Girl Wipe That Frizz!

My teenage self is screaming why these Nunzio Saviano Anti-Frizz Hair Wipes could not have been around in the 90’s? I mean 80’s would have had no use for them. An here in 2019 we finally have a almost magical product wiping out hair frizz. Providing Sleek Shine to straight or curly hair! Thanks to my #AllureBeautyBox subscription for the perfect match an introduction.

Anti-Frizz Hair Wipes, Kicking Frizz Out!
Shine O My!

I grew up in the Central Illinois midwest. Where the humidity get’s so high you feel sticky. I’ve lived on the east coast and deep south New Orleans where you can’t breath and your hair sticks up in curls. My naturally wavy hair turns major kinky curls in That kind of weather. Usually buns all summer! An no matter what products we all use; heating tools are needed to combat the frizz war on our head’s.

However after discovering the NS Anti-Frizz wipes. I could cut out all products. Go straight to blow dry and curl or straighten. Even let my natural hair dry and have my own natural hair without the frizz! These Anti-Frizz wipes give Sleek, Shine, No Frizz Perfection! I am loving these hair wipes. Fit in purse and perfect for travel. You can now go anywhere and have an Amazing hair day! I really am so excited about this product. I personally will be getting more.

Well, today after blowing drying and straightening you can still see the thickness/frizz. Usually heat tool’s along with oils I use make sleek hair. Today no products just tools. Then the Anti-Frizz sheet. You can literally see the Shine appear and frizz be gone. Watch the video below and subscribe to Bean Styled Youtube

If you have dry hair these could really help get some hydration back to roots. Can search and find them on Amazon. I am hoping they will be in Ulta or Sephora asap. Worth Trying!

Coach Jill






TRESemme Haul!

Recently I got to try an overload of Unilever Tresemme Products thanks to Crowdtap. I have been using the same brand hairspray since high school. An I don’t think I’ve used a mousse since uhhh… early 90’s!

I enjoyed both Climate protection Hairspray and the Mousse. The hairspray doesn’t leave your hair sticky and provides a medium hold. The mousse really provides a great hold for wavy/curly hair and smoothing effect for straight hair. Both definitely help contain flyaways and humidity.

The mega hold hairspray does it’s job! Definitely Strong hold and still dries smooth not sticky. When you have a great look you want it touchable!

I like having a volume Product. Usually in use a spray but, I really have found a new love for mousse. The 80’s are long gone and the product has definitely changed. For my fine hair I believe the mousse can give me more volume. I was pleasantly surprised. I’m mean just look Below….for fine hair I got some volume going on!

I love a good hair mask! I swear by them. What I love about both the Keratin Smooth is it contains keratin and Repair & Protect 7 contains biotin. Both Vitamins are needed in a Healthy Lifestyle to help keep hair and nails strong. Everyone ask how my hair is so long and still Healthy. I’ll tell you it’s because for years I have taken a Biotin-Keratin Complex vitamin daily and leave in mask weekly.

They also have a pre-style spray to help protect against heat and damage. It definitely helps keep hair smooth and I am loving it. I don’t know how well it’s protecting but, I’ll continue to use it to find out. An anything to help protect hair is a plus.

Keep Your Hair Healthy from the Inside and Out! Check out some of these Awesome Tresemme Products today.

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“Sprouting Healthy LifeStyle’s”

*Products free from Crowdtap in exchange for Review. But, Opinion is all my own

NEW Herbal Essences

So thankful and excited to try Herbal Essences new Bio:Renew Shampoo and Conditioner in “naked volume White grapefruit and mosa mint” It has some great ingredients such as Antioxidants, Aloe, and Sea Kelp. An the chemical products we don’t need are left out like parabens, gluten, colorants, and Silicone. It smells like your on a tropical island get away. As a 90’s kid who loved Herbal Essences that fact about the product still being rich with a smell to wisk you away to a beautiful daydream is still there! Huge thanks to Bzzagent and Herbal Essences for our free full size trial.

“Bio:renew merges the best of nature and science, combining antioxidants, aloe and sea kelp to remove build up and restore softness and shine to your hair. What are you waiting for? Your hair will thank you later.”

The grapefruit and mosa mint left hair with a minty citrus smell which made me want to hit the beach! Also, I had been using a different brand but, the same for months. Once I used my Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner I made sure to use no other products besides the set. No other leave in conditioner (which is a must for me, unless I am trying and reviewing) and no other Products. I was mostly surprised how light an not weighed down my hair and scalp felt. I could tell it immediately helped with previous product build up. An although my hair is soft I’d say this product made it feel more silky and easier to run my fingers through during the day. Check out my first Boomerang on Instagram


Plus, with Antioxidants to help protect hair from everyday pollution and free radicals this is a Must try for everyone. I’m back onto Herbal Essences and cannot wait to try other new Bio:renew haircare products.

“With 9 collections in the NEW Herbal Essences with bio:renew, thereโ€™s a delightfully fragrant shampoo/conditioner pairing for every hair type:

  • Coconut Milk: Deeply hydrates hair leaving it soft and silky with scents of white floral bouquet, uplifting coconut and vanilla.
  • Argan Oil of Morocco: Repairs hair for silkiness and shine with an aroma of fizzy citrus, exotic spice and creamy vanilla.
  • White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint Naked Volume: Builds body and movement, leaving hair with more volume and a sweet minty fragrance of fresh squeezed citrus, clean mint and velvet peach.
  • Passion Flower & Rice Milk: Provides deep nourishment for visibly healthier hair with scents of juicy citrus, passion fruit and creamy orange blossom.
  • Golden Moringa Oil: Provides sleek and glossy strands with a lingering scent of juicy orange, white floral bouquet and coconut water.
  • Vitamin E & Cocoa Butter: Restores strength and softness to hair with scents of black cherry, almond cream and spicy amber.
  • Cucumber & Green Tea: Gently cleanses hair providing lightweight moisture with refreshing scents of green leaves, watery lily and clean amber.
  • Arabica Coffee Fruit: Gives hair the volume it needs with fragrances of crushed berries, caramel latte and patchouli.
  • Rosemary & Herbs Naked Moisture:Gently cleanses and conditions locks for clean, hydrated hair. The collection features an eclectic mix of clean mint, sandalwood and herbs.”

Fall 2016 Beauty Reviews!

Hello All and Welcome to Fall 2016 at Bean Styled. We have a New beauty product reviews. We are starting to get into our Video’s and posting more so make sure to check out our Youtube as well and look for more How-to’s and reviews in all things Beauty and Fitness.

First up Beauty & Skincare Products we tried, loved, and here for your review research!

Looking for a great moisturizer you must try New Neutrogena HydraBoost water Gel with Hyaluronic acid. We have tried many gel based moisturizers and this one has reached the future. Less chemicals and natural found ingredients really do make a difference. Our new Must Have on the beauty vanity.

Purified Hyaluronic Acid

  • Absorbs up to 1000x its weight in water
  • Special formula releases hydration back into skin all day
  • Naturally found in skin

Olive Extract

  • Strengthening, moisturizing and nutrient-rich
  • Helps skin’s moisture barrier against moisture loss”

The Neutrogena HydraBoost is 2016 winner in the moisturizer department of skincare and has changed our skin for the better. Skin feels much more hydrated and plump.

Epielle Activated Charcoal a moisturizing, purifying and clarifying Mask. Are you looking for a mask that will not only help moisturize your skin, but also help purify? We recommend using this mask at night because this mask has a way of extracting dirt and oils from your pores. An does a wonderful job at it!


New Marc Beauty Air Blush 504 Kink and Kisses is a new layered Blush that is multi tone Pink with highlighter that blends to a light or darker blush depending on application. Light, airy, and does not dry out the skin.ย  Thanks Influenster for our Free full size sample.


Roc Multi-Correxion 5 in 1 Night Cream- Start repairing your skin while you sleep. Thanks for our free full size from Crowtap this has become a favorite part of our night time routine. “with breakthrough HEXINOLยฎ Technology. In a clinical study, women saw noticeable improvements in the 5 main signs of aging in as little as 4 weeks:

  • Discolorations appeared visibly improved
  • Helped restore elasticity and firmness to sagging skin
  • Hydrated thirsted, dry skin
  • Improved overall radiance of skin
  • Smoothed out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles”

Ponds Rejuveness Anti-wrinkle Cream- Pond’s is our choice for day cream. It is a thick cream but, soaks into skin quickly leaving it feeling extra smooth. American’s #1 anti-aging wrinkle cream. Say’s it can produce results in 2 weeks, now that is worth a trial!

Key Ingredients are important, and with beauty companies using more naturally producing ingredients that are in skin like AHA makes this is a winner for all skintypes!
“AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) – Known as an exfoliant, which gently removes dull surface skin cells and smooths fine lines.
Collagen – Natural fiber known to increase skin strength and elasticity.
Vitamin E – An anti-oxidant that is known to fight free radicals and help with overall skin health.”
We absolutely love Pond’s Rejuveness!
unknown1-253x800The only Hair care items this month reviewed by Bean Styled go to “Not Your Mothers Brand”.ย  We have tried the “Clean Freak- dry shampoo” and the “Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Sea Salts, Aloe and Kelp” AhhhhhMazing! We are loving this brand so much look for a huge haul of their products that we have not tried yet. What made us a believer the dry shampoo is amazing and works great leaving hair soft and subtle.With no white residue you may see some other dry shampoos leave. This Clean Freak will get you a day two out of your hairstyle with no problem creating volume! Also, use it on day 1 hairstyles to help create that volume, it worked great! The Beach Babe sea salt spray is the best thing my hair personally has seen for frizz and fly-away’s. I loved the oils and always used a few favorites. However, I can spray NYM Beach Babe in wet hair let air-dry and get the best softest waves ever. Or I can blow dry and get smooth, straight, no frizz, or fly away’s. Hair is left with softness other products never give. I promise it’s like magic! One simple product, one simple step, and however you style with this product will be a game changer for hair and given us more better hair days!

Check outย  Not Your Mothers website!

Let’s Talk Body Lotion! The day’s of how you see your application of lotion will change. Trust us we were very reluctant in trying a lotion you rub on right after you shower…still wet. However, the results have made me throw out all, but one old-school lotion.

refreshing-coconut-oil-detailJergens Wet Skin with coconut oil- The scent is very light and not over powering with coconut. It really does soak in immediately an it seems we used less of this product than we would have lotion so it will save you money! Plus it is a lot quicker to apply, pat dry, get dressed with no waiting and out the door. Jergensย  wet oil infused in shower lotion penetrates skin when it can really soak in all the moisture. Absolutely loved that it left the skin feeling softer than lotions used in the past and lasted all day.

Thanks to CrowdTap for both our free lotion samples!

img_hydra-therapy-detailCurel Hydratherapy Advanced Ceramide Complex is another great option. It left the skin feeling just as soft and lasted all day. Unlike regular lotion, both products work better! Curel in shower lotion is thicker and smells more like your tradition Curel lotion smell. So if you prefer more neutral smell and not an infused oil this one you would probably prefer. Again, a lot quicker than applying traditional lotion and waiting for it to dry. Curel has a special “Advanced Ceramide Complex, penetrates deeply into the skin’s surface bringing moisture to the source of dryness. It absorbs immediately and with continued use will end your dry skin!”

“Why Ceramides?
Ceramides, naturally present in healthy skin, are vital building blocks to maintaining skinโ€™s moisture barrier. When ceramides are lost, skin becomes dry and damaged. Curรฉlยฎ HYDRA THERAPY WET SKIN MOISTURIZER, with Advanced Ceramide Complex, penetrates to the source of dryness, helping to replenish skin’s ceramide levels and repair the moisture barrier.

  • Water activated moisture works deep into skinโ€™s surface
  • Helps repair moisture barrier
  • Contains our proprietary Advanced Ceramide Complex
  • Immediately Absorbs
  • Completely Greaseless
  • Skin feels 3x more hydrated instantly
  • Fragrance Free
  • Dermatologist Recommended
  • Received the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptanceโ„ข”

Now there is one Brand of what you may consider old way of putting on lotion is the Aveeno Daily moisturizing lotion with Sheer hydration. Hydrates 24 hours. The lotion turns into a soft powdery feel which we love. It makes our skin feel like silk. An if you apply it after you pat dry out of the shower or bath it will soak in even better and did last all day! The natural oat complex will always remain as one of the best skincare ingredients.

So if you were looking for a new product for skincare, beauty or hair you must give these products a go!ย 

” “= From Company website.

**All opinions our the owner of Bean Styled and free products have no effect on review.

Bean Approved Beauty Haul

We have been so busy in the studio we have not found time to get up the latest product reviews. So needless to say we have had months to try these products and have found some great ones to recommend. So without any longer wait here are the “Bean Approved” Products of 2015.

First up Skincare:

Burt’s Bee’s Sensitive Facial Cleanser– Smells hoppy like beer so right off the bat you smell the Naturalness. It did leave my skin feeling clean and no irritation. So if your someone who is still searching for natural and gentle. Here you have it!

Simple Cleansing Micellar water– A multi-vitamin Toning cleanser that hydrates skin and actually leaves it feeling noticeably clean and hydrated! I am so into this product I have rid all other astringents and toners until I find another product that is this gentle and actually can take off mascara. An leaves my skin feeling baby soft and subtle. I would not get rid of my normal cleanser. This is not a deep cleaning. However, those late nights your almost to tired to wash your face… this leaves you no excuse. Grab those cotton balls and wipe that beautiful face down! **BEAN FAVORITE**

Next Hair:

The next best thing in hair has arrived and is being created by L’Oreal!

L’Oreal New Tourmaline and Keratin Straightening Shampoo system-

How do I know it worked? Because no matter what product I have used my natural curls always come back the next morning after a blow dry and flat iron to help straighten. So that means I have to wash and straighten my hair everyday to get it to be completely straight. With the L’oreal Tourmaline System which we got to try FREE thanks to Influenster my straight hair lasted 48 hours! The Shampoo, Pre-Conditioner (yes that’s right PRE), Conditioner, and the Straightening balm kept this naturally wavy gals hair straight without no hassle. Products to clean, straighten, smooth, an de-frizz this product is Amazing! Two thumbs up, a Perfect 10! Must try for every hair type. An there’s even more products in this line as well we can’t wait to try!

It’s a 10 leave in Conditioner & Miracle leave in Plus Keratin

The leave in conditioner was a great thick leave in formula. We have used many and this left our hair smooth, straight and absolutely no fly away’s.That added keratin takes the traditional leave in conditioner up a notch. It helps protect and strengthen the hair on top of helping it remain strong. It may be a little more pricey than your leave in conditioner but it is worth the money and 5 star rating! Plus other great ingredients such as oils like sunflower seed, and Aloe which makes this product a sure 10.

Rockaholic Rockout Shine Blaster, good for wet or damp hair. This is a Product to use only on the ENDS/TIPS of your hair. Let’s say the last inch. A very thick oil that will help you keep ends from getting frizzy. Great if you are planning on doing curls. Helps keep hair ends together and smooth. Has it been a few since the last trim? Apply this before or after your other smoothing creme only to ends then blow dry and style. Trick to having No thick, poofy ends for you ladies!

Joico Heat Set Blowout Perfection Creme– weightless product that did not weigh our hair down, kept the style frizz free and smooth. The Peptide complex in this product helps protect your hair against the heat and keep it strong. A must try!


IMG_20150510_143212(1) Sonia Kashuk Brushes -PINK Funky Fun! You can’t go wrong with some Sonia Kashuk brushes. They have “Bean Blogged and Reviewed” many times before. They are a favorite and receiving these as a gift made it even better to try them out. The design and aw inspiring Pink makes us want to do our makeup everyday. From Powder, to defining, contouring and playful eye makeup all can be accomplished with this wonderful set! Her limited editions go pretty quick and you can find them online or at your local Target store. So don’t worry she always has something cute, funky and fun coming out next!

2014 Fall Trendz

Weย  have been swamped at Bean Styled so we are a little behind on letting you know style and trends for the Fall 2014 Fashion season.ย  It’s all about a classy rocker, to laid back boho vibe, and sporty chic is back in effect.

Fashion Style and Trends for Fall 2014:

Denim Overalls

First up Denim Overalls!ย  Wear a cute crop underneath with a cute in season poncho over top, Plaid flannel button up, or put a sweater over top like the good old 90’s.ย  Overalls with Skinny pant legs, rips, and many different styles everyone should be able to find a pair they adore. Dress them up or keep them comfy. Denim Overalls are always a fashion statement.

ripped jeans

**Must Mention: Ripped Denim is a huge trend. But let’s not take this over board.ย  A few rips and tears can add character, but pants that look like there is nothing left is just unacceptable.

The Moto Jacket is a huge hit this season. Anytime is good for a cropped leather jacket. This season they are coming in tweed, cotton, and many different cuts and hems.ย  Dress it up for work, or a night out on the town.

Sweat pant Fashion

Let’s discuss these “NEW” dress style sweat pants that you can take from the office, to a night out with the girlfriends or even to working out, and lounging on your couch this is it! NO KIDDING!




Kitten Heels are back in Style! Not just in plain colors, you can actually find some prints, and detailed kitten height heels this season. Which is wonderful because as a Health geared fashion business. It is not always great on the hips and back to wear sky-high heels. The Major foot fashion this season is Boots! Heeled, wedged, zipped, laced, thigh high, ankle. Doesn’t matter this is the season of the Boot. So grab a couple of pairs you enjoy because there will be more styles and trendy ones to choose from right now. The cultural/boho vibe this season there are so many different style Moccasins to pick from which can last for seasons!

Fall/Winter 14

Colors, Patterns and fabrics The main color’s this season are all Royal. The Dark Green like Emerald, The dark Blue like Sapphire, Bright Dark Red of Ruby, and the darkest Amethyst Purple. There is still bright colors like pink and yellow but, they are matted down going for that 70’s vibe.

The Nudes

Nude, Peaches and corals This season you will see satin dresses coming into play. It is part of the vintage vibe that comes more and more into modernization every season. So If you love your pearls, and collars don’t worry they are out there. This season mixing nude, pink, and peach with black is a trend we will see everywhere. Great for business or evening out. Same for the Tans/Browns mixed with Pinks and Peaches.



We have to share our Off Shoulder top. It’s Sheer, romantic, and comes in many different colors.ย  Great to dress up any pant for fall. Take you right into the Spring 2015 fashion season. Here’s a TIP: Shop from Amazon search Indiexo and you can get the same shirt for $10’s off!!!


White, Yes lose that “No after labor day rule” it’s out! This season has more mix of Black and White then the most recent years past. With Herringbone and hounds tooth patterns everywhere this season will be back with many black and white items to mix and match. Or if you are an all black lover, you better stock up on different stylish pieces from Tops to bottoms.

Plaid Paisley Floral

Gray has a light hint this season. If white is not your thing. Grab a gray washed denim, sweater, or accessories like a scarf.

Plaid always come back in the winter. It’s warm, and it can be dressed up or down. Coming in many different fabrics you can go for a light airy fabric or that good old flannel cotton to keep you warm. Of course, we must say plaid and denim bibs can always be made to look fabulous. And it is just not shirts, plaid is cute in dress pants, and skirts.

Dark Floral is huge this season. If you are looking for an elegant evening night out look. Look at the dark floral patterns. Most shy away thinking they will look like a bouquet of flowers. However the dark floral patterns are a good fit for just about anyone. Being in darker colors just like black it helps create a slimmer look



The Details this Season come in exotic prints, and animal skins such as croc, snake,(faux of course) plus leather detail. Geometric Patterns give an adventurous cultural look this season that has been carried over from this summer.ย  With darker colors, more patterns and coming in just about everything, but popular in ponchos, and leggings.

Beauty for Fall 2014: Smokey Eyes with nude glossy lip, and light pink Cheeks is the #1 Beauty look this Fall. A classic and still classy look. Just add a dark red or burgundy lip for a night out. Hair this fall is all about Big Curls, Big Up-Do’s and vintage pin curls.

The Accessory color is Gold & Platinum. (No not silver we mean that darker Rich Luxury metal) Coming in belts, fashion jewelry, purses, scarf’s etc.

Enjoy the season like Royalty!

At Home Spa

Spa Day

No matter what’s going on in life, fundsย  low, no time, or just to tired. There is no excuse for not taking care of yourself. To be able to fully care for others we must first care for ourselves. Don’t neglect the mind. Meditation has a way of healing. Take an hour out for yourself every once in a while and we promise you will feel relief. Here is how to have a wonderful spa day/night right in your very own home.

Fruit Detox staying Hydrated

First, set up the home spa with candles, start some aroma therapy, and have your detox water ready that you prepared the night before.ย  Not just something to have on spa nights butย  in your fridge all the time. Just cut up fruit and vegetables like strawberry, kiwi, and cucumbers. Put them in a pitcher of cold water over night. Add ice to a glass and fill letting any fruit fall into the glass. Not only will this keep you hydrated you’re getting the benefits of the antioxidants as well.

Getting everything ready:

Healthy Nails

Go Throw a couple of towels in the dryer so they can get nice and warm!

Get out all your Nail goodies. Polish, file, cuticle oil, clippers etc, both for hands and feet. Make sure nails are free of old polish.

Set aside your facial mask of choice, with brush, 2 towels, and a headband to hold back hair. Or just towel wrap hair

Foot Bath: Get your water in nice and HOT. But do not put your feet in yet. Feel free to add essential oils for you favorite aromatic aroma and benefit such as orange or lemon to help natural peel off dead skin.

Set Up your facial steamer and Towel. Again if you really enjoy aroma therapy feel free to add 1-2 drops of your favorite oil to your steamer.

Paraffin Dip: Turn your paraffin dip on.

Paraffin Dip

Now that you have it all set up and ready to go, Let’s Begin…

First take a warm shower or soak in the bath for at least 15 minutes. Do your normal routine and get squeaky clean. If you want to incorporate a great hair mask into the routine this would be the time to do it. Just condition ends of hair, or from the nape down to ends. Put on a plastic shower cap then wrap your head with one of your hot towels out of your dryer.

Let’s start with the feet. Go ahead and do your Foot Bath, Always testing the water first.ย  Let your feet soak for about 10 minutes so the salts, and oils can do their job. Use a pumice stone to help remove dead skin on heels, toes, and any other problem areas. Dry feet off very well.

Next up Dip your hands and Feet in the Paraffin dip. Wrap in plastic bags and lay back watch your favorite show, tune out the kids and relax.ย  After about 15 minutes have fun peeling off your paraffin wax.

Make sure hands and feet are free of wax. Use a towel to brush them off well. Go ahead and Paint Nails and Toes.

Best Home Facial

While they are drying you can switch your facial steamer on, Put a towel over your head and relax for 10 minutes. By this time your nails should be pretty dry. If you use any facial moisturizer or creams go ahead and apply them with a makeup sponge. Then use a foundation Brush to apply your mask that you should have ready and waiting. If it is a cotton mask go ahead and apply it and lay down and you guessed it… Relax for 15-20 minutes.

Your nails should be completely dry so if you need to go wash off your mask you should be able to do so. Using NYC Fast Dry Clear Top Coat works great. Otherwise peel off your mask and pat in any remaining ingredients.

So make it a priority to set aside an hour for yourself and have a relaxing spa evening or day in your very own home.ย  Every one deserve a moment of peace. It is good to relax for mental clarity, lowering stress, and taking care of yourself.