Dermaplaning Yourself!

Michael Todd Beauty

I personally have not had a professional dermaplaning but, trust I do want to. Most services cost around $150.00 so to Purchase one for under $100 sounded like the best alternative for this budget friendly mom. I do plan on having one done but, now I can do one almost just as well in privacy of my own home.

I had been looking at the @MichaelToddBeauty and the Dermaflash brand. I settled on the Michael Todd not only because, it was more affordable the reviews were really good. Also, after researching I seen Dermaflash tried to sue MTB over the Sonic Smooth. Clearly MTB created their own design which I liked. It seems smaller an silicon comfort. Neither company created sonic vibration so I went with what others experience and the price tag. I do believe MTB has a better product why Dermaflash had to create their 2.0 quicker and still not as affordable. So the price of Dermaflash turned me away.

So my review… I really am in love with my dermaplaning experience. The kit comes with everything you need. Charcoal detox cleanser that mind you ‘Little goes a long way’ learned from mistake of not reading. Which is going to become one of my coveted charcoal cleaser for it did not dry out or irritate my sensitive skin. An both cleanser and after gel have my #1 plant favorite skincare ingredient… Aloe! I am definitely going to have to try more of MTB skincare line.

I kept my Sonic smooth on low since this was my first go. An could not be happier with how my skin feels. Soft and smooth. Yet clean like never before. I used some of my favorite skincare product’s after and the glow was unreal. An knowing the the ingredients were soaking in like they couldn’t before made my skin feel extremely hydrated. I am looking forward to how my skin changes in the weeks to come. You don’t apply makeup after so best to do a treatment at night. Or a Spa day at home like myself it’s sunday skincare to dedicate to just good for skin ingredients.

I plan on doing a dermaplaning treatment once a month. So that means with this system I have 7 months worth. I uploaded the video and took up speed 4X’s. So you can tell now how careful I was. You do need caution as you have a blade against your skin. However, it was not that scary. With pratice and light movements the sonic vibrations actually help you not be so irritiated and red afterwards.

If your on the fence and was wanting to get your own device for dermaplaning a great tool to have in between your professional services too. I highly recommend the Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Smooth Dermaplaning system. I have not felt my skin so smooth, or clean. The removal of tiny hairs is great. Getting rid of that dead skin… That’s Amazing!

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It’s In The Gel with Neutrogena!

Neutrogena has a new Mask Collection! Two convenient options; Neutrogena Hydrogel sheet mask and Single-Use Mask Shots. Supercharge your favorite Neutrogena skincare regimen. These mask saturate your skin in nourishing essence and locks it in.

I love using the Neutrogena lotion cleanser on dry skin and splashed off with warm water. Followed by the hyaluronic serum an topped off with the Neutrogena hydro-boost gel Moisturizer.

Then add on your mask option to lock in all that great hydration and skincare. The mask sheet is perfect for day time. In 15 minutes you have hydrated plump skin perfect for flawless makeup application. Or, enjoy the overnight mask for deep hydration and wake up to plump glowing skin.

The mask sheet use the innovative technology from South Korea. Fusing nourishing essence with a polymer derived from seaweed to form the translucent flexible sheets. They fit great to any facial shape an size. I really love how this one covers eyes and lips if you like too. #ItsinTheGel

The portable mask shots are perfect for travel and storage options. An there is so much product in this little pod. I did my entire neck and face with a thick application. I left dry 15 minutes before I laid down to bed.

The Neutrogena Gel mask are perfect for skincare. Helping create a flawless skin base for makeup application. An all around Brightening and hydrating the skin.

Learn more & Get yours at the Links Below:

Check out the Day to Night, It’s in the Gel! YouTube Video. Check out my personal Instagram for more pictures and other great skincare.

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Nuts for Kopari!

No matter what else comes out this year In 2018 for Skincare… @Koparibeauty has my vote for Top New Skincare line. An award for their Coconut Cleansing Oil as Best New Facial cleansing oil!

The first time I used the oil to cleanse my extremely sensitive and dry skin I knew I’d never buy anything else. No, I’m not joking. Should I contribute it all to the coconut? It cleans an does not dry out my skin where I feel I have to slap moisturizer on my face asap. My skin actually felt…Normal! Anyone who suffers from extreme skin issues must give Kopari a shot. To not have to worry about skin blotches or dry skin is a freedom for me.

So doubling up using the Kopari facial Moisturizer made my skin feel so soft. An the feel of the cream on your skin is luxurious! Light yet airy and very Hydrating. Doesn’t weigh on skin, it soaks in completely. Provides a great base to apply makeup. Since it hydrates my skin so well; I don’t have to worry about dry spots from makeup powders.

Kopari Lip Gloss is simply amazing. Clear and makes lips sparkle without any sticky feel. Soaks in and leaves a beautiful shine to lips. This is one lip gloss that is doing some good being on your lips! My lips have healed better than with my traditional chapstick. Kopari also has colored lip glosses I must try soon.

Their Rose Toner is a great pick me up. Especially, after a hard Workout. It helps clean and refresh skin. Smells amazing and has become my favorite. Use it after your Cleansing ritual as well before serums and moisturizers.

Kopari’s Coconut Body Oil is perfect for my skin! It doesn’t hang around on skin like baby oil. It soaks in, leaves an amazing scent, and skin gets a huge drink of Hydration. My husband always compliments my perfume but, I keep saying it’s my body oil… I don’t think he cares;) I just love what the product’s are doing for my skin.

Check out KopariBeauty online and now you can find them in @Sephora stores! They have body scrubs, a coconut melt lotion, travel sizes, plus so much more! #BeautyinaNutShell


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Burt’s Bee’s, Bee Hive!

I have a long history with @BurtsBees products. My first sample kit with cuticle oil, soap, shampoo, and I don’t remember what else was found at a Cracker Barrel when I was 7 in Knoxville, TN. Even then I was into my beauty. An since then I have been an avid Burt’s bees user. From small organic skincare Products to now full size Beauty Products. I have seen there growth the past 25 years. I am proud to be a part of their Bee Hive Product sampling and review group. I got to try The sensitive Cotton towelettes, Micellar water, and the Eye mask. Here is the amazing ingredients used. An yes, I am still the biggest fan of Burt’s Bees! 🐝

Just look above! Do I need to explain? These towelettes work so well. They even took off thick Glam glittery makeup and waterproof mascara! I took off just half my face so you could see how well they cleanse. An I have extremely dry and sensitive skin. The Sensitive cotton towelettes left my skin smooth, clean, and not dried out. Thanks to amazing ingredients like aloe, rice extract, and many more.

Take a look at how well it cleansed the entire face. I have used their towelettes before. However, this was the first for these particular one’s. An I personally love them an have some always on hand. My 8 year old uses them as well. An it’s great to not have to make her wash her face off. With these she just does it. So thanks Burt’s Bees!

Burt’s bees Micellar water is one of few that actually leaves my skin hydrated instead of feeling dry. Thanks to good for skin ingredients like Cypress oil and honey extract. It also took off the lingering makeup and dirt left behind… Outstanding!!!! A great product to freshen up skin anytime.

I absolutely enjoyed the rejuvenating eye mask. Packed with so much Rosehip seed extract and Jojoba Oil to help fight wrinkles and stay hydrated. I love that you get a lot of ingredients in the mask. Leaves eyes looking so fresh and bright. My eyes looked a little less puffy. An felt even more amazing. A regular eye mask I will have for my Skincare regimen. At night I apply all my skincare and then these on top so all products get a chance to soak deep down. Oh, an I get 5 Minutes to relax!

Keep your skincare Products as Natural as you! Check out Burt’s Bee’s Today. They have Products for every skin type.

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This awesome and fun facial masque from Alana Mitchell Skincare will have you wanting more. Toning, tightening, firming, and smoothing all in one mask.

It comes as two compartments. Bottom filled with cotton an top filled with ingredients. Separated by a thin plastic film that when you push down the button center it breaks an starts a reaction. Once mixed you end up with a gel substance that smells clean and fresh.

Once applied it hardens like a peel off mask. However, you wash off with warm water and a soft cloth. You’re left with the most subtle smooth skin. My face also felt plump an hydrated.

To actually get ingredients in their most active moment is a wonderful thing. This product is packed with Natural ingredients. Most obvious is the cotton. Plus, radish root, collagen and more!

I am a sucker for packaging. An Alana Mitchell has definitely figured it out. Stylish and providing ingredients in pure form. Get your’s Today at the link below:

25% off until December 31, 2017 use code: MASK2525

Check out the YouTube and Instagram for more info on the Quick Comeback Masque by Alana Mitchell!

Stay Beautiful!



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Quick Comeback Masque!

Erno Laszlo & Marilyn Monroe?

Let me Introduce an amazing skincare line that has blown me away! Erno Laszlo has shown me there is a Brand that thinks about us Sensitive skin sufferers. I wish I had a picture of my face when I learned Marilyn Monroe used to use this brand of skincare on her perfectly Gorgous skin! As I couldn’t love old Hollywood even more.

What I was excited about first was that there is finally a Vitamin C Peel I can use on my sensitive skin. It really is amazing. I have dry skin, I still need a product for dark spots and wrinkles that won’t dry me out. I have never felt my skin so smooth yet still hydrated after a Vitamin C peel. I have tried others and there is no comparison. An it looks and smells like the ripest orange you have ever eaten.

It’s a two step process. First apply your orange Step 1: lightly facial scrub your face for 3 minutes. Then you get a pleasant surprise when you add Step 2.. a little heat. Which you apply and scrub lightly for 1 minute before you simply wash off with warm water.

I also have a couple samples of their moisturizer; Skin brilliance. It felt so light on skin and soaked right in. When finished I was left with the brightest, healthiest looking skin that felt so amazing!

I cant wait to try more from the Erno Laszlo line. I am surprised by the fact it is some of old Hollywood secret skincare. Even more Happy that it actually works! It’s worth the results,

Check it out today. Follow Instagram link below to learn more about the product.


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AMG Naturally..Age More Gracefully!

Age More Gracefully is Not only a skincare line that cares just about it’s Products using natural ingredients. But, actually cares about your health! This is a Brand we can back with love. I just had my second child when I received this and reading about how skincare Ingredients can transfer through breast milk and skin on skin was a real eye opener!

After trying AMG Naturally for over a month now. An learning more about the company. It is pushing the message that what you put on your skin does transfer into your body and then where else? I bet like myself you’ve never even thought to much about the subject of how our skin soaks in chemicals from everyday life. Pollutants and ingredients. If all your skincare has chemicals and science to help skin issues. What will that do in the long run to our inside body health. Only makes since we need to gear our lives around nature and it’s natural ingredients that won’t do damage anywhere else. In a recycling and giving back to earth kinda way too. What we use for ingredients must be replenished.

Check out AMG Website (click) to learn more and get your new, chemical free skincare line Today!

I have been using the Papaya Foam Cleanser and absolutely love how it last longer than creams, gels, or lotion types. It doesn’t dry out my skin or leave it irritated

An once a week my Rosehip exfoliator. It has the perfect mix of exfoliation and oil for Hydration. Does not leave face dry or sensitive. This has become my favorite exfoliator!

Lovin the Rosehip!

I have been taking Rosehip oil in my daily vitamins lately Thanks to another great company VitaminPacks (click on name to go to website) who is all about Natural and high quality Ingredients as well! I loved my Personalized Vitamins. Check out their system called Sage. Take the test, and get your daily Vitamin regimen today! Unlike other Vitamins these did not once make me feel gross. Some Vitamins have upset my stomach but, not VitaminPacks. Goes to show their great quality Ingredients.

This is what Bean Styled is all about. Sprouting Healthy LifeStyle’s from the inside-out. To find the most Natural-Organic brands and Products. Not only help our health but, Mother Nature too!

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*Thanks to Momsmeet (AMG) and Social Nature (VitaminPacks) for the complimentary full size samples and 30 day supply. Opinion is all my own and I simply love both these products!