DIY Outdoor Jenga

Jenga was one of my favorite games to play as a kid. Something I could play by myself as well. I didn’t grow up in the weekly game Night type family. An often had games you could play solo. However, Many have seen the lifesize homemade Jenga at Bars, Hotel’s, Camp Grounds and other establishments in recent days. So it is a great idea for a company to capitalize on retailing their own. However, I about had a heart attack when I seen at Target the outdoor Jenga game for $80!

Not many people have a top notch carpenter husband but, I believed him when he said that was ridiculous. So if you can spend just a quater of that… only $20! Wouldn’t you just make your own?

Took 6, 8 foot 2×4’s making each block 10 1/2 inches long. Makes 18 stacks high, 54 pieces. Cost him 18 dollars at Lowe’s. Trust it’s tall enough an get’s crazy just as it should playing Jenga.

The days of families playing together in the backyards of America do not have to be over. It’s the type of activities that still move our bodies and heart’s.

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Coach Jill


Bean Skin Story

How important is skincare to you? Did you ever have any teenage skin problem’s? Do you suffer from adult skin concerns. Or a more serious skin disease. Here is why I should have spent 12 years to become a dermatologist or went to cosmetology school for aesthetics.

I started a blog on Google’s in 2008 when I graduated College with a Bachelor of Art’s degree in Criminology/Sociology. I was going though a time of depression an learning about my own anxiety dealing with a twenty-something life crisis. Typical college grad with student loans who was promised great jobs and good salaries in a time none were to be found. Okay, not much as changed in our economy. Looking back esthetician licenses would have been a great career that pays well if your good at being independent. Which I am great at making sales and booking clients. Then if I had really been passionate contine to college to become the Dr. Now I haven’t loss my passion for skin. It’s only grown. So maybe one day I’ll go back to school but, two kids at home and business to grow. I am actually doing okay on this influencer level and being a guru. I’ve seen info spread by even licensed esthetician that dermatologist would not agree on. So in my opinion if you have major skin concerns ask the Dr. Of skincare. Not a professional esthetician who really is about pampering and detoxing services. Anything with needles or sharp objects. I would always do myself in a med spa under Dermatology supervision. With all the background about my knowledge in the education and safety of skincare. Let me begin my story how I come to find how taking care of my skin also has taken care of my mind as well.

90S Bath Must Had’s!

I had a diary since kindergarten I recieved as a gift. In middle school I recieved anothe. From my grandmother. When I graduated with my Associates degree I recieved another. All from different relatives. I started blogging and realized writing had always been a stress reliever for myself. A way to get out my emotions at a time when I had no one who would understand or listen. This also helped me get through post-partum depression. So that is why B.E.A.N. Styled Studio began. A way to share my love of beauty while releasing stress. It has continued to grow into a Lifestyle method. Including Workout Plans based off years of group fitness classes.

90S Bath and Body Works

What leads this to skincare is that beauty is also something I had always done as a young child to relax. Between the Barbie an champange bubble bath, oil beads, making my own skincare, doing makeup and nails. Fisher Price Vanity to my caboodles. I didn’t have a mom who was into make-up, shopping, or anything much girly. But, I still got the Miss. Pretty makeup and plastic high heels. Can’t say my childhood was all bad. I look back an realize the time I spent thinking and doing skincare helped get me through that childhood.

Me… On the left

I learned alot from my best childhood friend Megan’s mom Lana. Call her Mom #2 but, she’s really the #1 MOM! She was the one there for me at my wedding when the biological mom turned down the opportunity to be there. At many tumbling meets to do my hair and make my leotards. An can’t even count the hours, days, weekend’s spent at her house. Anything a young girl learned growing up like shaving your legs was learned at her house. Not enough words to express my gratitude.

This is where a spa jacuzzi mat mixed with Dish soap turned a small bathroom into a complete bubble kingdom. Seriously, picture was after half bubbles were wiped. Ceiling to floor an wall to wall. It was great; until we had to clean it! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Megs and I would go to the library to get skincare diy books. Wow, to all the kitchen food and beauty products of mom’s that we used. We would hit the mall and I would always get some skincare, makeup, or nail polish. When Sears and Claire’s were actually a hit. Definitely made my fair share of beauty fails. One thing never straighten your hair with product’s not made for your hair type. That was a CVS trip to remember and a summer of bad hair days! Does anyone else remember the Walgreens Summer beauty bundles and the Back to School one’s? They were like the first beauty box for me!


The older I got I relied on Magazines for a lot of information. How to and products. A teenager like me who didn’t have a female that I could talk to about woman issues. I thank Seventeen and Cosmo for teaching me a lot I know. An those teen friendships where all embarrassment goes out the window and you can talk about anything together. Another group of ladies I owe a thank you for being there as a friend during tough year’s. Unlucky for me acne ran in the dna. My mom did suffer greatly. As did my brother. I felt bad and did everything to keep mine in check. Things were said and I delt with my fair share of hiding. If you’re suffering… Know there is something today more than ever to help. Including prescriptions and treatments from dermatologist.

Once I finally read exfoliate (1 a week for sensitive dry skin) Read Ingredients for Cleanser and other products. Everyone has to moisturize… My skin changed! This wasn’t til I was about 18 but, when I seen my skin change I felt like I finally figured it out. It wasn’t about secret products my friends were not telling me about. It was about steps. An if everyone took the same steps then it was about the ingredients for each skin type. Maybe, this explantion will help some. An lucky today more and more companies are taking out bad chemicals and finding natural alternatives.

No, you don’t have to spend a fortune on products to get great skincare. Some expensive products are great. Many korean beauty a.k.a Kbeauty have same quality and potency in more affordable products. I still like products that are science/nature combined. I enjoy most natural, organic, cruelty free products.

College was the key in my house. However, if I could go back I would have gotten my esthetician licenses. My knowledge comes from doing and reading. I have read the esthetician text books. I stay on top of new products and tools I don’t even see esthetician talking about yet. I maybe the Guru but, you can do your own research as well. Because, everything at @Beanstyled is made for you to do at home. I naturally enjoyed doing hair and makeup. I have a talent I can share. Best at sharing skincare products, (Not Skin Health advice. That I recommend Dermatologist always!) Good at Sharing Makeup products and tips that work for me. Hair, I like to style and diy color at home. However, no cutting tutorial’s here.

Majority of the B. for Beauty on Bean Styled will be the health of your skin. Keeping it naturally beautiful. Lots of skincare product’s to encourage you to focus on relaxing. Sometimes even I mask and run around the house cleaning and taking care of kids. But, I don’t recommend it.

As the E in BEAN equals exercise. We’ll go more into why you need a sweaty workout in more post. But, nothing beats a good sweat session to detox the bodies pores. As long as a good cleanse comes afterwards.

We also must focus on the A. Our Attitude and that means meditation and relaxation. Ever since I was young, it so happens that taking care of my skin has helped me mentally. Using the time to focus, release energies, and meditate. Why I always encourage spa day at home. I have two girls an I am learning to involve them sometimes. I still need my own time for mom time. But, to teach them to be silent, relax, and skin health is important. Teaching them a new way to calm their mind; may find a way to teach them to release from life the unnecessary. Regain a sense of self and focus. I know many look at skincare and makeup as just vain. I don’t believe that at all. There is a therapeutic aspect to skincare and doing your makeup. It is what has made Spas billions. Spaces of solitude and complete relaxation. More homes should have bathrooms that have spa comfort. If all us spa lover’s got our way in home design. Nothing beats a treatment you have done by another’s comforting hands. Yet, to me it is more about the time we get to ourselves, treating ourselves, in the privacy of our own space. Again, where traveling and mobile spa professional’s are making a new income by coming to you. I do like where the industry is going.

Skincare has always been something I enjoy and think is fun. It is more than just the beauty industry. It comes down to the N. Nutrition. You can’t expect to have a healthy body or skin with all the processed foods in America. Drinking water is not the magic potion but, it sure help’s to keep the body and skin hydrated. This is why it is important to eat organic grown foods. No chemical’s to process to mess up the body. No chemical’s to mess with our hormones and reak havic on our skin. The day I gave up Soda and fast food companies is also another time in life I realized my skin had less break outs. An it glows naturally more than ever.

So from a little girl who loved all things pretty whom wished she had known more about the careers that fit my passion… I wouldn’t change a thing. An although I don’t have a famous name or family to back a loan hundreds of thousands of dollars to create my skincare ideas. I will only continue as people need to hear that they are the most important. That really it’s not all about the products. It’s how we treat ourselves. I can only hope more people will come hear and join in on B.E.A.N. LifeStyle.

Beauty Exercise Attitude Nutrition

Stay Hydrated, Stay Confident Friends.

-Coach Jill.

SBR Nutrition… Liquid Vitamins!

Sick of swallowing pills or had enough of chewing gummies? Get the liquid advantage and higher absorption from SBR Nutrition liquid vitamins! It will definitely make you think and feel differently about your daily vitamins!
I enjoy the taste of all three. I have had a few other liquid brands and have not enjoyed them so much. Either taste or consistency was off. I did have a favorite B-12 but, SBR Nutrition is now my go to. I much prefer their mellow cherry flavor. The taste alone is better and I can feel how much more my body reacts to these clean and Vegan friendly liquid vitamins.

I took a daily biotin pill now supplementing with SBR liquid. I love taking care of my body as much as my skin so Biotin is a must! Keep hair growing Healthy. Helps nails not chip and peel. Wonderful to help skin keep looking youthful. Fights fine lines and wrinkles. Looking for energy? Winter is approaching; I need the extra Vitamin D!

Check out for your liquid vegan friendly vitamins!

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IDEA Convention Must See!


I can’t even begin to explain what it’s like to walk into the IDEA World Convention. It was overwhelming to see all the Brands, Companies, And Products. Yet, an Amazing feeling being around so man other enthusiastic health and fitness professionals.

Here is a short list of what I picked up and dove into learning more about.

Let’s talk Food first:

Be Better Bars!

A Protein bar that’s not just focused on protein but, ingredients. They are all dark chocolate for the best in antioxidants. Made with all natural ingredients. Each waffer or square bars are packed with lot’s of nuts, crisp, coconut and other ingredients. Many different flavors. They taste so good. You get a handful of oats or nuts with dark chocolate. It just melts in your mouth. Unlike other protein bars these don’t have that fall apart chalky taste or texture. My child and mother in law mother both found their favorites. An I really really love all the waffer ones! They deserve the Gold Medal for protein bars!

Vegi Rice: AWESOME!!!!!

Cauliflower rice and Sweet Potato Rice-

I love they can be cooked in the microwave. An baby approved. My child loved them. So happy they were at the IDEA Convention. When I got back to the hotel my 1 year old was extra hungry. No way could I get to a store in time. So I put the Sweet Potato rice in the hotel microwave. She loves sweet potatoes and absolutely loved her Vegi rice. Got us thru until delivery came with noodles. The cauliflower I added to dinner one night with no complaints from the family. Such a great healthy option for many.

Workout Products:

Frog Fitness- ๐Ÿธ

So the Steelers Football players have already been working out on this machine. You can be horizontal moving it, stationary. Standing up for movements and squats all with added resistance. A little hard to explain and picture. But, must see it! I didn’t make it to the 7am Workout to check it out. I did see it at the convention in action. I can honestly say I want one! Check it out online to see the newest form of resistance Training. Frog Fitness

Kettle Grip- (orange handle above)

This is amazing! Makes me think “Why didn’t I think of this” I have used weights in place of kettle bells in Workouts for years. The basic of the kettlebell is the undistributed weight and how it help’s create extra resistance. So why not use a dumbbell or weighted ball. This amazing invention gives any weight a handle!


From foam rollers, pressure point balls and other massage tool’s. They have every muscle group covered. It can be a workout, rehabilitation, or relaxation. As a trainer I use devices and recommend products like these for all three. Everything is made of great material that won’t be breaking or rubbing off. We received the Mobipoint massage ball and that little ball of wonder is amazing on tight muscles. Perfect for hands and feet.


Okay I didn’t find any clothing but…

Haiku Bags-

Talk about style that fits your active lifestyle and eco-friendly! Thanks Haiku for being at the IDEA convention. I have found a new brand I am loving. They make cute wallets, bags, purses and more out of recycled plastic bottles. Cyclepet is an amazing fabric produced from post-consumer recycled beverage bottles. Vegan friendly and made with nontoxic dyes. I received the Haiku Mini RFID wallet. It’s so cute, stylish, and protected with RFID blocking technology. Check them out online HaikuBags Follow on Instagram to see all the cute style up close. I am definitely getting a shoulder bag asap! So many cute patterns I can’t decide.


“The Perfection Detox Tame Your Inner Critic, Live Bravely, and Unleash Your joy” A book by Petra Kolber available this August 2018. She was just as amazing speaker as she is a writer. For attending her lecture at the IDEA convention we got the first chapter sent. She is funny, witty, and seemed like a genuinely fun person. Her book is mainly about letting go of being perfect. Disconnecting from social media and so much more. She has the Life Coaching book of the year. Everyone including myself needs to learn to let go and not feel the need to be perfect. I highly recommend reading it. I’m looking forward to the rest of the book!

Check it out:

Follow her on Instagram @PetraKolber

Sadie Nardini

This chick is just badass! Click her name to follow her on Instagram. Not only was she a group Fitness instructor. She learned how to cut her personal classes and make 6 figures doing online workout video’s. I’m going to be constantly instastalking her. I kinda wanted to ask her why she wasn’t a Pound Pro since she is a real Rockstar too! It fit’s her personality. Yet, working out for her seems to be her calm. So must check out her Yoga workouts. She gave away so much information and motivation. From marketing, to website fixes, and where to go online for many things. If I didn’t want to see the next speaker or event I would have went to the bar with her. She was so kind to meet up with people and answer more questions. I kinda wish I had! I’m working on my first full published Workout video. Hope is to have my first one up in about a week. An I thank her for all the insight helping me get there.

Definitely think about attending the 2019 IDEA world Convention and Blogfest. It was so motivational, informative, and uplifting. Great to meet new people, learn about others and dive into all the new health and fitness products!

Til next time,

Stay Healthy ๐Ÿ’– Coach Bean

Detox Waterยฎ here to change the Aloe Game!

Best Aloe drink on Earth!

Hello @DetoxWater I love you!

I am a child of Aloe. What in the world is that? I’ll tell you! Anytime there was just about anything wrong with us growing up. Aloe was going to be the cure. Scrapes from falling, sunburns to even suggestions of eating it. However, as a kid I couldn’t hack that. An does anyone remember ‘The Magic of Aloe’ product’s that had lip gloss, blush and make-up; I had it all! I know women whom have even used Aloe for woman issues down below, no joking!

I absolutely do believe, seen, and love the power of Aloe. So I was instantly excited to see this New product called “Detox Water” made with Bioactive aloe. I was even more astonished that I actually loved it! I have tried and tried. Many, many Aloe drinks and just haven’t found anything I ever could drink down. They are either too chunky and thick and usually have no flavor at all. Neither apply to Detox Water. It is not thick. Consistency just like water. You have that hint of Aloe taste but, more flavor. An it is so refreshing! I love kiwi and cucumbers. An it seems no company wants to make kiwi anything. So I literally screamed in excitement when I seen their Cryptokiwi!

They call it a “healing hydration” with Activealoeยฎ allows the best retention of the health benefits of Aloe Vera.

This is not just body hydration but, skin hydrating. Perfect product for Bean Styled Studio. It helps the inside and outside of the body! Our skin is just as important as our heart. Non GMO, Gluten Free, vegan, and Kosher it is just about safe for anyone.

An I personally loved it so much I gave it to my 14 months old. It helps aid in digestion and support’s immunity! An the fact she loved the taste made this mama Happy.

This was my favorite new Food & Drink product that was set up at the IDEA World Convention an Blogfest 2018 in San Diego, California. I had the opportunity to attend and I am so thankful for the opportunity!

Make sure to follow the blog. Tomorrow I am going to post my entire experience at the IDEA Fitness professional convention. Along, with other new products and companies you must know about too! It was an amazing experience and every blogger, coach, an trainer must attend at least one time in their career.

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Sagaform USA; Nature & Beauty meet’s Functionality!

Had a Great time showing off @sagaformusa this weekend. I Hosted a little Herbs and Italy dinner party! A Scandinavian lifestyle Company with home and kitchen Products. More photo’s from the party on my Instagram.

A Couple construction guys, stay at home mom’s, g-mas, and kids! All found functionality fun an appealing! Great gifts for other’s as house warming, holiday’s or for your own home. It’s about simplicity & nature. I personally am going to be adding a glass dome cheese tray to my collection.

The porcelain Herb pot is self watering so you just need to fill the bottom and watch your herbs grow!

I absolutely love the functionality and modern look of the design. Because, I cook with fresh and dried herbs. I love having this Herb pot in my kitchen. They had other design’s with two pots together so I can’t wait to add to my collection.

The Herb scissors work great! Better than normal scissors to finely chop herbs to use fresh or dry and keep. Much needed for all the herb lovers!

The 3 pairs of shears really make all the difference.

The pasta server also has a handle that holds 2 servings of pasta. So it measures! An after serving your pasta you can use the same utensil to grate your fresh parmesan cheese!
A 3-in-1 kitchen tool! Less dishes to wash was my first thought. This Sagaform serving tool is my favorite of my kitchen now.

It’s convenient to grate fresh garlic and other roots like Ginger while cooking. Makes it easy with a smaller handle to hold and sharp grating. Beats having to get out a big grater and make more dishes.

Finally, the Pizza Scissors are the most fun. Now they didn’t work the best on thin crust that was a little crispy. We put them to the test! But, did work perfectly on soft and thicker crust. Not to mention they look fabulous decorating the kitchen. An was the instant conversation piece everyone had to try!

Definitely check out Sagaform; a brand that steps away from the competition with beauty, function, and nature!

Thank you @tryazon for this opportunity to host and learn about this amazing Company

Stay Healthy and Happy Stylista’s

๐Ÿ’• Bean, Your BFF in Beauty-Fitness-Fashion

Beauty-Exercise- And Nutrition

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Gut Health

How Pre & Probiotics work.

It seems more and more we are hearing about Pre & Probiotics. An daily a new Probiotic supplement is hitting the shelves to help our intestinal health. Although a supplement may be needed. There are plenty of foods that have Probiotics naturally. Try to get your daily meals filled with them.

Here is the difference between the two.

Prebiotics- Carbs that cannot be digested. Food for Probiotics.

Probiotics- The Good or helpful bacteria. Helps control growth of harmful bacteria. Naturally found in the body an can be found in some foods and supplements.

In the mid 90’s people wanted to know more. An doctors started suggesting them to help digestive problems.  

Two major types of Probiotics are: 

Lactobacillus, most common Probiotic found in yogurt and other fermented foods. They say may actually help those who can’t normally digest lactose. 

Bifidobacterium- found in some dairy. May help ease Irritable Bowl Syndrome.

There is also research that may suggest it also helps with skin conditions, urinary health, allergies, oral health, and colds. 

You can Google search and find plenty of foods with Probiotics. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Sauerkraut
  • Wine 
  • Green Olives
  • Pickles
  • Sourdough Bread
  • Cottage Cheese

Always ask your physician before starting supplements. But, a probiotic supplement added to your daily lifestyle may help digestive and bloating problems. Especially if natural Probiotics foods are not your favorite. This could be a way to help your gut and get more Probiotics in your system. Take a look, there usually found in the vitamin aisle. If your having any intestinal or bowl problems ask your doctor about probiotic supplements.

Here’s to gut health!                         ๐Ÿ’ช-Bean 


WebMD “What are Probiotics”  By: Mary Jo D’Lonardo

Eat This Not That “18 Probiotic foods for a Healthy Gut”                                     By: Olivia Tarantino