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If you are looking for the easy way to lose weight we are not here to tell you this is it. However, I feel I have created the most common sense way to get your body moving. Over weight or just looking to lose that last 10lbs this Bean Body Challenge will have you looking at working out a more positive way.

Looking to start a workout program is so hard when a lot of the marketing for them is thin, athletic, already lost the weight photo’s and video’s. As a mom of two I have had to take off more than 70 lbs after having babies.. TWICE. Yes, because I gained that both times with both kids. That’s 140lbs ya know. So don’t let’s the picture fool you. I have taught several group fitness classes and have had many personal training clients. For three years I was so busy this made a full time job. Now I want to share what I have heard from client’s and what I know has worked for all of them and myself!

15 repetitions each, 3 exercise Daily. For 14 days and then on the 15th you put them all together that gives you a full routine. If you can’t make the full routine which should take you 30-45 minutes. You do as much as you can and then repeat the routine until you can complete it fully. After that you can add in weight’s and more rep’s up to 20-25 while completing the entire routine. It is a great way to re-introduce yourself to working out. If new to working out the Bean Body Challenge workout plan set’s you up with all the basic daily move’s used in life and the gym.

Head over to the Bean Body Workout Page scroll down to the bottom and you will find the Challenge. Click on the link and you can print out the Challenge and have the workout plan right in front of you. You can see each workout clearly. There is also a Video that show’s all the move’s and has explanation on that page to help guide you through the exercises.

Also, Starting this month we will be posting Purchasable workout video’s so come back to check out that page daily. Targeted workout’s created from many years as a National Power Tumbler and Group Fitness Instructor with moves that build for any fitness level and work to build muscles and lose weight. Try it Today and hashtag #GetLeanWithBean so I can find and see how you are doing. Along, with encouraging your family and friends to get healthy and fit.

Stay Positive,

Coach Jill


IDEA World & Blogfest Convention Reflection


Breakfast with @generalmills @sweatpink @ideafit

What is the IDEA World Convention?   -It is a fitness and Health professional’s convention where this year “over 14,000 personal trainers, group fitness instructors, club and studio owners and managers, mind-body professionals and nutrition professionals came together in Sunny San Diego, California, on June 27-July 1, 2018.”  The IDEA Health and Fitness Association itself is according to their website “275,000 IDEA FITNESS PROFESSIONALS on a mission to inspire the world to fitness”. IDEA used to stand for International Dance-Exercise Association. Now is listed as the Health & Fitness Association to open it up to a bigger community of fitness professionals. Yes, I had seen the association before. After passing the AFAA exam and other places online. Yet I never knew how important it may be to join this organization. I see the importance but, more importantly I felt the inclusion. Their passion to introduce the world to the best Personal Trainers and Health Professional’s is what sold me on becoming a member. An I’m going to be honest. I have not joined yet. I have my personal trainer CEU re-certification coming up by April 2019, and joining the USTA United States Tumbling Association so I may get my kids a National tumbling team created so we can begin to compete. It is my intention to become a member in 2019 and attending my second IDEA/Blogfest convention. Yes, joining cost in just about everything these days. So we all must be smart in where we place our funds. This is why I am choosing to become an IDEA member An here is why you should consider it too.


I don’t know what I was expecting but, this experience was astounding. From the presenters, to Keynote speakers Chris and Heidi Powell, and actually seeing with my own eye’s Elaine Lalane! Last time I was this excited over a celebrity was when I got to see Johnny Carson up at Roche Harbor rolling on the dock’s few years before he passed. I mean come on “POWER JUICER”. I know I have always been an athlete and have had what… 4 chiropractor’s in my family (Raker’s Chiropractic, HEY FAM!)  but, I figured everyone seen the info commercials. Everyone except my husband… we won’t talk about my excitement to call and tell him who I got to see with nothing but,… who’s that? UGH, ya know The Godfather of Fitness and The First Lady of Fitness. I learned that Jack and Elaine have a fitness award through the IDEA properly named:  Prestigious IDEA Jack LaLanne Award  “The annual award honors those who have made a significant and lasting contribution in fitness, nutrition and wellness, inspiring the world to fitness through work in the media or public eye.”  The winner’s were Chris and Heidi Powell from the hit TV show Extreme Weightloss. I will tell you more about Heidi’s Keynote motivational speaking in the next blog. Here I want to tell you they graciously accepted their award. An seem like such a fun and genuine family. Yet, they told you about their struggle’s and honest with the world that it takes extreme hard work in weight-loss, helping others, and creating a business.

20180628_103937571887445.jpgI enjoyed listening to them and I took away the most powerful message from Chris Powell. “Are you a Passion Trainer, or a Paycheck Trainer”. For years I have been trying to explain to people the difference between myself and other trainers I have personally known. An what my idea of business is compared to some other studio owner’s I have worked for. He explained it so well and really reminded you to let them go. I do this for the passion and love for fitness and helping others. That was what I told myself all through college. “I am doing this to help so many people”. I didn’t go to college to be a personal trainer or tumbling coach. However, we all land where we need to be when we figure out what our passion really is. I do make money training and get paycheck’s. But, this is not why I do it. I don’t charge ridiculous prices for personal training or really think too much on how I want to price people. I would never open a studio and hire multiple other instructor’s to run my business. No, I am going to teach all or majority of my classes because, it is what I love to do! I guess it just made me realize this is all of the industry. Even major corporations say they care about your health but, ingredient’s would say otherwise. What I got most from this weekend was that statement. That the passion trainer’s will always win and know I have my heart in what I do. Not the dollar signs. An to ignore my copycat’s. Your talent, passion and knowledge is your power. If you have something that is special and needs to be shared with the world then it’s time to figure out how to start sharing it. That is why I’d like to add I will have my very first workout video up in 2 weeks. An that statement is holding me to it.


Goodie Bag at Blogfest Sweatpink @ideafit convention

I will get into the personal presenter’s I enjoyed and all the product’s I received that need mentioned in another blog. Because, yes IDEA deserves two blogs and to add in all the goodies and awesome speakers will take more time. It was a beautiful morning walk from my hotel Days Inn Downtown to the Hyatt where Blogfest was held. I brought my family so we had a vacation within mommy’s “work”. It was easy check in and the ladies were very nice at the convention. I was a few minutes late for the first presentation (admitting, because I hate to be late for anything!) but, immediately blown away from the huge gift bag for the Blogfest attendees. It felt so personal right away. Then it was a quick walk down the street to the San Diego Convention center where the IDEA Convention was actually being held. I wondered why a different location. Then when I walked in I got it. Out of this world convention room with  nothing but, fitness, health products, brands, and businesses. I am instantly in love. I knew after the first half of the day I would be attending next year.

So what is Blogfest? “BlogFest brings together health and fitness bloggers for 4 action-packed days of in-depth blogging sessions, unforgettable celebrity workouts & exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the largest fitness conference in the world.” It was part of the IDEA World Convention and it was AMAZING! This year blogger’s could apply and attend for Free. I am so happy I did and got accepted. It was an experience of a lifetime. Worth it in so many ways. I learned so much an was provided much needed motivation. Met some other amazing women and men! An I will definitely do even more than I participated in this time. I seen a lot and did much. However, I could have used this so much more for other opportunities. I was a little over whelmed but, in a good way. So how did I find out about Blogfest and the IDEA Convention well that was through SWEAT PINK!

WHAT IS SWEAT PINK?- “We’re a community of people who believe that kicking ass is kicking ass, no matter who you are, what you look like, where you come from, or what goals you’re chasing.” After having my second child I was looking for a community such as this. I stumbled across Fit article probably on one of my random googling searches. I tend to do this for fun.. anyone else? Anyway, I seen the Sweat Pink Ambassador’s and thought I would sign up. I have always gotten groups, women and men together. Even held my own Health and Fitness Expo in Peoria, IL. So I dove in even further and became the Las Vegas Chapter Leader.  This was one of the main reason I wanted to attend the Blogfest/IDEA convention. Not only for my benefit in what I want to create here with Bean Styled and my personal training. Also, to see how to grow our local chapter.


  • learning about new brands an products
  • meeting other professionals an new Fitness partners and friends
  • Discover New Workouts and Equipment
  • Get front row access to meeting Brands, Seeing Fitness Celebrities, and becoming Ambassadors for Health Companies
  • Knowledge and Education to grow as a Fitness Professional an Business
  • An let’s not forget all the Goodies you get to see First and Share with followers, Family and Friends!

I can’t say enough about my experience at the IDEA World Convention and Blogfest. It was and felt like a Hollywood red carpet during Opening ceremonies. You felt included and that this was for Fitness Professionals to come together and grow. Not some corporate boring smoring convention making ton’s of money. Like I said in the beginning I didn’t know I needed the motivation. An it was amazing to receive. However, I am more happy I went and learned about making video’s and google analytics. Because, at the end of the day for me to enjoy something 100% I need to take away something from it. Not only did I get a banging quote from Chris Powell. I received much needed education in some other field’s and learned immensely. Make sure to check out my personal Instagram where I like to post daily.  An follow the Blog because, I can’t wait to share all the new product goodies I received that I must tell you about. I’m positive everyone will find something they need in their life/gym/studio/business to. An don’t miss out on IDEA world Convention 2019. I have a feeling it’s only going to get better an you can see first hand why this should be the association all Fitness Professionals should want to join.

-Coach Bean

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Most comfortable Patellar strap!

Hey basketball players, gymnast, runners, and anyone else with knee pain or issues. You may need a patellar support to help ease pressure. Ask your Dr. Today. Knee pain is absolutely horrible. Don’t let it get worse. An if one is right for you. Why not wear the most comfortable one?

I have have seen and tried many. Being a retired gymnast I have pounded the pavement since kindergarten. An your knees like your back and hips. Support a majority of your weight everyday. Than you add on years of athletics, back breaking work, and age. An the knees take a hit.

The Sleeve Stars patellar strap is by far the most comfortable. It comes with dual strapping so you can control how tight you need it. This also allows the strap to be one size fits most. It is made of elastic material so it stretches. This is where it differs from others. It allows the strap to fit curves in individual’s knee area. Most straps are still really hard and stiff. It also looks great and has quality made material.
Get Yours at the link below:

Take a look at the video to see a product demonstration.

Watch the video here!

If your in need of a Patellar strap. Sleeve Stars may have the right one for you. Definitely, comfortable and able to move!

Hope your enjoying the end of 2017. Look forward to many new things coming!

BEAN Styled- Beauty, Exercise, and Nutrition

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*Product was.complimentary but, opinion is all my own.

Youphoria Yoga Towel

Having a Yoga Towel was something new to me. This was such a new product for myself I never even knew a “yoga towel” existed. Thanks to Youphoria Yoga I now understand it’s actually a towel for the entire yoga mat! Terrycloth so it will soak up sweat and soak in not down to your mat. An extemely soft. If you have used Terry cloth you know how well they wick away Moisture.

It will fit any size mat. I have an extra long mat. An it is still a little longer. Plus, the fabric let’s you have grip with your hands. An sticks to your yoga mat as well so there is No sliding around. If you want to relax and meditate. This is a great piece of yoga/Workout gear to have!

Get your Youphoria Yoga Towel today! You won’t know how you lived without one.

Grab yours at the link below:

More review and photos on

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Looking for something different in taking care of tired overworked muscles and slight joint pain? Gotta check out Rock Sauce from Rock tape.

Instead of being some freezing sensation… I absolutely hate! I live out west for many reasons and warmth is one of them! Rock Sauce provides a nice heat. You can feel it warm up after you rub it in. An what’s Fabulous about this product…. It contains so many Natural ingredients! Which we love here at Bean Styled!

Perfect for after my stretching sessions along with weight lifting. An getting back to teaching classes 7 days a week with clients to train..this is going to be a lifesaver! At first I wasn’t so sure. However, the more I have applied it when necessary I am finding I really love having this product on hand. I have some 5k runs coming up I’d like to enter. I plan on applying Rock Sauce before and after! Follow my Instagram for more!

Next best part is you can use it with your Rock tape. Apply right over top, rub in, and your ready to go! Example Video Rock Sauce over Tape

Check this product out today at the link below:

Happy Fall!

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Rock Sauce…The New Heat in Relief!

Pregnancy Fit-15 minutes!

Here is a great workout for anyone, especially made for those time crunched an safely created for the mama’s to be!

You’ll end up with 75 squats, 50 leg lifts,an 25 Tricep presses.

If you look at the featured image start with 1. Chair Squats (can’t see feet in pics or video, we’ll work on our videography;) That’s means feet together or modified a couple inches apart so you can maintain your balance if you need. 2. Squat down keeping knees behind toes and weights or just fist pulled to shoulders. 3. Tricep press back keeping in your chair squat. This was we are really working deep into the muscles of our quads and hamstrings.

Reps. 25X’s An if you need to break it down. 2 sets of 10 and 1 set of 5


Squats with leg lifts

Next, Combining our live for Barre and the good ol squat. We move to regular Squat position Hip width apart, an paying attention your knees don’t go over your toe’s. Squat and Work one Leg at a time. 1. Squat 2. Move body weight to one side to lift legs as straight as possible so your working on flexibility as much as body resistance exercise that will work every muscle. An since your in a wider stance you’ll be targeting more inner thigh adductors and outer Abductors along with all other leg muscles. If you want to improve on lifting your leg, also focus on side obliques to help you lift higher. Don’t make your legs do all the work. Repeat with other leg. Each leg 25 lifts with 25 squats means when you finish your other leg you will have 50 squats and 25 leg lifts on each leg.

Here’s a short video of each exercise demonstrated.

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Fall 2016 Beauty Reviews!

Hello All and Welcome to Fall 2016 at Bean Styled. We have a New beauty product reviews. We are starting to get into our Video’s and posting more so make sure to check out our Youtube as well and look for more How-to’s and reviews in all things Beauty and Fitness.

First up Beauty & Skincare Products we tried, loved, and here for your review research!

Looking for a great moisturizer you must try New Neutrogena HydraBoost water Gel with Hyaluronic acid. We have tried many gel based moisturizers and this one has reached the future. Less chemicals and natural found ingredients really do make a difference. Our new Must Have on the beauty vanity.

Purified Hyaluronic Acid

  • Absorbs up to 1000x its weight in water
  • Special formula releases hydration back into skin all day
  • Naturally found in skin

Olive Extract

  • Strengthening, moisturizing and nutrient-rich
  • Helps skin’s moisture barrier against moisture loss”

The Neutrogena HydraBoost is 2016 winner in the moisturizer department of skincare and has changed our skin for the better. Skin feels much more hydrated and plump.

Epielle Activated Charcoal a moisturizing, purifying and clarifying Mask. Are you looking for a mask that will not only help moisturize your skin, but also help purify? We recommend using this mask at night because this mask has a way of extracting dirt and oils from your pores. An does a wonderful job at it!


New Marc Beauty Air Blush 504 Kink and Kisses is a new layered Blush that is multi tone Pink with highlighter that blends to a light or darker blush depending on application. Light, airy, and does not dry out the skin.  Thanks Influenster for our Free full size sample.


Roc Multi-Correxion 5 in 1 Night Cream- Start repairing your skin while you sleep. Thanks for our free full size from Crowtap this has become a favorite part of our night time routine. “with breakthrough HEXINOL® Technology. In a clinical study, women saw noticeable improvements in the 5 main signs of aging in as little as 4 weeks:

  • Discolorations appeared visibly improved
  • Helped restore elasticity and firmness to sagging skin
  • Hydrated thirsted, dry skin
  • Improved overall radiance of skin
  • Smoothed out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles”

Ponds Rejuveness Anti-wrinkle Cream- Pond’s is our choice for day cream. It is a thick cream but, soaks into skin quickly leaving it feeling extra smooth. American’s #1 anti-aging wrinkle cream. Say’s it can produce results in 2 weeks, now that is worth a trial!

Key Ingredients are important, and with beauty companies using more naturally producing ingredients that are in skin like AHA makes this is a winner for all skintypes!
“AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) – Known as an exfoliant, which gently removes dull surface skin cells and smooths fine lines.
Collagen – Natural fiber known to increase skin strength and elasticity.
Vitamin E – An anti-oxidant that is known to fight free radicals and help with overall skin health.”
We absolutely love Pond’s Rejuveness!
unknown1-253x800The only Hair care items this month reviewed by Bean Styled go to “Not Your Mothers Brand”.  We have tried the “Clean Freak- dry shampoo” and the “Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Sea Salts, Aloe and Kelp” AhhhhhMazing! We are loving this brand so much look for a huge haul of their products that we have not tried yet. What made us a believer the dry shampoo is amazing and works great leaving hair soft and subtle.With no white residue you may see some other dry shampoos leave. This Clean Freak will get you a day two out of your hairstyle with no problem creating volume! Also, use it on day 1 hairstyles to help create that volume, it worked great! The Beach Babe sea salt spray is the best thing my hair personally has seen for frizz and fly-away’s. I loved the oils and always used a few favorites. However, I can spray NYM Beach Babe in wet hair let air-dry and get the best softest waves ever. Or I can blow dry and get smooth, straight, no frizz, or fly away’s. Hair is left with softness other products never give. I promise it’s like magic! One simple product, one simple step, and however you style with this product will be a game changer for hair and given us more better hair days!

Check out  Not Your Mothers website!

Let’s Talk Body Lotion! The day’s of how you see your application of lotion will change. Trust us we were very reluctant in trying a lotion you rub on right after you shower…still wet. However, the results have made me throw out all, but one old-school lotion.

refreshing-coconut-oil-detailJergens Wet Skin with coconut oil- The scent is very light and not over powering with coconut. It really does soak in immediately an it seems we used less of this product than we would have lotion so it will save you money! Plus it is a lot quicker to apply, pat dry, get dressed with no waiting and out the door. Jergens  wet oil infused in shower lotion penetrates skin when it can really soak in all the moisture. Absolutely loved that it left the skin feeling softer than lotions used in the past and lasted all day.

Thanks to CrowdTap for both our free lotion samples!

img_hydra-therapy-detailCurel Hydratherapy Advanced Ceramide Complex is another great option. It left the skin feeling just as soft and lasted all day. Unlike regular lotion, both products work better! Curel in shower lotion is thicker and smells more like your tradition Curel lotion smell. So if you prefer more neutral smell and not an infused oil this one you would probably prefer. Again, a lot quicker than applying traditional lotion and waiting for it to dry. Curel has a special “Advanced Ceramide Complex, penetrates deeply into the skin’s surface bringing moisture to the source of dryness. It absorbs immediately and with continued use will end your dry skin!”

“Why Ceramides?
Ceramides, naturally present in healthy skin, are vital building blocks to maintaining skin’s moisture barrier. When ceramides are lost, skin becomes dry and damaged. Curél® HYDRA THERAPY WET SKIN MOISTURIZER, with Advanced Ceramide Complex, penetrates to the source of dryness, helping to replenish skin’s ceramide levels and repair the moisture barrier.

  • Water activated moisture works deep into skin’s surface
  • Helps repair moisture barrier
  • Contains our proprietary Advanced Ceramide Complex
  • Immediately Absorbs
  • Completely Greaseless
  • Skin feels 3x more hydrated instantly
  • Fragrance Free
  • Dermatologist Recommended
  • Received the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™”

Now there is one Brand of what you may consider old way of putting on lotion is the Aveeno Daily moisturizing lotion with Sheer hydration. Hydrates 24 hours. The lotion turns into a soft powdery feel which we love. It makes our skin feel like silk. An if you apply it after you pat dry out of the shower or bath it will soak in even better and did last all day! The natural oat complex will always remain as one of the best skincare ingredients.

So if you were looking for a new product for skincare, beauty or hair you must give these products a go! 

” “= From Company website.

**All opinions our the owner of Bean Styled and free products have no effect on review.