Summer’16 Beauty Haul


It’s coming back, the sun, heat, and longer days! Be up to date on all the latest and greatest products with 100% honest reviews. We always have the What’s hot now in everything Beauty, Fitness, and Fashion. Today we cover must have beauty and health products for your Summer 2016!

First up, let’s talk NAILS! Mess No More– TOO EXCITED to let everyone know that the best new product in Nail beauty is a silicon peel! Put it on around your nails before your paint. An any polish that would normally get on skin, you can just peel right off. If you love to try and get creative with nails, but hate the clean up.This solves the extra on the skin around the nails, but also allows us to be a little more creative and try new things! An speaking of new things, thanks to Instagram nail art videos we had to find us a stamping set and give it a go. Essence nail art Stampy set is not the easiest to do ,but with practice it does become easier and fun. Just google search nail stamp art, and check out all the videos of How-to’s to learn all the tricks. Once we get better at it, you can expect a Bean Styled YouTube video. If you have time, and you like to create your own nails this allows us to bring out the nail artist in all of us. The possibilities for at home art is coming to a major new trend for retail and we could not be more estatic! It has been quit a few years since our nails have been a major focus in the beauty industry. Painting nails for us is a time to meditate and relax, like coloring!



Influenster Voxbox

Influenster Sprout Vox Box we received had some great products, and these one’s we particular favored! One is the Vichy LiftActiv Serum sample and LiftActiv Supreme. It is a great moisturizer and after a week you can start to tell the fine lines are seeming to diminish. This line is new to us, but they have skincare to beauty products. Focused on aging and how to prevent deep wrinkles and other signs of aging. A brand worth looking into especially if your at the age of fine lines and wrinkles. This is a great product to start at the first sign.  Eatsmarts Three bean tortilla chips is also another product new to my family. Always looking for non-gmo and natural product and here is one! Taste great, awesome with any salsa or dip. We tried the Garlic and hummus and they were delicious! Another household product we feel lucky to have been given free sample of is Ecos Laundry detergent. It has come to the conclusion that half our skin problems in this home is due to chemicals we are putting in our fabric. That stops today! Ecos is a great laundry detergent with natural products. It smells great, left our clothes clean and looking more bright than our normal detergent and this is the absolute truth! We were shocked at how the laundry seemed cleaner. The finale product I enjoyed most in the sprout voxbox was the Orgain Organic Protein Powder, plant based, organic vegan, gluten free, soy free, and Non-Gmo! For a plant based product we have tried a handful and found this to need an award. Non gritty and it dissolves better than even some whey protein powders. So if your looking for a gluten free protein powder, or one that mixes well give Orgain a try. It was great tasting and smooth!




Garnier SkinActive Free Thanks to Crowdtap

Crowdtap has sent out 3 of the Garnier Clearly Brighter line products. An absolutely loving them! First up, the Anti-Puff eye roller with vitamin C, caffeine, antioxidants, plus mint. The ingredients used help cool and tight blood vessels. Plus, the roller ball helps lightly massage the area to help products soak in and release any build up of fluid in the periorbital edema. Secondly, I received the over-night leave on peel. As someone who likes to have a glycolic peel facial this is an extremely gentle version. Again, someone who has sensitive skin may always want to test this type of product on a small area first. But, I suffer from sensitive skin, but with all the skin allergies I am having this season unlike any before this product alone has been a skin saver! In one use you will notice brighter skin, and reduced pore size! Two of us participated in a beauty night and woke up very impressed by Garnier’s leave on -peel. It has vitamin C, Algae extract, Castor oil, plus AHA, Alpha Hydroxyl Acid-which helps exfoliate the skin by removing old dead skin cells. Research has show that AHA is one of the best penetrating products for skin that also helps with wrinkles and fine line. Finally, we received the Anti-sun Damage Daily Moisturizer, helps reduce dark spots and sun damage with the power of vitamin C, vitamin E, and LHA-Lipo Hydroxyl Acid, which is a light exfoliate but also a antimicrobial so it helps remove that gunk in your pores as well as an anti-inflammatory so will help rid acne. If your one that thinks you can’t use a moisturizer because you have oily skin, this would be a great one to try. An the bonus is that this moisturizer doubles as sun protection with spf30! No applying extra products to skin.


us-vsl-0p25oz-rosylips_tcm2858-777556Vaseline lip Therapy Rosey Lips– Here is another favorite we have been using for some time now. Vaseline lip therapy in Rosey Lips gives the perfect amount of pink color to lips and enough shine that is not sticky and soaks right into lips leaving them smooth&  subtle.



Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation

Maybelline Dream velvet soft matte hydrating foundation.  I never buy over the counter foundation. I am a little stuck up when it comes to department store foundations. They are filled with chemicals and tend to dry out my skin and make problems worse. So I have a few more expensive brands I purchase from specialty online stores.  However, for the $10 it cost this is a great foundation for normal to dry skin. A great coverage, yet does not feel heavy on the skin and is extremely smooth. A little bit really goes a long way.




Yes To Coconut & E.L.F. products

Yes to Coconut Hydrate and Restore Eczema relief Spray, can’t say enough about this spray moisturizer. Maybe most would just use it on the body, but we tested this on the face as well and will never be getting rid of it. A new must in the beauty arsenal, but this not only relieved the dryness, it cooled and calmed the irritated skin. It seemed to heal the skin in just 48 hours. If you are one that suffers eczema, dry skin of any kind, this product did more for healing and protecting better than any facial moisturizer I have ever used. I could replace my daily moisturizer with this Yes To Coconut’s product it’s that good! But, as a suffer of such dry skin, you can feel the relief immediately reliving itch and/or dryness. Some great ingredients are in this product more than coconut oil it also has honeysuckle, soybean oil, and Tamanu oil (also known as Beauty leaf oil) from the Tamanu Tree. It is made up of different fatty acids so it is not only a good exfoliator for sensitive skin it will help hydrate. Can’t say enough about this Yes to product except if you suffer from any amount of dry skin, please try this.


Eyes.Lips.Face E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator – This is one of the best lip exfoliates that has ever been tested at Bean Styled. It is cute that it looks like lipstick, but we would still use this even if it came in a bigger jar. Hint Hint E.L.F. However, using once a week it will last you a good 30 days! It has vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape, and Jojoba oil, and of course sugar. Plus for the $3 price it is more luxurious than most lip scrubs in department stores.



eyes lips face concealer and highlighter

 E.L.F. Under eye concealer and Highlighter– This is not a new product on our summer beauty list. It is just a favorite that is perfect all year, but with the added highlighter the possibilities of nude no make up look or pair it with your other eye shadow products to create great looks that will last. This concealer is a great primer for eye makeup, takes away dark circles, and has a dual highlighter to create highlighting effects, it is a must have in our beauty bag always and can find at Target stores.



Que Bella Facial Mask



Finally, the last product is Que Bella. From their line of facial mask, to other skincare products. The price on shelves on all their products range from $1.99 to $3.99 at my local target. So if you don’t have the time or money to hit up the spa, these products work wonders for us diy at home ladies! This wonderful replenishing mask did the trick and if your waking up with those puffy eyes.


Que Bella Gel Eye Mask


They have amazing little eye hydrating patches you can wear while getting ready, chasing the kids, or if you have 30 minutes to lay down and relax, we would recommend that one! Wish we had a before and after pic, but since we don’t take our word they are worth it, Bean Approved!







Cheeky Tints

Hard Candy Cheeky Tints in Ballerina. Scared of gel blush? Yeah, we were intimidated too until hard candy cheeky tints was discovered. A really sheer pink blush that when put on can barley be seen. It is a light gel, an feels great when applying.  More of a pink highlighter. Yet, has great build able coverage you can create a pinker cheek if needed. This is the perfect Doll Cheek, or as they say maybe a Ballerina who has been dancing for an hour flushed look, a perfect pink! An since we do not buy anything from Wally World (a.k.a. walmart) due to personal reasons, not being friendly to small businesses, and having a lawsuit settled out of court by immediate family member this is about one of the only times we will tell you to purchase at online rather than locally. (You won’t hear us say this too often as we are a small business Fitness Studio!) However having been gifted this product, an realizing their website is not the greatest, you can’t search for products, and we have not been able to find this product on their website.


With so many great new products you will be able to keep that skin glowing beautifully this summer and staying healthy with some of the newest food and home products. Be sure to sign up for our email so you don’t miss out on great reviews like this one. Plus follow us on all Social media to keep you beautifully healthy and looking your beast! Bean Styled your BFF in Beauty, Fitness, and Fashion!




Summer’15 Sun & Style!

Finally the days are getting longer and the Sun is staying up a little later… Almost time to bring out the shorts, skirts, and summer dresses. So let’s get right down to it.  Bean Styled will make sure you’re looking your best this spring and summer 2015 season. This season is huge in Bohemian/70’s style and accessories along with the Classy girl toughened up!

Fabrics and Patterns: Sheer- “Females are getting Bolder” See thru material with bra’s showing is not a sin no more. Any girl who went to public school in the 90’s knows what a big deal it was when your straps would show when wearing tank tops. Although I don’t believe to many of us cared, I do know my grandmother hated it!  But, with the rise in women fighting for the first female president, equal pay, and still equal rights around the world. We are becoming bold with our fashion. An in BOLD I mean Individually women who are confidently showing their bodies more in our fashion, in very stylish ways…Bean Styled Say’s keep Rockin’ it! 

Floral- Huge trend for spring, Big to Little size patterns in all the latest colors. Grab a Spring dress in the latest floral patterns. If you’re not to big on the idea of wearing floral’s start small, scarf, shorts, or maybe even a skirt in a smaller floral pattern. 

Leather- HUGE this seasons in details on clothes, Shirts, shorts, shoes. Leather and patent leather Find some great items that will take you right into Fall 2015 Fashion season. Which includes leather with more details, colors and styles than ever before.

Suede- Goes with that bohemian trend. Suede is being brought back in every piece of fashion to details on it. Shoes, Shirts, Dresses, you name it. So if you’re a suede fan this is your Season!

Colors and Details: Blue and Pink Pastel and even put together this season are the hot colors for Spring. Along with matte pastel colors. You still see the fun bright colors for summer.  Can not forget WHITE! No more rules of when to wear it. It literally is for any time of the year! 

Cutout’s or Strap Trend– You don’t need to look to far to see this trend. Cutout Dresses, swim suits, and tops. Just about every where you look you will be able to find the style. It used to be cutouts and sheer swim suit cover ups were only for the beach. Those days are long gone.

Fringe- Okay it’s 70’s and it is also a Bohemian look. The Fringe is Back! It reminds me of the 80’s and I want to cringe. But designers have detailed Purses, dresses, and even shoes. If you’re a Fan of the Fringe, you will have about every piece in your wardrobe “fringeable”! Although, please don’t try to wear it all at once.

Laced & crochetFrom delicate details, to sheer tops. From Classic blouses and tops to cultural and bohemian style. Lace and Crochet fabrics and patterns are everywhere on fashion this s/s15 season.

Tribal/Cultural prints Still from leggings, dresses, bags, and all accessories. Trial/Cultural, geometric prints are still hot and on trend. Of course, goes great with bohemian vibe style

Beauty: Make up look for spring and summer 2015 is Dark Naturals. Few shades darker than your own natural skin tone.  Browns, Tans, and highlights in white and creams. Finishing the look off with Nude Lips. Pick one shade darker than your foundation.

Must Have’s for summer 2015:

  • Rompers still in with more vintage loose Breezy styles in satin and sheer materials.
  • All About the Skirts!  ~Little Black Skirt ~Long Skirt and Crop Top ~Shirt Dresses/ 70’s Style Shift dress


~Chunky Bangles~Chunky Gold Chair Necklaces ~Delicate layered necklaces. ~Hair Pieces are becoming really popular. So look for fascinating head dresses or head necklaces. Which ever you would like to call them. Which now has clips to clip in the hair so they won’t fall out. An is such a great accessories to take your bohemian/cultural style look up a notch! Plus stack rings or Midi Rings which only fit to your first knuckle are becoming really popular and another way to stack jewelry on your fingers, just like bracelets and necklaces!

Must Have/Try  After a few months of testing new products out on shelves this past winter and beginning of the 2015 year here is what we found….. CYMERA_20150217_114907

ACURE Organic skin care line now at Target and is a must try! I applied this oil right to my skin after a shower. I like an oil that will soak right in and not leave that sticky residue or take 20 minutes before I can get dressed. What’s great about the Acure Moroccan argan oil is that you can use it on face, body, and hair! Triple use so the price is well worth it. Not to mention it is USDA certified Organic. Yes, tested it on all three. Left hair shiny, frizz free and very manageable. Apply when still wet then blow dry and use your heating tools. If you have extreme frizz apply a pea size drop in hands and apply to just ends.

IMG_20150204_123227Garnier Clean+ Smoothing Cream Cleanser for dry skin really helped us through the winter months. Infused with nourishing Jojoba and Macadamia Oils to help hydrate skin, this cleanser also left our skin feeling clean. Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream-Hydrating tinted beauty balm with SPF15, the formula has a very light feel on the skin. Great alone or under concealer and powder to help set and give a matte look without thick or more expensive foundations. Perfect for the summer and warmer weather approaching.

IMG_20150217_195419Fingr’S- in “Rock Rebel- Wild Card ~The Best Press-On Nails on the market! Buy them Online at Had I not took them off myself after 7 days (because personally I can only stand nails for so long, hence why I do press-on’s 😉 I think they would have lasted a month! Not kidding, they glue tabs they have on their nails are like not any other. Those tabs ROCK and that glue holds tight! Bonus with this brand it comes with finger nail charms that have their own glue sticker sheet to press on top of the nail. The sizes are spot on and variable for all size fingers. I can tell this because my nail beds are flat and wide. So unlike most artificial nails they seem to be to small or to big. Fingr’s has a great option of sizes.

IMG_20150212_111340So Excited to have found the ASP Instant French Manicure nail pen! Thank you Sally’s Beauty Supply for another great score. This pen makes apply french tip a breeze. So much easier than nail polish. Like with anything else practice makes perfect. I can do a quick 2 minutes on my nails and look like I went and had them done. Or take time paint nails any color and add white tips or stripes. This pen should never go out of style, it is a Blessing! One thing I hope improves is the formula, it could last a few days longer.

IMG_20150126_155646Clairol Root Touch ups– Absolutely love! A huge thanks to Influenster for our Free box to try! So much easier to apply for when you are just doing root touch up. Plus if you keep the brush you could use it for your own favorite brand. But, if it has been awhile since you have tried Clairol give it a go! It had been some time since we used Clairol but can say we have missed the old favorite.  Lasted without fading, looked natural. When you recieve compliments on getting your hair done… it’s a Winner!

  IMG_20150307_154523Wet and Wild– Another old favorite we decided to try during our Wal-Green’s beauty spree. First, is WnW lipstick in “Vamp it up/Style vamp 919B. Since Fall has dark lips as one of the hottest trends we are searching out our favorite dark lip colors from deep dark reds to purples. So follow the blog and all of us will have are “Dark Lips” ready for Fall/Winter 15 Season. Wet and Wild quote “4-hour, long-wearing lip color leaves a semi-matte, creme finish in one stroke” An we will give it to them. It lasted all 4 hours, no bleeding, and awesome color pigment. Plus, with vitamins A and E to help smooth lips and keep them hydrated you don’t have to worry about lips drying out and cracking. We do recommend an olive oil and sugar scrub on lips before applying any lipstick to help smooth, hydrate lips and color always goes on much smoother.  Which is very important with dark-colored lipsticks. Next, we tried Wet&Wild Fergie center stage collection’s “TO REFLECT SHIMMER PALETTE” in Rose Champagne Glow. If you have a fair complexion, this may be the best bronzer/blush/highlighter ever created. Use as just a blush for light rose-pink with pearl finish color on cheeks. Really mix your brush in the palette wet or dry for a great Bronzing that won’t be too dark for lighter skin tone’s.Place under the cheek bone up to temples. Such a great shimmer I can’t wait to see how this glows in the summer sun. They formula is light, and does not make skin look chalky. Nice silky application.

CYMERA_20150322_211454Ardell Professional Lashes– We don’t buy to many other brands of false lashes. Ardell always has something new and never have I bought a pair that did not work for me. So I picked up “Edgy” style from Sally Beauty Supply. They were on clearance so I hope that does not mean they won’t be making this pair anymore because they gave such a natural yet full look. You could use them for a day or night look.

If you want to see the products being tested before the big full reviews follow the Bean Styled’s Instagram page

-Article By Bean

Summer 2014

Summer 2014 is in Full Swing, things at Bean Styled have been so busy we are finally catching up on our Trial and Review of the latest products we find worth your money and our time to tell you about!

Let’s Begin with the skin care and make-up products. Nugg Face Mask Hydrating is not only natural, and uses oil dispersion; learn more here 94% natural, this product is great for normal, dry skin, and those with sensitive skin. Absolutely loved this product, and for the price can’t wait to stock up on more. Perfect all year, and great for that summer budget you would rather spend at the beach. This product contains, camellia seed oil, aloe, and many other natural ingredients, great to replenish after being out in the summer sun. Found this product at Target. Next up is E.L.F. Glitter Primer. For a few dollars this primer works great. With the heat and sweating this will not only make the glitter hold and pop, it will keep it lasting all day… or night. Prep your lids with concealer, then apply primer. While primer is still damp apply your glitter shadow. With natural ingredients like shea butter and JoJoba oil this product will be gentle on the eyelids.


Enter a caption


A great facial scrub we just happen to notice on the shelf at target was Alba Botanica a natural product line extension from their original Alba. Good and Clean a Fruit acid detox Toxin release scrub is 100% Vegetarian. This product is packed with natural ingredients and 10 AHA-rich botanical’s that provides a unique fruit facial detox. Great if you have oily skin, dead skin, and those sweaty workouts.

Finally, we absolutely indulge in many different Epielle Cotton Mask. From firming to detoxing there is one for every skin type and issue. We tried the Vitamin E and Collagen for fine lines and wrinkles. Skin was instantly brighter, and lines and face looked plumped and hydrated. The second mask we have tried so far is the Green Tea and Aloe. A great way to detox the skin after a busy week, stress, or skin is looking dull. Skin looked brighter and more hydrated. Both left skin feeling refreshed and smooth. Not to mention, you may look funny. But is great for travel, and easy to apply and take off, and if you happen to fall asleep you won’t have to worry about a mess on your pillow case.


Let’s stick with the eyes and talk about Revlon’s Diamond Lust eye shadow. We found Night Sky. a Black with silver, that gives off a rainbow of color glitter. Now only is the shadow apply evenly the glitter actually is thru out the entire eyeshadow. We used it with elf glitter primer not only did it last all night, the glitter was still present. Use all over lids for a dramatic look, just the middle to add highlight, or the outer corner for a rockin smokey eye effect.

A product we have been dying to try was Ardell Dark Lash adhesive. What is great about having the dark adhesive is that if your going for that natural look you do not have to worry about applying eyeliner. An 9 times out of 10 we are applying black or a dark eyeliner when we do apply are false lashes. So it is easy to even out the “liner line”.  A must have for any gal who loves her false lashes!

Cover Girl has a sister mascara out there called Flamed up. Now we enjoyed this mascara because it does not clump, and of the thickness it adds to lashes. It gives off a great natural look with some curl. The Cover Girl Flamed out mascara is still the favorite and wins in the thickness, length, and curl of the outer lashes best for that dramatic look.

Only a couple of HAIR products made the beginning summer list. First up is a great original that can’t be beat! Psssst Dry Shampoo. Not only great if your running late and don’t have time to wash the hair, but this is a great product to add texture. The one thing that stands the product apart from the rest is that is leaves no white residue. For you blondes out there  you may not have a problem. But dark tresses some products leave a powder that does not absorb as well or even close to Psssst. Give it a Try today!


The other product that we have fallen in love with and definitely a new must have in the beauty arsenal is Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Moisture Whip Leave-In Conditioner. Yes you read that right, Whipped! A mouse like leave in conditioner that does not leave your hair oily, and you get every strand saturated. Great for young kids and their tangles too. A wonderful bonus is natural ingredients goji berry, passion fruit, and kiwi. This product is definitely worth 5 stars and we can’t wait to try the 1-minute Replenish treatment.

Let’s talk Nails. Just recently Sinful Colors nail polish made the news on Good Morning America beating out Chanel nail color in lasting longer and still looking fab! So with that being said we found the perfect summer color, The perfect Disney’s “Frozen” nail color, and Perfect in the fact that the glitter actually glitters! So in love with this color is has become a personal favorite we are going to have to run out and buy another bottle! Green Ocean is great layered on top of other colors or alone. Different size glitter builds the nail polish for a Gel look and shine like no other! Must Have!

Now another polish that we happen to run across at the dollar store and was a complete impulse buy was L.A. Colors Color Craze nail polish in Candy Sprinkles. Now only is this the perfect pastel pink, but it has a rainbow of colors. It reminded us of a cupcake, or as the name said Candy Sprinkles! You have to let the nail polish dry for a few minutes in between coats, but after about 4 layers this polish had a great shine and  Gel look. Lasted a week on the Toes. For .99 cents we adore this!


Finally we will end this summer review with some Stylewatch StyleHunters products.


Physicians Formula New Bronze Booster with SPF 20, a Glow boosting Beauty Balm Bronzer not only protects, moisturizes, smooths, brightens, and softens lines. Not to mentions adds contour to the face. The packaging is adorable, comes with it’s own brush, and is a build-able formula. Natural ingredients like kapi kaccho seeds, and vitamin C and E helps with care of skin. This product is perfect for summer. Add a healthy glow, and keep that all natural beauty look. Check out our video on Instagram and Follow us for up to date products that are under review before they hit the website at

Last we reviewed the Extraordinaire by L’Oreal in their Color Riche collection. Another product made with micro oils, no wonder it leaves lips smooth, non sticky and left with amazing shine that last all night. The only complaint is that the brush is flexible and the formula is light so a little goes a long way.

Check out these must have Products for Summer and you will be looking beautiful on a Stylista’s Budget!

Beauty Must!

So here are products you can find at your local drug store or department store that have Bean Approved as Amazing Products worth having in your beauty cabinet. Ones we keep on hand and love personally and use on Bean Styled  Photo shoots, and Make-up Clients.

Keeping with the Retro wing and Cat eye trend the perfect liquid eyeliner pen. Does not streak and literally dries 2 seconds after you draw the line. Victoria’s Secret VS Graphic Eyeliner Pen simply ROCKS! The thin tip makes outlining and applying a thin line easy and is a great build-able formula. So you can make a thicker line as you go. Thin or Thick, Artistic of Simple VS Graphic Eyeliner Pen can create it all and the design of the tip helps you! With a light hand you won’t have to worry about going overboard or too much coming out.  BEAN LOVIN IT!

Since we are already talking about Victoria’s Secrets. We need to mention   VS Fresh Face Brightening Gel Cream– a very light formula that soaks right into skin. It is a Good primer and adds great highlight with just the right amount of mica in the product. It also has caffeine to de-puff eyes and wrinkles. Plus Shea butter, witch hazel, chamomile flower, ginkgo biloba and Aloe for moisture. We have used this product alone and under makeup. This product is worth having any day and really brightens the face. It gives off an even skin tone, highlighting and we can say has been a good addition to our skin care routine. And of course it’s Super Model Approved in which the VS models use when traveling by air to help hydration and puffiness. Perfect for the under eye area and temples where you want to add subtle highlights for that fresh flawless look.

Next is a brand we love. Their beauty products are of great quality and at a reasonable low-cost. They use natural ingredients and of course we appreciate that.  E.L.F. has Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks found in Target. They are great for summer, and if applied over translucent powder will last all day. The color Bean Styled tried was “Little Miss Thing” (second one) which is a gorgeous Nude with gold tint. Great for a little shimmer on a nude for those natural looks being created.

Let’s Talk about the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition line. Bean Styled tried the shampoo and conditioner.  In about 2 weeks we seen improvement and dramatically felt improvement in the strength and smoothness.

Enough to get us curious about the Garnier Miracle Dry Oil. Bean Styled recommends this as part of your skin care routine. It is great for the face. Simple apply 1 spritz to hands then face after you shower. Or spritz on a hot wet towel, ring out and apply to face for 5 minutes for a great quick moisturizing facial. This product is oil so for face or hair makes sure you spritz the hands first so you do not go over board. But for the body, Bean Styled recommends  spraying it on after you get out of the shower, or after a long day at the beach or pool, and rub in with hands. It surprisingly soaks in fast and leaves no sticky feel. This product also leaves a great exotic smell, no need to apply perfume. This line is definitely sticking around in our  beauty recommendations for a while.

  Ardell Accents 3/4 length of normal size lashes. Once you learn how to apply false lashes and continue to do it. It really does become easier.  These 3/4 length are great for beginners. You don’t have to worry about holding down as much as a full length lash. This is Beauty Genius for two reasons: 1. Put then on outside edge for volume and/or dramatic looks 2. Apply them directly in center for extreme volume and eye-opening effect. Apply your mascara for bold voluminous lashes. Also Perfect for a Day Time look. No mascara needed or use clear mascara for extra bond and hold. Just be sure to let your lashes dry a minute before apply mascara to give the glue time to bond really well.  After removing use your makeup remover gel or antibacterial soap to clean your false lashes, rinse, let them air dry and they can be reused a few times before they tend to get brittle. So In love they are almost worn every day in this Studio.

Cover Girl Flamed Out Mascara. In which here is in Very Black Blaze. The ultimate mascara to get volume with absolutely no clumps! Easy to create the cat eye,  or Retro Glam wing eye effect with the Volume Igniter Brush which is designed to get the volume right in the middle and outer lashes.  If you have very thin, barely there lashes this would be the mascara you have been waiting on! You can really feel the brush comb thru the lashes and separate which creates the most amazing volume. MUST TRY! You can tell the model on the right obviously has thin lashes. Flamed Out created such volume and absolutely gorgeous lashes.

If you are getting sick of that red, irritated feeling after a wax let me fill you in on what to try! Nair has out a Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Face Trio, plus other products in the same line for the bikini area and etc.  Nair has always been an enemy for me. I have extremely sensitive skin and original Nair for most and for me Burned like Crazy! But I am here to tell you that The Brazilian Spa Clay not only smells 99% better than regular Nair it did not burn at all! No itching, no irritating. Which is comforting since it is being applied to the face and other sensitive areas. The mineral oil, Mango Butter and Acai Berry really help protect, hydrate, and calm the area you are removing hair from. 10 minutes and the dark hairs and fine hairs that make up what we like to call a Mommystache, (since it started to appear after having kids) was gone. We used an aloe based cleansing Tissue to wipe it off and you could literally see all the little hairs. The moisturizer that comes with the trio is thick and really hydrates the skin. No redness or irritation and it has been about a week with no hair re-growth yet. It works and it save’s the embarrassment of asking for the lip to be done when you go in for your normal eyebrow waxing at the salon.

Next is Freeman Vita-K Dark Circles Professional.   Long Nights, late stay at work, or baby keeping you up with little to no sleep contributes to dark circles. This product really makes a difference you can see.  Peptides & Pro Vita K Complex; an amino acid complex, which helps with skin tone and elasticity. Added mica helps diffuse light and brighten the under eye immediately. Also, This product has an ingredient called matrixyl 3000 which helps stimulate cell renewal. Use for about 2 weeks day and night and see how your Peepers look. This product is sensitive enough to use twice a day but if any irritation occurs just use daily. It’s a great daytime eye cream to wear under makeup.

The Best saved for Last is…… Boot’s Expert Sensitive Line! Bean Styled picked up a 3 piece Kit. That included Boot’s Expert Sensitive Cleansing and toning wipes, Sensitive rehydrating eye cream, and rehydrating moisturizer.  For the fashionista price of $12.00 (which on their website it is CHEAPER) one would think they were using a high-end skin care line. Not only does it feel luxurious but waking up with brighter more hydrated skin than ever is always a plus and you can thank Boots.

-First use Boot’s Expert Sensitive Cleansing and Toning wipes. Hypoallergenic, with aloe Vera and mineral water. I have not used a wipe that not only was soft and gentle but completely took off the darkest eye makeup, daily foundation, BB creams and powders! Left my skin feeling clean and toned.

-Next use Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating eye cream which soaks right in and instantly hydrates the eye area. With all the ingredients as the other two products but with added sunflower seed oil!

-Finish up with Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Moisturizer. It is a thick moisturizer that when applied soaks right into skin. This product is wonderful for a nightly moisturizer.

Great for Late Nights and leave no excuse for not taking off the days makeup. Also great for those late mornings from studying all night.  Bean Styled recommends this line for your night-time skin care routine. Another bonus is that these products are fragrance and lanolin free. Which many people with sensitive skin have reactions to.

Check out the German based Company Boot’s Cosmetics Today!

Rock 2014 with Style

The Fashion style and trends appearing for Spring 2014 is all about how you  “Rock it” with Confidence and Strength! Chose your pick, Grunge for your inner rock goddess or Boho for your inner Groovy laid back chick style! An all the classy pieces in between. This season is about being polished yet relaxed. An if you are that sporty chick. There will be a lot of fashion for you to work with this season, Like the T-shirt and skirt combo, or a Maxi Dress with a Biker Jacket. Get ready to have a few key pieces and endless combinations.

Let’s Start off with Color:

Pastel’s always come in during Spring. This year Orchid according to Pantone is the big hit. Others say Pink will be in, and we say pink is always in for spring and summer. Bean Styled Predicts there will be a lot of Yellow along with White which was making a huge come back this fall. An Spring will just bring more of the daring color. Some say it is an accent color. Some are to afraid to wear it. White is a Strong Color and for Confidence. Women who wear white can feel just as powerful as those in Red and Black. This year pastels have a calm matte tint to them. Which brings in a great vintage appeal. Look out Nude and Au natural beauty and makeup for it will be a huge hit in clothing style, makeup and  nails.


Patterns and Details—

Floral Galore! If you are into the flower patterns grab up pieces this spring. With more options from big to small patterns. Even those who are not typically a fan of floral may end up finding something fitting.


Detail this Spring is all about the Rocker chick in you. From Studs to Spikes, and rhinestone mixed with pearls. You can go from grunge Rock to, Classy, and end with Boho chic thanks to all the crochet and lace mix. Past season have been about lace and sheer fabrics. An thou spring 2014 still has those details knit and crochet is on Top.

Also GOLD detail will be seen on clothing to accessories. A major item this spring will be a Gold belt. It’s being styled in every ad, magazine, and store window.  A great way to top off the outfit is a Chunky Gold Necklace or Bracelet which will be another favorite of many this summer. Great way to accessories and keep it simple.


If you love ripped jeans, this season is all for you! So many grunge and punk style’s. Finally, look out for sharp lines. In clothing, accessories like shoes and sunglasses. It’s all about funky lines and shapes.


Major PICK-UP Items!

-White Dress or Skirt, This WILL be the Hot item of summer. Usually come spring every woman wants a cute little white dress (LWD) This season with the BoHo trend there are already so many relaxed choices for daytime and family events. With the Rocker vibe going on there are Cute Cocktail dresses that have never looked better in White. Everyone wants to go to black for the easy escape. White is Bright, it makes you stand out, and bring a Classy strong confidence to women when they find out how they can pull it off. If a dress is too much white, try a skirt. Angled Line fold over skirts (Egyptian style) are a huge trend this season and we can’t wait to personally pick one up in White!


This spring a big item coming back is the Poncho. In so many different fabrics and patterns. Ponchos are cuter than ever. An a great piece to have for the office or home just relaxing. Or maybe a brunch with the girlfriends. Even a delicate detailed Poncho can be work to your Black Tie Event substituting the shawl. A more modern cover up for women of today’s fashion trends.

One’s with many different patterns are already showing up and we hope to even see ones with some small detail or glitz! The Poncho will most likely carry thru to fall. So if you see one you absolutely have to have, Bean Styled say’s go for it. You will wear it all year-long and even if it goes out of “Style”. They are comfy and warm so you can never go wrong relaxing in your Poncho!


~Crop Top Love! For the past couple season the crop top has been sneaking its way back in main stream fashion. With different lengths, arm and neck cuts, fabrics, patterns, almost anyone can wear a form of Crop Top. The trick is to find one that fits your body type.


~Shoe Time. It’s all about patterns and colorful heels. Again if you’re looking for a cute floral heel. It will be easy to find. Booties are big for spring and summer. An Boots don’t seem to be leaving the heat. Still a lot of Biker Chic Style Boots to love this Season An since we love our booty heels. We may just have to find the perfect cut-out pair. Talk about a way to bring the normally fall/winter shoe up to spring and summer. Breezy and cool, and looking like lace, crochet, or lattice work. The cut out style goes great with all the trends this spring, classic everyday, and great for the boho/hippie chic styles.


Finally let’s talk hair. It is all about the BOB! Every celebrity has been chopping at their locks. So if your into the trend hit up your local boutique while all the stylist are getting their fair share of practice. If your not ready to go short. There is a new angled longer bob that is very sleek and modern. If you like to style your hair everyday having an angled bob can be a lot of fun. Note, if you want it short and cool for summer and back to growing out for Fall best time to do it is now. It’s all about the natural look. Long or short hair loose waves are a favorite. That beach girl hair is in, and thanks to the salt infused sprays available you can recreate that same volume even if you do not live near a beach. This is one product we have not used much of or spent time researching or trying. So we will be trying a hand full the next few months and by summer we will let you know what’s Bean Approved. A great way to create loose waves is to simply wrap your hair around the outside of the curling iron. Or separate into two pigtail’s when damp, and wrap hair around finger to make ringlets and let air dry. If you don’t have enough time. Use a hair dryer and make sure you are aiming the blower dryer down, blowing air down not up. Up will break hair cuticle and cause frizz.
Here are a few products to help hydrate skin. After this winter a lot more of us are in need of skin hydration. Best way is always drink your water. Next, here area a few products to consider trying:

First we are absolutely loving Garnier Skin Renew Intensive Dark Spot Treatment Mask. A 10 minute tissue mask. That left our skin feeling hydrated, refreshed, and soft! With natural Ingredients that are high in Vitamin C to help rid dead skin and dark spots an other moisturizing natural ingredients. This mask has become a once a week in are personal skin care arsenal.



We have been waiting to try this product line. Thanks to Target Nip and Fab is now sold on shelves in the U.S. We picked up first the Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix Treatment Pads. 2.8% Glycolic acid to help re-texture, and resurface skin. Just the right amount of Glycolic acid it is safe for sensitive skin and should be able to use everyday. Natural Witch Hazel to tone, Hyaluronic Acid to help moisturize and protect against wrinkles, and Blue Daisy a anti-inflammatory extract also known to help fight wrinkles is in the product to brighten, smooth, and calm skin.

Absolutely love this product in place of the recent toner being used. Great for winter to help fight dryness but a great product to help fight wrinkles. My skin has felt more hydrated and with no stinging or pulling sensation. Love it so much, we recently picked up the No Needle Serum so look for that in our next Review we having coming next week of 2-4-2014


Finally let’s end with hair. It’s been all about loose curl’s with Volume.

Sexy Hair – Style Sexy Hair Spray Clay not only allows for great building. It has no sticky after feel. You can easily maneuver strands, re- curl, and not worry about stiff hair. This product will be great for Spring, and those loose curls, and beach waves! Bean Approved and Loved A Must Try


Just Hang in there Stylista’s The Sun Shine is Coming!  ~Bean Styled