

Took 6, 8 foot 2×4’s making each block 10 1/2 inches long. Makes 18 stacks high, 54 pieces. Cost him 18 dollars at Lowe’s. Trust it’s tall enough an get’s crazy just as it should playing Jenga.

The days of families playing together in the backyards of America do not have to be over. It’s the type of activities that still move our bodies and heart’s.

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Get Outdoors & Play Today!

Coach Jill


7 Chakra Incense

Open your Chakra’s with these clean burning sticks!

Next time your looking for Incense I highly recommend the clean burning free of harsh chemicals #7Chakras Incense sticks! They smell amazing while leading you into a calm state of mind. Knowing your not breathing in charcoal or other chemicals. Come’s with a burner. Which these simple ones are my favorite because, they work best at catching ash and easy to dump.
Get yours or Gift one for the holiday season from Amazon at the link below:

Meditation is a huge part of my life since High School. I notice when I don’t make time for it; my mind and life get’s chaotic. It’s me time, clear your mind time, and clear thinking time. I discovered chakras and really dove into them in college. I am an avid Rock and mineral collector since childhood. We use gemstones daily for heat, light, and people don’t even think about that. Coal & Copper = heat and lightbulbs (for most of us still;) Quartz Crystals we know can hold electric energy. So just maybe gemstones used in Chakra cleansing can help the body. People wear magnet’s for certain ailments why not gems? Either way it is a great, colorful, sparkling and beautiful way to meditate.

The 7 Chakra’s have correlating Gemstones. Each gemstone holds different energy and allows for those particular areas to be cleared. The quartz crystal is the Master crystal that is said to be used before, during and after a chakra cleanse. Physical and mental ailments are said to be helped. If anything it is a great way to stay mentally Healthy. As it allows time to self for deep clear thinking.

There is much to be learned from this Eastern tradition. An there really is a lot more to Chakra’s. Like 141 other energy portals we possess. Head to your local library or book store and start learning more today.

Coach Bean


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SBR Nutrition… Liquid Vitamins!

Get the Liquid Advantage!

Sick of swallowing pills or had enough of chewing gummies? Get the liquid advantage and higher absorption from SBR Nutrition liquid vitamins! It will definitely make you think and feel differently about your daily vitamins!
I enjoy the taste of all three. I have had a few other liquid brands and have not enjoyed them so much. Either taste or consistency was off. I did have a favorite B-12 but, SBR Nutrition is now my go to. I much prefer their mellow cherry flavor. The taste alone is better and I can feel how much more my body reacts to these clean and Vegan friendly liquid vitamins.

I took a daily biotin pill now supplementing with SBR liquid. I love taking care of my body as much as my skin so Biotin is a must! Keep hair growing Healthy. Helps nails not chip and peel. Wonderful to help skin keep looking youthful. Fights fine lines and wrinkles. Looking for energy? Winter is approaching; I need the extra Vitamin D!

Check out for your liquid vegan friendly vitamins!

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Be Better Giveaway!

Win A Haul of Be Better Protein Bars!

Want To Win your own Haul of delicious Protein Wafer bars and Squares from @beingbettermatters
Check out their website Today to learn more about them.

I discovered them at the IDEA World Convention and you can read more about that below:

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When it comes to eating you want the cleanest and best products. I believe in Be Better because, I enjoy them myself. I’ve read the label. In my opinion the best tasting protein snack on the market right now.

Follow Instructions to Win & Learn more about Be Better Bars.

Good Luck and Thank You

Coach Bean 💕

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IDEA Convention Must See!

Looking for the newest health and fitness products? Click to Read More!


I can’t even begin to explain what it’s like to walk into the IDEA World Convention. It was overwhelming to see all the Brands, Companies, And Products. Yet, an Amazing feeling being around so man other enthusiastic health and fitness professionals.

Here is a short list of what I picked up and dove into learning more about.

Let’s talk Food first:

Be Better Bars!

A Protein bar that’s not just focused on protein but, ingredients. They are all dark chocolate for the best in antioxidants. Made with all natural ingredients. Each waffer or square bars are packed with lot’s of nuts, crisp, coconut and other ingredients. Many different flavors. They taste so good. You get a handful of oats or nuts with dark chocolate. It just melts in your mouth. Unlike other protein bars these don’t have that fall apart chalky taste or texture. My child and mother in law mother both found their favorites. An I really really love all the waffer ones! They deserve the Gold Medal for protein bars!

Vegi Rice: AWESOME!!!!!

Cauliflower rice and Sweet Potato Rice-

I love they can be cooked in the microwave. An baby approved. My child loved them. So happy they were at the IDEA Convention. When I got back to the hotel my 1 year old was extra hungry. No way could I get to a store in time. So I put the Sweet Potato rice in the hotel microwave. She loves sweet potatoes and absolutely loved her Vegi rice. Got us thru until delivery came with noodles. The cauliflower I added to dinner one night with no complaints from the family. Such a great healthy option for many.

Workout Products:

Frog Fitness- 🐸

So the Steelers Football players have already been working out on this machine. You can be horizontal moving it, stationary. Standing up for movements and squats all with added resistance. A little hard to explain and picture. But, must see it! I didn’t make it to the 7am Workout to check it out. I did see it at the convention in action. I can honestly say I want one! Check it out online to see the newest form of resistance Training. Frog Fitness

Kettle Grip- (orange handle above)

This is amazing! Makes me think “Why didn’t I think of this” I have used weights in place of kettle bells in Workouts for years. The basic of the kettlebell is the undistributed weight and how it help’s create extra resistance. So why not use a dumbbell or weighted ball. This amazing invention gives any weight a handle!


From foam rollers, pressure point balls and other massage tool’s. They have every muscle group covered. It can be a workout, rehabilitation, or relaxation. As a trainer I use devices and recommend products like these for all three. Everything is made of great material that won’t be breaking or rubbing off. We received the Mobipoint massage ball and that little ball of wonder is amazing on tight muscles. Perfect for hands and feet.


Okay I didn’t find any clothing but…

Haiku Bags-

Talk about style that fits your active lifestyle and eco-friendly! Thanks Haiku for being at the IDEA convention. I have found a new brand I am loving. They make cute wallets, bags, purses and more out of recycled plastic bottles. Cyclepet is an amazing fabric produced from post-consumer recycled beverage bottles. Vegan friendly and made with nontoxic dyes. I received the Haiku Mini RFID wallet. It’s so cute, stylish, and protected with RFID blocking technology. Check them out online HaikuBags Follow on Instagram to see all the cute style up close. I am definitely getting a shoulder bag asap! So many cute patterns I can’t decide.


“The Perfection Detox Tame Your Inner Critic, Live Bravely, and Unleash Your joy” A book by Petra Kolber available this August 2018. She was just as amazing speaker as she is a writer. For attending her lecture at the IDEA convention we got the first chapter sent. She is funny, witty, and seemed like a genuinely fun person. Her book is mainly about letting go of being perfect. Disconnecting from social media and so much more. She has the Life Coaching book of the year. Everyone including myself needs to learn to let go and not feel the need to be perfect. I highly recommend reading it. I’m looking forward to the rest of the book!

Check it out:

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Sadie Nardini

This chick is just badass! Click her name to follow her on Instagram. Not only was she a group Fitness instructor. She learned how to cut her personal classes and make 6 figures doing online workout video’s. I’m going to be constantly instastalking her. I kinda wanted to ask her why she wasn’t a Pound Pro since she is a real Rockstar too! It fit’s her personality. Yet, working out for her seems to be her calm. So must check out her Yoga workouts. She gave away so much information and motivation. From marketing, to website fixes, and where to go online for many things. If I didn’t want to see the next speaker or event I would have went to the bar with her. She was so kind to meet up with people and answer more questions. I kinda wish I had! I’m working on my first full published Workout video. Hope is to have my first one up in about a week. An I thank her for all the insight helping me get there.

Definitely think about attending the 2019 IDEA world Convention and Blogfest. It was so motivational, informative, and uplifting. Great to meet new people, learn about others and dive into all the new health and fitness products!

Til next time,

Stay Healthy 💖 Coach Bean

IDEA World & Blogfest Convention Reflection

A world recognizing Personal Trainer’s and Health Professional’s. Come Join!

Breakfast with @generalmills @sweatpink @ideafit

What is the IDEA World Convention?   -It is a fitness and Health professional’s convention where this year “over 14,000 personal trainers, group fitness instructors, club and studio owners and managers, mind-body professionals and nutrition professionals came together in Sunny San Diego, California, on June 27-July 1, 2018.”  The IDEA Health and Fitness Association itself is according to their website “275,000 IDEA FITNESS PROFESSIONALS on a mission to inspire the world to fitness”. IDEA used to stand for International Dance-Exercise Association. Now is listed as the Health & Fitness Association to open it up to a bigger community of fitness professionals. Yes, I had seen the association before. After passing the AFAA exam and other places online. Yet I never knew how important it may be to join this organization. I see the importance but, more importantly I felt the inclusion. Their passion to introduce the world to the best Personal Trainers and Health Professional’s is what sold me on becoming a member. An I’m going to be honest. I have not joined yet. I have my personal trainer CEU re-certification coming up by April 2019, and joining the USTA United States Tumbling Association so I may get my kids a National tumbling team created so we can begin to compete. It is my intention to become a member in 2019 and attending my second IDEA/Blogfest convention. Yes, joining cost in just about everything these days. So we all must be smart in where we place our funds. This is why I am choosing to become an IDEA member An here is why you should consider it too.


I don’t know what I was expecting but, this experience was astounding. From the presenters, to Keynote speakers Chris and Heidi Powell, and actually seeing with my own eye’s Elaine Lalane! Last time I was this excited over a celebrity was when I got to see Johnny Carson up at Roche Harbor rolling on the dock’s few years before he passed. I mean come on “POWER JUICER”. I know I have always been an athlete and have had what… 4 chiropractor’s in my family (Raker’s Chiropractic, HEY FAM!)  but, I figured everyone seen the info commercials. Everyone except my husband… we won’t talk about my excitement to call and tell him who I got to see with nothing but,… who’s that? UGH, ya know The Godfather of Fitness and The First Lady of Fitness. I learned that Jack and Elaine have a fitness award through the IDEA properly named:  Prestigious IDEA Jack LaLanne Award  “The annual award honors those who have made a significant and lasting contribution in fitness, nutrition and wellness, inspiring the world to fitness through work in the media or public eye.”  The winner’s were Chris and Heidi Powell from the hit TV show Extreme Weightloss. I will tell you more about Heidi’s Keynote motivational speaking in the next blog. Here I want to tell you they graciously accepted their award. An seem like such a fun and genuine family. Yet, they told you about their struggle’s and honest with the world that it takes extreme hard work in weight-loss, helping others, and creating a business.

20180628_103937571887445.jpgI enjoyed listening to them and I took away the most powerful message from Chris Powell. “Are you a Passion Trainer, or a Paycheck Trainer”. For years I have been trying to explain to people the difference between myself and other trainers I have personally known. An what my idea of business is compared to some other studio owner’s I have worked for. He explained it so well and really reminded you to let them go. I do this for the passion and love for fitness and helping others. That was what I told myself all through college. “I am doing this to help so many people”. I didn’t go to college to be a personal trainer or tumbling coach. However, we all land where we need to be when we figure out what our passion really is. I do make money training and get paycheck’s. But, this is not why I do it. I don’t charge ridiculous prices for personal training or really think too much on how I want to price people. I would never open a studio and hire multiple other instructor’s to run my business. No, I am going to teach all or majority of my classes because, it is what I love to do! I guess it just made me realize this is all of the industry. Even major corporations say they care about your health but, ingredient’s would say otherwise. What I got most from this weekend was that statement. That the passion trainer’s will always win and know I have my heart in what I do. Not the dollar signs. An to ignore my copycat’s. Your talent, passion and knowledge is your power. If you have something that is special and needs to be shared with the world then it’s time to figure out how to start sharing it. That is why I’d like to add I will have my very first workout video up in 2 weeks. An that statement is holding me to it.

Goodie Bag at Blogfest Sweatpink @ideafit convention

I will get into the personal presenter’s I enjoyed and all the product’s I received that need mentioned in another blog. Because, yes IDEA deserves two blogs and to add in all the goodies and awesome speakers will take more time. It was a beautiful morning walk from my hotel Days Inn Downtown to the Hyatt where Blogfest was held. I brought my family so we had a vacation within mommy’s “work”. It was easy check in and the ladies were very nice at the convention. I was a few minutes late for the first presentation (admitting, because I hate to be late for anything!) but, immediately blown away from the huge gift bag for the Blogfest attendees. It felt so personal right away. Then it was a quick walk down the street to the San Diego Convention center where the IDEA Convention was actually being held. I wondered why a different location. Then when I walked in I got it. Out of this world convention room with  nothing but, fitness, health products, brands, and businesses. I am instantly in love. I knew after the first half of the day I would be attending next year.

So what is Blogfest? “BlogFest brings together health and fitness bloggers for 4 action-packed days of in-depth blogging sessions, unforgettable celebrity workouts & exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the largest fitness conference in the world.” It was part of the IDEA World Convention and it was AMAZING! This year blogger’s could apply and attend for Free. I am so happy I did and got accepted. It was an experience of a lifetime. Worth it in so many ways. I learned so much an was provided much needed motivation. Met some other amazing women and men! An I will definitely do even more than I participated in this time. I seen a lot and did much. However, I could have used this so much more for other opportunities. I was a little over whelmed but, in a good way. So how did I find out about Blogfest and the IDEA Convention well that was through SWEAT PINK!

WHAT IS SWEAT PINK?- “We’re a community of people who believe that kicking ass is kicking ass, no matter who you are, what you look like, where you come from, or what goals you’re chasing.” After having my second child I was looking for a community such as this. I stumbled across Fit article probably on one of my random googling searches. I tend to do this for fun.. anyone else? Anyway, I seen the Sweat Pink Ambassador’s and thought I would sign up. I have always gotten groups, women and men together. Even held my own Health and Fitness Expo in Peoria, IL. So I dove in even further and became the Las Vegas Chapter Leader.  This was one of the main reason I wanted to attend the Blogfest/IDEA convention. Not only for my benefit in what I want to create here with Bean Styled and my personal training. Also, to see how to grow our local chapter.


  • learning about new brands an products
  • meeting other professionals an new Fitness partners and friends
  • Discover New Workouts and Equipment
  • Get front row access to meeting Brands, Seeing Fitness Celebrities, and becoming Ambassadors for Health Companies
  • Knowledge and Education to grow as a Fitness Professional an Business
  • An let’s not forget all the Goodies you get to see First and Share with followers, Family and Friends!

I can’t say enough about my experience at the IDEA World Convention and Blogfest. It was and felt like a Hollywood red carpet during Opening ceremonies. You felt included and that this was for Fitness Professionals to come together and grow. Not some corporate boring smoring convention making ton’s of money. Like I said in the beginning I didn’t know I needed the motivation. An it was amazing to receive. However, I am more happy I went and learned about making video’s and google analytics. Because, at the end of the day for me to enjoy something 100% I need to take away something from it. Not only did I get a banging quote from Chris Powell. I received much needed education in some other field’s and learned immensely. Make sure to check out my personal Instagram where I like to post daily.  An follow the Blog because, I can’t wait to share all the new product goodies I received that I must tell you about. I’m positive everyone will find something they need in their life/gym/studio/business to. An don’t miss out on IDEA world Convention 2019. I have a feeling it’s only going to get better an you can see first hand why this should be the association all Fitness Professionals should want to join.

-Coach Bean

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Detox Water® here to change the Aloe Game!

Best Aloe Drink on Earth!

Best Aloe drink on Earth!

Hello @DetoxWater I love you!

I am a child of Aloe. What in the world is that? I’ll tell you! Anytime there was just about anything wrong with us growing up. Aloe was going to be the cure. Scrapes from falling, sunburns to even suggestions of eating it. However, as a kid I couldn’t hack that. An does anyone remember ‘The Magic of Aloe’ product’s that had lip gloss, blush and make-up; I had it all! I know women whom have even used Aloe for woman issues down below, no joking!

I absolutely do believe, seen, and love the power of Aloe. So I was instantly excited to see this New product called “Detox Water” made with Bioactive aloe. I was even more astonished that I actually loved it! I have tried and tried. Many, many Aloe drinks and just haven’t found anything I ever could drink down. They are either too chunky and thick and usually have no flavor at all. Neither apply to Detox Water. It is not thick. Consistency just like water. You have that hint of Aloe taste but, more flavor. An it is so refreshing! I love kiwi and cucumbers. An it seems no company wants to make kiwi anything. So I literally screamed in excitement when I seen their Cryptokiwi!

They call it a “healing hydration” with Activealoe® allows the best retention of the health benefits of Aloe Vera.

This is not just body hydration but, skin hydrating. Perfect product for Bean Styled Studio. It helps the inside and outside of the body! Our skin is just as important as our heart. Non GMO, Gluten Free, vegan, and Kosher it is just about safe for anyone.

An I personally loved it so much I gave it to my 14 months old. It helps aid in digestion and support’s immunity! An the fact she loved the taste made this mama Happy.

This was my favorite new Food & Drink product that was set up at the IDEA World Convention an Blogfest 2018 in San Diego, California. I had the opportunity to attend and I am so thankful for the opportunity!

Make sure to follow the blog. Tomorrow I am going to post my entire experience at the IDEA Fitness professional convention. Along, with other new products and companies you must know about too! It was an amazing experience and every blogger, coach, an trainer must attend at least one time in their career.

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