Natural Active Slimming Cream!

Looking for a little help in firming up the abdominal or buttock area? Have you went through extreme weight loss and have lose or sagging skin? Did you just have a baby and looking for a little helping hand getting that body back? Look no further for the best slimming cream I have ever used! Always need a healthy eating and exercise plan but, if your wanting a product to help give a little kickstart look no further. “AGLO Body Lab Natural Active Massaging Anti Cellulite Slimming Cream for perfect abdomen” is simply an amazing Product. ”

“Looking for a Slimming Cream that actually gives the results you been looking for? Don’t be fooled by all the misleading products on the market. We are proud to present our Organic Slimming Cream with Anti-Cellulite Formula 7 Oz. Here are 5 reasons why you’re going to LOVE our Slimming Cream: 1. Made of only pure organic natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals unlike many other creams on the market. 2. Not only a slimming cream, also has an anti-cellulite formula to boost your skin health. 3. Can be used by both men and women, great gift for your partner or friend who wants to change their body shape. 4. Absorbs quickly and will never leave a stain on your clothes. Can be used for shaping waist, abdomen, and buttocks. 5. Comes with a RISK-FREE 30 days Money back Guarantee. No questions asked. Start shaping your dream body today!”

From the very first use you can feel it working! It leaves skin feeling Moisturized and soaks completely in. Safe to wear under your clothes and won’t stain. An it is made for women and men in mind. I love any product that uses Natural organic ingredients over chemicals. So instantly I was drawn to this product. An the way you can feel it working makes me happy Body Lab is using mother nature to help.

The first application I massaged it in and you can feel little warmth. That would be the ingredients in the product working! The second time I used this product I made myself a wrap. No need to go spend hundreds of dollars on other wrapping Products because with Natural Active slimming cream you can make your own! I put on a really wet warm towel to help open up pores. Then I applied the cream and massaged it into my stomach and side love handle areas. Then I grabbed some Cling Wrap and wrapped myself up. Instantly you can feel the heat! I was able to leave it on 15 minutes before it got too hot. An it felt amazing! I started sweating and know the product penetrated deep into my skin.

Just look at the before and after photos and you’ll want to try it too! An I just had a baby almost 4 months ago! So I can tell you if your a new mommy and want to help firm up that post-partum body. Try this product today! I can’t wait to see how firm my skin will be after 30 days along with my daily workouts. Follow my Instagram for the update!

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I received this product complimentary for review but, opinion is all my own!


Korean Skincare Ingredients rival U.S. Brands!

So I’ve had the opportunity to complimentary try full size Products for my honest review thanks to .08Liter! Here are some of my awesome Products I enjoyed. Not only is Korean cosmetic companies finding new ingredients to use in skincare they are also most times more affordable. 

One of the awesome Products I got to try first last month was the 28 day Coreana SHO EGFactor Timeless Program. It contained two big tubes of eye cream that ejects “like a shot”. An little viles of the horse oil serum. The packaging is as luxurious as the product itself. The box it comes in to the glass viles. I enjoyed the eye cream a lot. I loved using the shot feature because it only puts out enough you need for both eyes so the product will last. I have brighter undereyes and fine lines look to have diminished a little! Timeless ampoule which contains horse oil is a thick oil. It soaked into my skin well. It is a little sticky so I recommend using it at night. This serum is tough to open so wiggle it side to side. An there is enough Product in those little viles for chest, neck, and face so makes it worth the cost. It contains the Noble prize winning Epidermal growth factor. An the horse oil as a beauty ingredient comes from the fat of horses. I would have liked to think it had nothing to really do with horses an it’s gross thinking I’ve been rubbing horse fat on my face. However, the results are almost worth doing again. Anything that does not involve getting cosmetic surgery or lasers I’m willing to try. As long as the animals are not being hurt. I need to do more research because, so far it’s been hard to discover much about the horse oil. Find the program on Amazon.

Next up is Body washes. The first I tried was Reskin TS Acne Body Cleanser for Acne care and sebum control. Luckily, I got this during my pregnancy. My skin on my body started to break out an this body wash really helped clear it up quickly! Has a vegetable oil, Coconut derived ingredients with salicylic acid. I enjoy any product that has nature and science combined. 

The second body wash I got to try was the Atotro body wash for extra dry skin. This was great to get after I had my baby since my skin went right back to dry and sensitive. Contains peanut oil for the vitamin E moisturizing and again coconut derived plant ingredients to keep skin hydrated. 

I can’t wait to try one of those Korean bubble mask, but I am grateful to have been picked to try the “Herb in Nude” Sheet Mask. This was the thinnest sheet mask I have ever used. It was a transparent cellulose sheet soft as silk and drenched in Product. Yet strong it didn’t rip and I pulled on it on purpose just to check. It is highly adhesive, an I tested this by getting laundry folded while I enjoyed the 20 Minute mask. This is how you enjoy spa days at home with two kids. Some of the awesome natural ingredients are licorice extract, Ginger root extract and many more that help with the firming Skincare of this mask.

I have found a new favorite Foundation! I am going to purchase this once I run out. The TS Miracle Nude Foundation contains spf 30 and is so light on skin it’s perfect for any time of the year. Awesome for summer time. I tried the color 21 light Being and it was a perfect match. It is natural coverage that’s build able. An a little goes a long way. It evened my skintone and left my skin Moisturized an with a healthy glow. It has a whitening effect for dark spots, wrinkle and UV protection. Definitely a product I would highly recommend many trying!

Finally, I got some lotion that is for face and body. The Pharma Lab hydration cream is for dry, sensitive, and rough skin. It makes skin Healthy with ingredients similar to skin. Contains a patented ingredient called Bioredoxyl which helps against skin aging. Plus, other interesting ingredients like Royal Jelly, propolis, honey, brown rice oil, lavender and other natural ingredients. An with no synthetic perfumes or colors it is safer for sensitive skin. This is a thick lotion that provides a barrier on skin. It is a little sticky at first then soaks in an leaves skin extremely smooth. I recommend using at night so you are not uncomfortable wearing a thick lotion during the daytime. An it is a Lotion that is supposed to help repair skin so do it at night when your skin is working hard an doesn’t have the sun and other exposures working against you. I also received a sample of Day 3 Dermanex of a 4 Day program. It is geared toward repairing skin after laser or plastic surgery. I used it on my neck and chest. It is extremely thick an with the ingredients like minerals and Vitamins it is a great skincatr moisturizer. VITAMIN B and C, and stemcell culture media to name a few intense moisturizing ingredients. It label says it is for regeneration, elasticity, and soothing the skin.

Some American Products are full of chemicals but, that is Changing. An some of the same ingredients the U.S. is only putting in department store products with luxury price tags. A lot of Korean Companies Products contain nature, most recent new ingredients, and not breaking your bank. Also, Korean skincare is trying to extend the life of our skin without seeing a plastic surgeon.

Check out these products by searching Amazon today. An to know what I am testing right now check out my INSTAGRAM an Follow along!

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Korean Beauty Product Reviews

Thanks to .08Liter USA I was choosen to try these products free for trial and review. Here you will find my honest opinion and where you can get these products for yourself!

First up was the 1960NY Capsule CC Cream It says it is certified whitening/Anti-Wrinkle function plus spot care and moisturizing. To me it is almost what we would call a BB cream. A Beauty balm with added skincare. It was a clear gel with tiny beads. I was surprised by how it looked when I opened it. The packaging is also nice. When having a luxury product the outside says a lot. It says on package whitening capsules with CC cream fills dry and fatigued skin with Rich moisture. These magic capsules change color and match skin tone perfectly.. Somehow. Some of the natural ingredients in this product consist of caulerpa lentillifera extract a water holding polymer for anti wrinkle and whitening. Sea grape extract an Aloe for moisturizing. Holly extracts for soothing. Plus, a few other natural ingredients in the list. Check out for product purchase. I also found it on Amazon. I absolutely do love this product. If you check out my last few Instagram pics it is with just this product some mascara, and maybe lipgloss. An my skin looks flawless! 

Nexted up is the Nice to Monaco Water Wear Lotion Homme. I absolutely loved this product as well. I favor gel moisturizers over cream based and this was no exception. It’s a white tint gel that leaves my skin so Moisturized and hydrated like nothing else. After reading some of the ingredients I am absolutely thrilled. It has strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry extracts. Like a fruit bowl for your face! Or, a very exotic fruit facial. It says it is an essence lotion that soothes fatigued skin caused by external stimulation and makes skin tone brighter. Also contains Anthemis Nobilus Flower water, Pinus Pinaster Bark, and Bud extract. On package it says “it makes skin healthy”. I am pretty much a believer. Check out for purchase and more Info.

Time for Hair Care! I was lucky to score The Hair Mother Cellar ‘Nutritive Shampoo’ Nature derived surfactant. This premium hair care formula uses natural extracts for silky smooth hair. With oat extract, babassu seed oil it is for moisturizing and to keep oil/water balance of dry and damaged hair. It definitely made my hair feel silky smooth. Also contains amino acids to help restore damage.What I noticed about this product is it really does help control oil. Usually by day two I’m using a dry shampoo to help combat oily scalp. However this shampoo has helped control that and hair still has more than usual volume for second day hair. Check out for purchase and more product Info. 

Finally, the last product I got to try for review was Perfect Sun Gel 50+ by ‘Bonfre’. A sunscreen product with SPF 50 with added skincare. They label it as a triple functional product for uv-blocking, whitening, and Anti-Wrinkle. Some great natural ingredients​ in this product are Candentella asiatica, Chinese liquorice, blueberry extract, and Rosehip oil for Moisturized an smooth skin. I liked this product if I’m going to be outdoors an wearing makeup. It has a pleasant smell and not so much of the sunscreen aroma. Check for purchase and more info. 
Korean Beauty is all the rage right now in the U.S. They have a good track record on having great products and flawless skin. Plus, some of the most unusual ways of applying skincare an Makeup. An some very interesting facial exercise techniques. 

Follow my personal Instagram for products I’m testing next to review here on the website.I have some more KBeauty products on the way!

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“Love So Much” Product Reviews!

I have received so many great NEW products lately that I loved so much there blog worthy. Burts bees, E.L.F., to Yes to. Check them out below!


Plant Protein Powder

Huge thanks to PinchMe for sending out new Burts Bees Plant based Protein powder! The taste was so much better than the plant based powder I am currently using. It mixes easy in my Blender bottle and leaves no chunky powder balls an does not leave that chalky aftertaste that some seem to leave on my taste-buds.Plus, they have added vitamins and minerals to their product not just protein.Extra Bonus for many people who do not get in enough daily vitamins and minerals.


Positivley Radiant

Crowdtap sent out Aveeno new in shower 60 second facial and 48 hour moisturizer. This has been a great scrub to use 2-3 times a week on my face, neck, and chest. An the overnight hydrating facial moisturizer is just as good. It helps restore the moisture lost during the day with Aveenos Active Naturals Total Soy complex. An any products that use natural ingredients are better in my book. With such sensitive skin I hate switching up my favorite moisturizers. This did not make me break out and after a couple weeks I seen my skin looks a little more radiant in the mornings when I use this the night before.

Few items I picked up myself this month all come from E.L.F. brand E.L.F. (Click for website) However Target usually has a lot of their products on shelves.



First is the Nude Matte creamy eye shadow in “Nude Linen” not only does it create a nude matte base that can be wore alone or add in contouring colors for a more dramatic natural face look. It stays put and drys quickly. Which has been a problem from some other cream eye shadows I have tried. An since it drys an sets quickly you can blend colors easily without it making a cakey mess.

The Bare natural makeup look is in for spring/summer 2017! Check out Bean Styled Pinterest for some bare natural makeup looks. Great for many because it takes minimal time and colors that you really can’t mess up. Just don’t go all same nude color on face and lips for your skin-tone and you’ll be alright. Pink/Brown lip colors are huge and that’s for one reason. It’s such a universal color for any skin tone.Try it!  An too keep lips smooth I have picked up another one of their lipstick scrubs this time in Mint. I loved the original clear an had a hard time deciding between Rose and Mint so next time I need more lip scrub I’ll be trying the rose. It is definitely my favorite lip scrub. No jars to dig in, lots of product so last longer than other brands.


E.L.F. Face Powder

Finally, I tried E.L.F. face powder to set that flawless skin look. E.L.F. powder in soft luminance does not cake, nor dry out skin. An is so light and airy it does not weigh down on skin.

Next, my skin is so sensitive and can dry out easily. I have been wanting to try all these facial oils for awhile. An now brands are coming out with so many it is time to start testing them. So I picked up “Yes To” miracle oil Brighten and Condition Argan Oil. It’s for face and body. An since Argan oil is good for hair too it can literally be used from head to toe! I have used it for my facial moisturizer, on my lips after my scrub and before putting on my lipstick or balms to help smooth lips. An can be applied over your foundation to have radiant glowing skin! Just remember it is an oil an a little goes a long way. They also have a Rose oil I am wanting to try as well. If you already have, let me know what you think.


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If your looking for some new products in health, skincare or beauty give these products a try. These Brands won’t break a budget and provide great quality product’s.

Joy & Health- Bean

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PinchMe Box

The best thing about the freebie Product Review boxes and being a blogger is finding new products, popular products and getting to test them for… Free! In the latest Pinch Me November (which I got in December!) box I was lucky enough to try some awesome products! 
I loved the Olay body wash. My favorite part was the smell. It left my skin feeling clean, moisturized, an no residue left behind. 

Gentle Clean

Also, already using the Olay gentle clean foaming cleanser. It was nice to score the coupon. For sensitive skin this will not dry you out. Using it over winter has been a true test. One plus to this product is that it contains a little Aloe. 
Favorite Products were the Covergirl Perfect Point plus eyeliner. Which somehow makes a great point on pencil everytime and perfect for the cat eye or winged eyeliner looks.

 An the lip gloss I was pleasently surprised the color Give me Guava was perfect and was not Sticky! Actually improved the texture of my lips. Something I will buy! Here’s from CoverGirl website 


Dripping with shine, ripe with color. Get lustrous, vibrant shine and rich true-to-tube color without all of that stickiness. Our conditioning formula moisturizes, leaving your lips feeling soft and silky and weightless”

An big probs to Cetaphil. Occasional buyer of the Cetaphil face wash. I have reviewed that product before an is great for those with the most sensitive skin. New to me was the moisturizing cream for Very Dry, sensitive skin. An to all the pregnant mama’s out there. This has been a wonderful skin saver! 

Finally, if your wondering about the ScotchBrite dish towel. It works great. An has a softer side for non-stick pans and dishes. 

Joy & Health- Bean 

Summer 2014

Summer 2014 is in Full Swing, things at Bean Styled have been so busy we are finally catching up on our Trial and Review of the latest products we find worth your money and our time to tell you about!

Let’s Begin with the skin care and make-up products. Nugg Face Mask Hydrating is not only natural, and uses oil dispersion; learn more here 94% natural, this product is great for normal, dry skin, and those with sensitive skin. Absolutely loved this product, and for the price can’t wait to stock up on more. Perfect all year, and great for that summer budget you would rather spend at the beach. This product contains, camellia seed oil, aloe, and many other natural ingredients, great to replenish after being out in the summer sun. Found this product at Target. Next up is E.L.F. Glitter Primer. For a few dollars this primer works great. With the heat and sweating this will not only make the glitter hold and pop, it will keep it lasting all day… or night. Prep your lids with concealer, then apply primer. While primer is still damp apply your glitter shadow. With natural ingredients like shea butter and JoJoba oil this product will be gentle on the eyelids.


Enter a caption


A great facial scrub we just happen to notice on the shelf at target was Alba Botanica a natural product line extension from their original Alba. Good and Clean a Fruit acid detox Toxin release scrub is 100% Vegetarian. This product is packed with natural ingredients and 10 AHA-rich botanical’s that provides a unique fruit facial detox. Great if you have oily skin, dead skin, and those sweaty workouts.

Finally, we absolutely indulge in many different Epielle Cotton Mask. From firming to detoxing there is one for every skin type and issue. We tried the Vitamin E and Collagen for fine lines and wrinkles. Skin was instantly brighter, and lines and face looked plumped and hydrated. The second mask we have tried so far is the Green Tea and Aloe. A great way to detox the skin after a busy week, stress, or skin is looking dull. Skin looked brighter and more hydrated. Both left skin feeling refreshed and smooth. Not to mention, you may look funny. But is great for travel, and easy to apply and take off, and if you happen to fall asleep you won’t have to worry about a mess on your pillow case.


Let’s stick with the eyes and talk about Revlon’s Diamond Lust eye shadow. We found Night Sky. a Black with silver, that gives off a rainbow of color glitter. Now only is the shadow apply evenly the glitter actually is thru out the entire eyeshadow. We used it with elf glitter primer not only did it last all night, the glitter was still present. Use all over lids for a dramatic look, just the middle to add highlight, or the outer corner for a rockin smokey eye effect.

A product we have been dying to try was Ardell Dark Lash adhesive. What is great about having the dark adhesive is that if your going for that natural look you do not have to worry about applying eyeliner. An 9 times out of 10 we are applying black or a dark eyeliner when we do apply are false lashes. So it is easy to even out the “liner line”.  A must have for any gal who loves her false lashes!

Cover Girl has a sister mascara out there called Flamed up. Now we enjoyed this mascara because it does not clump, and of the thickness it adds to lashes. It gives off a great natural look with some curl. The Cover Girl Flamed out mascara is still the favorite and wins in the thickness, length, and curl of the outer lashes best for that dramatic look.

Only a couple of HAIR products made the beginning summer list. First up is a great original that can’t be beat! Psssst Dry Shampoo. Not only great if your running late and don’t have time to wash the hair, but this is a great product to add texture. The one thing that stands the product apart from the rest is that is leaves no white residue. For you blondes out there  you may not have a problem. But dark tresses some products leave a powder that does not absorb as well or even close to Psssst. Give it a Try today!


The other product that we have fallen in love with and definitely a new must have in the beauty arsenal is Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Moisture Whip Leave-In Conditioner. Yes you read that right, Whipped! A mouse like leave in conditioner that does not leave your hair oily, and you get every strand saturated. Great for young kids and their tangles too. A wonderful bonus is natural ingredients goji berry, passion fruit, and kiwi. This product is definitely worth 5 stars and we can’t wait to try the 1-minute Replenish treatment.

Let’s talk Nails. Just recently Sinful Colors nail polish made the news on Good Morning America beating out Chanel nail color in lasting longer and still looking fab! So with that being said we found the perfect summer color, The perfect Disney’s “Frozen” nail color, and Perfect in the fact that the glitter actually glitters! So in love with this color is has become a personal favorite we are going to have to run out and buy another bottle! Green Ocean is great layered on top of other colors or alone. Different size glitter builds the nail polish for a Gel look and shine like no other! Must Have!

Now another polish that we happen to run across at the dollar store and was a complete impulse buy was L.A. Colors Color Craze nail polish in Candy Sprinkles. Now only is this the perfect pastel pink, but it has a rainbow of colors. It reminded us of a cupcake, or as the name said Candy Sprinkles! You have to let the nail polish dry for a few minutes in between coats, but after about 4 layers this polish had a great shine and  Gel look. Lasted a week on the Toes. For .99 cents we adore this!


Finally we will end this summer review with some Stylewatch StyleHunters products.


Physicians Formula New Bronze Booster with SPF 20, a Glow boosting Beauty Balm Bronzer not only protects, moisturizes, smooths, brightens, and softens lines. Not to mentions adds contour to the face. The packaging is adorable, comes with it’s own brush, and is a build-able formula. Natural ingredients like kapi kaccho seeds, and vitamin C and E helps with care of skin. This product is perfect for summer. Add a healthy glow, and keep that all natural beauty look. Check out our video on Instagram and Follow us for up to date products that are under review before they hit the website at

Last we reviewed the Extraordinaire by L’Oreal in their Color Riche collection. Another product made with micro oils, no wonder it leaves lips smooth, non sticky and left with amazing shine that last all night. The only complaint is that the brush is flexible and the formula is light so a little goes a long way.

Check out these must have Products for Summer and you will be looking beautiful on a Stylista’s Budget!

E.L.F Cleansing Cloths-Bean Approved

Okay we are all guilty of falling asleep with our makeup on be that we had a long night out or worked long hours. With the summer months coming up some of you may be planning trips and many other things that will keep you busy and tired. There are no good excuses for not removing our makeup every evening so Bean Styled found a great  solution.

E.L.F makeup has Studio Make-up Remover Cleansing Cloth’s that are absolutely convenient and a beauty must for all those who are on the go. For those with sensitive skin these clothes are soft and infused with Aloe for moisture. It lifts away dirt, oil, impurities, and even water proof mascara! I recently grabbed these up while going on a camping trip and they slipped right into the purse. Simply wipe off your face, and not necessary but we like to rinse off with cool water. Pat dry and your ready to go, or catch up on that much-needed beauty sleep!

For $3.00 you get a great quality product with the convenience of on the go facial care.