FREE Bean Body Challenge

If you are looking for the easy way to lose weight we are not here to tell you this is it. However, I feel I have created the most common sense way to get your body moving. Over weight or just looking to lose that last 10lbs this Bean Body Challenge will have you looking at working out a more positive way.

Looking to start a workout program is so hard when a lot of the marketing for them is thin, athletic, already lost the weight photo’s and video’s. As a mom of two I have had to take off more than 70 lbs after having babies.. TWICE. Yes, because I gained that both times with both kids. That’s 140lbs ya know. So don’t let’s the picture fool you. I have taught several group fitness classes and have had many personal training clients. For three years I was so busy this made a full time job. Now I want to share what I have heard from client’s and what I know has worked for all of them and myself!

15 repetitions each, 3 exercise Daily. For 14 days and then on the 15th you put them all together that gives you a full routine. If you can’t make the full routine which should take you 30-45 minutes. You do as much as you can and then repeat the routine until you can complete it fully. After that you can add in weight’s and more rep’s up to 20-25 while completing the entire routine. It is a great way to re-introduce yourself to working out. If new to working out the Bean Body Challenge workout plan set’s you up with all the basic daily move’s used in life and the gym.

Head over to the Bean Body Workout Page scroll down to the bottom and you will find the Challenge. Click on the link and you can print out the Challenge and have the workout plan right in front of you. You can see each workout clearly. There is also a Video that show’s all the move’s and has explanation on that page to help guide you through the exercises.

Also, Starting this month we will be posting Purchasable workout video’s so come back to check out that page daily. Targeted workout’s created from many years as a National Power Tumbler and Group Fitness Instructor with moves that build for any fitness level and work to build muscles and lose weight. Try it Today and hashtag #GetLeanWithBean so I can find and see how you are doing. Along, with encouraging your family and friends to get healthy and fit.

Stay Positive,

Coach Jill


Youphoria Yoga Towel

Having a Yoga Towel was something new to me. This was such a new product for myself I never even knew a “yoga towel” existed. Thanks to Youphoria Yoga I now understand it’s actually a towel for the entire yoga mat! Terrycloth so it will soak up sweat and soak in not down to your mat. An extemely soft. If you have used Terry cloth you know how well they wick away Moisture.

It will fit any size mat. I have an extra long mat. An it is still a little longer. Plus, the fabric let’s you have grip with your hands. An sticks to your yoga mat as well so there is No sliding around. If you want to relax and meditate. This is a great piece of yoga/Workout gear to have!

Get your Youphoria Yoga Towel today! You won’t know how you lived without one.

Grab yours at the link below:

More review and photos on

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**Youphoria Yoga towel was complimentary but, Opinion is all my own!

Equaliteria Yoga Mat!

Looking for a THICK, soft, squishy yoga mat? Check out Equaliteria yoga mat.

It provides comfort knowing if you fall out of a position you’ll have a softer landing. Some yoga moves and tricks in other areas of talents require a thick mat. An it is nice to find one.

It has as groove’s in the rubber mat so it provides a great grip. Not only for hands, elbow, knees. But, all your yoga tools as well.

Even your yoga wheel won’t slide around. Neither will your blocks. Because it has a grippy factor.

It is extra long, thicker than most mats, and comes with it’s own yoga strap!

If your looking for a great yoga mat, easy to transport, and has great grip.. look no further! Equaliteria is a awesome mat to aquire. Add it to your collection today.

Check out the link below to get yours:

Makes a great gift for any Workout fanatic.

Stay Healthy and Happy this Holiday Season!


**YOGA MAT COMPLIMENTARY for testing and review. Opinion is all my own.

Watch “Prenatal Workout- Hip Lift Exercise”ย 

Check out our recent prenatal exercise routine.

Hip lifts 10-20

Hip lift with leg lifted 10-20

Hold your hip lift and do 10-20 leg lifts. Don’t let hips fall, push to keep them up!

Add about 10 hip lifts to give thigh you just worked a little rest.

Then repeat for other leg.

120 hip lifts when your all finished! Booty and thigh burner.

Do 2 sets of 10 to break it down

Weights not needed, an if foam roller is too much of a balance issue Dont use it and lay flat for regular hip lifts.

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Pregnancy Fit-15 minutes!

Here is a great workout for anyone, especially made for those time crunched an safely created for the mama’s to be!

You’ll end up with 75 squats, 50 leg lifts,an 25 Tricep presses.

If you look at the featured image start with 1. Chair Squats (can’t see feet in pics or video, we’ll work on our videography;) That’s means feet together or modified a couple inches apart so you can maintain your balance if you need. 2. Squat down keeping knees behind toes and weights or just fist pulled to shoulders. 3. Tricep press back keeping in your chair squat. This was we are really working deep into the muscles of our quads and hamstrings.

Reps. 25X’s An if you need to break it down. 2 sets of 10 and 1 set of 5


Squats with leg lifts

Next, Combining our live for Barre and the good ol squat. We move to regular Squat position Hip width apart, an paying attention your knees don’t go over your toe’s. Squat and Work one Leg at a time. 1. Squat 2. Move body weight to one side to lift legs as straight as possible so your working on flexibility as much as body resistance exercise that will work every muscle. An since your in a wider stance you’ll be targeting more inner thigh adductors and outer Abductors along with all other leg muscles. If you want to improve on lifting your leg, also focus on side obliques to help you lift higher. Don’t make your legs do all the work. Repeat with other leg. Each leg 25 lifts with 25 squats means when you finish your other leg you will have 50 squats and 25 leg lifts on each leg.

Here’s a short video of each exercise demonstrated.

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GET Your Dozer Nutrition!

Recently I have become a Brand Ambassador Athlete for Dozer Nutrition! If your looking for the best up and coming nutritional products to take your workouts to the next level, Check out http://www.DozerNutrition.Com Today and Apply JIL10 for 10% OFF at Checkout!

Check out the video above to learn more about Dozer’s pre-workout!

IMG_20150925_150101Our Favorite product so far is the Dozer Nutrition Peelt!!! “There is a ton of products out there that claim to promote fat loss. Unfortunately , many of them are either under-dosed or do not work at all. The ones that work often target one single metabolic pathway that promote lipolysis. However, Peeltโ„ข targets all possible metabolic pathways to promote fat loss and an over-all leaner look.”

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Health and Fashion

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When you think of health food most people think, loss of flavor. Here are a few healthy before/after workout, or a perfectย  mid-day snack. These protein bars are worth the bite.
IMG_20140406_105324ย ย ย ย  First up is Kind Bars. Bean’s absolute favorite snack bar. Has a good amount of protein but these bars are geared to having a healthy, energy providing snack. Comes in many nuts, fruits, and flavors. They keep producing new flavors that are all natural, and delicious. A Must Try! Look for them at Target, Kroger, and the VitaminShoppe.


Bear Naked Energy

Next up is Bear Naked bars. These break up like a rice krispie treat. And oh so yummy. Of course we had to try the Chocolate PB one. It isn’t to dry and the sweetness makes it seem like a guilty treat. Have a glass of milk and it is almost better than a chocolate chip cookie.




Finally for the bars, we tried Designer Whey bars. These are probably the most dry out of all we sampled. But the taste was great. High amount of protein this bar is great before or post workout.
If you’re looking for an actual protein shake. Bean Styled highly recommends EAS Complete Protein Nutrition Shake Mix and EAS Mypolex. You can buy them in four packs. But the 2 lb tubs are not crazy expensive like some other brands. It dissolves and mixes better than any protein shake out there. Of course, the best part is that is taste great. Again a chocolate lover we tried that flavor and was not disappointed. An a major bonus is that this shake mix is also geared towards bone health, digestive, energy and metabolism, and immune support. Absolute all around A+ Protein Mix. An here’s a Tip. Get on their website and score some money-saving coupons!


Bear Naked Energy

Better Oats Steel Cut Oatmeal with Flax Seed is Delicious and we area having it just about every morning. The Steel Oat is the whole unrefined oat. So no processing makes it whole grain and healthy. Unlike oatmeal they process the grain to remove the shell which you lose much nutrition.ย 


Organic Honey

Learn to switch it up naturally with blueberries, bananas, cinnamon and sugar, fruit, nuts granola the possibilities are endless. Or try honey, and specifically Simply Nature Organic Honey. The best tasting store-bought honey you can find on shelves. You will never get bored, continuous different flavors for your palette. The oatmeal with Flax and Chia seeds will keep you full all day with energy.



Pirates Booty!

If you have not heard of the best puffs around. You have heard NOW. Pirate’s Booty is not only an all natural healthy snack. It’s great for the kidos too. Instead of sitting down for family movie night with a bag of buttery cholesterol clogging popcorn. Switch to Pirates Booty with a flavor everyone is sure to enjoy.







Now let’s discuss some Fitness Fashion and some useful accessories every one could use to step up their work outs. First up the Arm Bands for Cell phones are worth it. Runners, Lifting. An especially for trainers who may need to look at the clock when needed. It’s convenient, and actually a useful fitness accessory to have.
Next up, the Neoprene Belt. Women take note. Extra water weight, that time of month bloating,ย  more than one cheat meal in a week. This is a way to shred water weight quick, and help burn extra calories to produce that definition. Bean Styled is a #maxximista so both of ours were found at TJMaxx for much cheaper than Retail price of course!ย  Bean Styled is here to make sure you look fab during your workouts. We believe having fun, cute workout clothing is a necessity and helps get people motivated and wanting to work out. So follow, like, and keep up with Bean Styled. We will show you where to purchase, and what the latest Fashion trends are in Fitness.



stir-up pants are back… Barre Style!


Old Navy

Finally for today, let’s talk about stir-up. No not your 1980’s type of stir-up’s, but almost. These are yoga pants with stir-ups that are perfect to workout in, dance, yoga or Pilates. Found this pair at Target. But keep your eye out. This Fitness Fashion will be popular and we can only hope for more on shelves with prints and patterns. Best part they are beyond comfortable.ย  Also check out Old Navy. They have great sales on their workout apparel just keep your eye out. Bean Styled stylist scored capris, and two pair of running shorts with built-in liners, and an earphone/key pocket. Good fun prints, long-lasting material so either way worth your money.ย  Having fun workout clothes is a great motivator. You’ll want to put them on and hit them gym. The world is your runway has a whole new meaning now! Leave the Black for your LBD(little black dress)