Dermaplaning Yourself!

Michael Todd Beauty

I personally have not had a professional dermaplaning but, trust I do want to. Most services cost around $150.00 so to Purchase one for under $100 sounded like the best alternative for this budget friendly mom. I do plan on having one done but, now I can do one almost just as well in privacy of my own home.

I had been looking at the @MichaelToddBeauty and the Dermaflash brand. I settled on the Michael Todd not only because, it was more affordable the reviews were really good. Also, after researching I seen Dermaflash tried to sue MTB over the Sonic Smooth. Clearly MTB created their own design which I liked. It seems smaller an silicon comfort. Neither company created sonic vibration so I went with what others experience and the price tag. I do believe MTB has a better product why Dermaflash had to create their 2.0 quicker and still not as affordable. So the price of Dermaflash turned me away.

So my review… I really am in love with my dermaplaning experience. The kit comes with everything you need. Charcoal detox cleanser that mind you ‘Little goes a long way’ learned from mistake of not reading. Which is going to become one of my coveted charcoal cleaser for it did not dry out or irritate my sensitive skin. An both cleanser and after gel have my #1 plant favorite skincare ingredient… Aloe! I am definitely going to have to try more of MTB skincare line.

I kept my Sonic smooth on low since this was my first go. An could not be happier with how my skin feels. Soft and smooth. Yet clean like never before. I used some of my favorite skincare product’s after and the glow was unreal. An knowing the the ingredients were soaking in like they couldn’t before made my skin feel extremely hydrated. I am looking forward to how my skin changes in the weeks to come. You don’t apply makeup after so best to do a treatment at night. Or a Spa day at home like myself it’s sunday skincare to dedicate to just good for skin ingredients.

I plan on doing a dermaplaning treatment once a month. So that means with this system I have 7 months worth. I uploaded the video and took up speed 4X’s. So you can tell now how careful I was. You do need caution as you have a blade against your skin. However, it was not that scary. With pratice and light movements the sonic vibrations actually help you not be so irritiated and red afterwards.

If your on the fence and was wanting to get your own device for dermaplaning a great tool to have in between your professional services too. I highly recommend the Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Smooth Dermaplaning system. I have not felt my skin so smooth, or clean. The removal of tiny hairs is great. Getting rid of that dead skin… That’s Amazing!

Coach Jill


Maybelline Shine Compulsion 

Hello Stylista’s

Maybelline has amazing new Shine compulsion products that are as hydrating as they are shiny! Plus, they added glitter!!!

I received the Taupe Seduction lipstick. If you have fair skin like myself this could be the perfect color. Can’t usually do the reds. This is the perfect brown/pink that almost anyone could wear. Yet, it is perfect for my skin tone. I love that it left my lips hydrated and in better shape. Like I had been wearing chapstick or just did a lip mask. Yes that moisturizing! So then you think we’ll it’s so hydrating it’s going to bleed right off the lips…No Way. I was impressed too. It’s so shiny yet stayed put all day.

The Gone Griege lip liner is the perfect match to this lipstick. But, it also matches almost all my other lip colors. Since I tend do to the Pink/browns when I do lipstick. I save my crazy colors for lip gloss or balms. It helped define my lips and make them look bigger. An helps my Lip Shine stay put.

I am really excited to try their new Glitter Fix gloss over this lipstick. Thanks to Influenster for my complimentary products. I love the color they sent me. An I now have a new favorite lipstick and liner! Grab yours Today, it will be your go to lipstick for summer!

Hydrate & Plump with Exuviance

I have a wonderful new product all my Stylista’s must try! Dermatologist developed by Drs. Van Scott and Yu. They are the inventors of the original glycolic peel! So listen up, here comes Exuviance Age Reverse Hydrafirm! If your looking for a skincare product that firms, strengthens, and intensely hydrates. Keep reading!

Exuviance Age Reverse Hydrafirm is a great mix of nature and science. It has my favorite skincare ingredient hyaluronic acid. Which is a instant hydration to skin. Plus, their own creation of Prodew® a amino acid build blocks that help plump and moisturize deep down in skin. I found this product to be thick like cream. Yet felt and looks like a gel moisturizer. It instantly quenched my dry skin. Smells amazing too! The product leaves no stickiness and soaks in quickly.

An you can say I felt it. My skin felt more plump. That could be the help of ingredients like Bionic Neoglucosamine and Matrixyl that are said to boost collagen to plump and fill skin. Makes it appear lifted and firmer. Exuviance contains antioxidants important to help fight daily environmental stressors.

I’ve enjoyed the product. It helps my aging sensitive dry skin feel plump and hydrated without drying it out later. It also has a great smell. My mother-in-law in her late 60’s is also enjoying using this product too. Perfect for mid-30 aging mom’s like myself trying to prevent aging as best I can.

Check out Exuviance today at the link below:

Stay hydrated & beautiful inside and out Stylista’s!

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Set That Look!

Makeup setting sprays were created to help keep makeup from rubbing an wearing off. Now they have ones that hydrate, highlight with sheer or no color.

Here our a couple of the handful I’ve tried lately I like.

#1 NYX Dewy Finish Long lasting setting spray is as printed… PROFESSIONAL! I love the look of Healthy hydrated skin. An no matter what look you apply dramatic or Natural. This spray leaves makeup set with a still glowing look. Not matte about it. No rubbing off on clothes or sweating off at the gym. Yes, it’s that good. I’m a personal trainer. Trust me I tested the sweat factor! My makeup stayed put. Goes on sheer and will not mess up your make-up application if you hold it out and just MIST your face.

#2 Next up, I’d leave this to Makeup artist, Professional, and those of us willing to keep trying. I do love Hard Candy’s Glow illuminating setting spray. But, beware those pearls are like micro glitter! Shake well. First time I could see it on my vanity seat. So know to cover up with a towel. An to really hold your arm out and kinda walk/lean your face into it. It works great and leaves skin definitely glowing an hydrated. Contains coconut oil so feels like lotion at first but, sets fast and skincare ingredients soak in. Its a great highlighting spray along with setting your make-up.

Please share any of your favorite Makeup Setting Sprays and Moisturizing facial sprays!

Stay beautiful Stylista’s!

💕 Bean- Beauty, Exercise, and Nutrition!

4-in-1 Pod Skincare!

Alana Mitchell has done it again! A convenient way to travel with your skincare and efficient for at home as well. The 4 in 1 Cleansing Pod is a sponge that exfoliates, cleanses, and is a masque! Plus, safe for all skin types.

This tiny sponge packs enough ingredients for 2-5 uses. I got two uses out of mine since I used so much for my masque application. However, because the sponge exfoliates and is already clean. Let it dry when your done and you can reuse it. For other Alana Mitchell Products or your favorite face wash now has an awesome exfoliating tool! It should last a month before I would throw it out and use a new one.

The product itself left my skin feeling great. Not dried out so right there it tells me the cleansing is gentle enough for sensitive skin. The sponge was exfoliating enough yet didn’t irritate my skin either. My skin was smooth and felt fresh.

Perfect for traveling. If you want to carrying it on your carry on. It is airline compliant. An doesn’t take up a lot of space in your makeup bag. So perfect for on the road travels as well.

Absolutely convenient in every way. Has amazing ingredients. An thinks of the mom and business woman alike.

Grab yours today:

Use code TRVLPODS to save 15%

Check out the YouTube for a How-To video.

Happy 2018 Bean Stylista’s

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Vegan Lip Balm for your Softest Lips❣️

The Healing Tree Vegan Natural Lip Balm is the cure for sensitive lips. Do you suffer from dry chapped lips and nothing seems to help? Let me tell you what I found works for me!

First of all, know The Healing Trees Companies mission:

“To provide Healthy & non-toxic Products that are safe for people & pets while helping our members earn a recurring income.”

At Bean Styled I am geared to “Finding Products made with Natural, Organic, and good for you Ingredients in skincare.” I have extemely sensitive skin. This carries over to my lips as well. An I think Companies tend to forget this. The Healing tree knows that petroleum based Products are not good for or effective on sensitive lips. So when I seen this I knew right away I could use it. From my research it seems that beeswax is one of the best ingredients to help sensitive lips heal. An luckily it is in this companies lip balm’s! Along with many other Natural and safe ingredients. All vegan friendly.

After a couple days it really helped heal my lips. An now keeping them smooth. There is not much scent to the Natural. Which is absolutely perfect for me. Sometimes you don’t want a smell in your lip balm. However, they do have a few flavor scents you can choose from when you order online.

If you join The Healing Club Program you can score 4 Products monthly at 50% off. An additional items are 20% off. You can switch up your monthly Products and earn $10 a month in recurring income for referrals who sign up from your shareable link.

The Healing Tree Club is an award winning, family owned business in Southern California started in 2006. They source and manufacturer out of only 3 countries; Thailand, USA, and China. If you suffer from dry lips like myself or looking for a sustainable lip balm. Check out Healing Tree Today!

Get yours Today at the link below:

Happy Holidays

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Platinum for your Hair, Gold on your Face!

Metals are not only gracing your Fashion and makeup. It’s also falling into your skincare! Wanna feel like Cleopatra and really use nature’s beauty to it’s fullest? Check out these two Brands blowing it out of the water with luxurious natural ingredients.

1.) Cuvee Beauty

I got a sample of Cuvee Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner in the mail. I was instantly intrigued upon reading the back contains our proprietary Cuvée Complex™ that utilizes small, best-of-the-batch ingredients for products that create real results. Champagne, White Truffle, Platinum along with other Botanicals

Why yes; I would love to wash my hair in truffles, champagne, and Platnium. Talk about a luxurious experience. An it’s no talk. I love how soft and frizz free my hair felt! An the smell… Developed by Renown fragrance house in Grasse, France! Notes of champagne and fig. I loved the smell, I loved how thick the product was and the results…. Worth it!

“Cuvee Beauty. Everyday Gorgeous Made Simple”

“Get ready for your best hair days ever. With its gentle-for-everyday formula, our luxurious shampoo washes away dirt, oil and build-up without stripping hair—the first step in your low maintenance, high style hair routine. Skincare-grade nutrients and antioxidants condition and protect, leaving your scalp healthy and your hair conditioned, shiny and smooth. And, because our cruelty-free shampoo is also free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates, you can be sure it’s safe for color- and chemically-treated hair.

2.) The 24 Karat Gold Mask from Menvydia Cosmetics.

I felt like Cleopatra! It’s the season to be thankful and I am grateful to be an editor for 0.8liter they always send the best and new products. Especially the Korean Beauty I can’t live without! I am in love with the @menvydiacosmetics 24K gold Mask! It also contains caviar essence and collagen. Intense brightening, anti-aging, and anti-spot Treatment mask.

My skin instantly looked brighter. Did not dry out my skin. An left my pores looking much smaller. An if I can put real gold on my face to fight aging… I will put it on weekly!

Get yours off the Menvy Website keep checking back to see when they are back in stock. I will research to see if I can find it else where too. They have a Pearl, Diamond, and Pink diamond mask listed as well. OF COURSE, I am completely Interested in!

Check out the YouTube Video for a little more that glitters!

Platinum in your hair and gold on your face… How could you be anymore pampered in your own home?

Keeping you updated on all things Beauty, Fitness,Fashion!

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