MINI Bluetooth Earbud!

Soul Sound Magic got it Right!

Not only is this the smallest earbud I have ever seen or held. It doesn’t cut back on bass/sound for music. It has amazing sound and the caller can be heard an hear you clearly! Surprising because, you can’t even see the mic.

Works better than others I have; that have the mic right by my mouth. It’s incognito and unless you really show it off you can’t see it. If I didn’t hold my hair back you wouldn’t know I was wearing it.

Great for professional’s who don’t want a bulky look and need to keep things more private. An great for working out. No bulky strings or hooks around the ears. Just a simply earbud. So no worries when your sweating and no getting Tangled up when your hot and tired.

No only is it mini. It comes with it’s own USB charger you can plug Into a cell phone charger (pictured) or computer etc. The earbud attaches by magnets. Check out BeanStyledYouTube Tomorrow to see more in how it works. It’s fully charged after a couple hours an shows the blue light. Hold the middle button down to sync with phone until it blinks. An the voice inside will tell you when it is on and off so no wondering if your running your battery down. An speaking of battery, it last a straight 6 hours! Plus, it comes with different size ear bud covers. Wonderful because, we all don’t have the same size ear canals.

I am completely impressed by this earbud. It is now my favorite! Get yours Today. Small single earbuds will be one of the hottest Technology must haves on many peoples Christmas list this year!

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Enjoy the simple, comfortable, yet Amazing Sound of Soul Sound Magic.

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FALL 17′ Fitness Fashion!

Looking for trendy Workout apparel? Look no further than Bean Styled to show you where and how to style your fitness fashion. No more sweat pants and t-shirts. We can feel confident and empowered in our workout wear!

Check out this stretchy Crop top that will go great with Black or a Rainbow of Colored leggings!

Perfect long sleeve for cooler weather. An cropped so you can stay cooler when giving πŸ’―% and sweating! Buy yours at the link below:

An I have a great pair of leggings with reflectors on the back. Sent from another fast shipping Amazon Seller who I have collaborated with.

So if your a runner you’ll love these. I love them because they are high waist and lose on the ankles. Extremely soft and comfortable material. Perfect for gym or studio classes!

Get your High Waist leggings at the link below:



Dresses for Fall 2017!

I have been collaborating with an awesome, fast, and great service Amazon Seller. An today I want to share a Rockabilly style dress which is so trendy right now. An a little black dress that is sexy yet Professional!

Beautiful Women’s Vintage 1950s Long Sleeve Retro Rockabilly Belted A-Line Swing Dress. Absolutely LOVE IT! She seemed to know my style well. My husband came up with the idea to go on a Retro date Night an he’ll wear his knickers! An since we live in Vegas we have a few options for where we can go!

It is extremely soft and the stitching and zipper are very well made! I am head over heels for the perfect retro military green color! Once I lose these “Baby boobs” it will fit perfectly. However it still fits great, right on point and I got a Medium being 5’7″ you can see it hits perfectly below the knee. Grab your Rockabilly Swing dress today by shopping the link below!

I was in need of a new and updated Cocktail dress and this one is perfect… Sexy yet Professional! It is a One side shoulder Dress which I LOVE. One of my favorite body parts to show off are definitely my shoulders! The other side is a see thru mesh. It’s extremely Gorgous in person and looks more Fab on. The zipper and stitching is very well made. I can’t wait for a great event to wear this too.

Extremely soft and comfortable. So you can move and dance the night away! A style that would look great on many. A perfect style LBD for any event!

Shop Today!

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Kisspat Design Jewelry

First off, Thank you to Kisspat Designs for sending me this set of 2 pairs of Gorgeous handmade artisan Earrings. Absolutely wonderful quality. Nothing is out of place in the construction. They were definitely made with love. An they look like a Fine pair of earrings. They are Filigree designs and stunning when they hit light. Most importantly they are not heavy and very comfortable to wear. If you had an all night event these would be your go to earrings.

A wonderful pair of statement earring for a formal event. A wonderful present for the lady in your life. The holidays are approaching fast. Dress up your look to have lunch with girlfriends. Or, go for Boho like the popular festival style. They are simply Beautiful. So much I am gifting one to my mother in law because she liked them so much! Luxury doesn’t have to cost a fortune. But, these look like they did!

Watch the video for a full review. An make sure to grab your pair Today!
Shop the link below:

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Natural Active Slimming Cream!

Looking for a little help in firming up the abdominal or buttock area? Have you went through extreme weight loss and have lose or sagging skin? Did you just have a baby and looking for a little helping hand getting that body back? Look no further for the best slimming cream I have ever used! Always need a healthy eating and exercise plan but, if your wanting a product to help give a little kickstart look no further. “AGLO Body Lab Natural Active Massaging Anti Cellulite Slimming Cream for perfect abdomen” is simply an amazing Product. ”

“Looking for a Slimming Cream that actually gives the results you been looking for? Don’t be fooled by all the misleading products on the market. We are proud to present our Organic Slimming Cream with Anti-Cellulite Formula 7 Oz. Here are 5 reasons why you’re going to LOVE our Slimming Cream: 1. Made of only pure organic natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals unlike many other creams on the market. 2. Not only a slimming cream, also has an anti-cellulite formula to boost your skin health. 3. Can be used by both men and women, great gift for your partner or friend who wants to change their body shape. 4. Absorbs quickly and will never leave a stain on your clothes. Can be used for shaping waist, abdomen, and buttocks. 5. Comes with a RISK-FREE 30 days Money back Guarantee. No questions asked. Start shaping your dream body today!”

From the very first use you can feel it working! It leaves skin feeling Moisturized and soaks completely in. Safe to wear under your clothes and won’t stain. An it is made for women and men in mind. I love any product that uses Natural organic ingredients over chemicals. So instantly I was drawn to this product. An the way you can feel it working makes me happy Body Lab is using mother nature to help.

The first application I massaged it in and you can feel little warmth. That would be the ingredients in the product working! The second time I used this product I made myself a wrap. No need to go spend hundreds of dollars on other wrapping Products because with Natural Active slimming cream you can make your own! I put on a really wet warm towel to help open up pores. Then I applied the cream and massaged it into my stomach and side love handle areas. Then I grabbed some Cling Wrap and wrapped myself up. Instantly you can feel the heat! I was able to leave it on 15 minutes before it got too hot. An it felt amazing! I started sweating and know the product penetrated deep into my skin.

Just look at the before and after photos and you’ll want to try it too! An I just had a baby almost 4 months ago! So I can tell you if your a new mommy and want to help firm up that post-partum body. Try this product today! I can’t wait to see how firm my skin will be after 30 days along with my daily workouts. Follow my Instagram for the update!

Use this special code for the next 3 weeks to save 15%! 6Z84GXOR

Get it Now Shop:

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BoutiqueLovin Must Have Earrings!

Check out these Gorgous Blue Lapis Lazuli earrings from BoutiqueLovin! You Can dress them up for a night out on the town. Or on trend for the boho vibe that’s popular right now for your next festival! Great quality and they look fabulous on! Get yours today!


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