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Flat Bread Recipies

Flat Bread, simple, nutritious, and so delicious. I always loved a great tasting wrap, but there are so many combinations with flat bread you will never get bored with these healthy options for dinner, snack, or dessert. All theses flat bread recipes are made like the traditional American pizza style. Set the oven for 300 degrees for 8-10 minutes depending

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Go Brown?

Going Brown…Natural?  There are varying opinions on how bleaching our food may or may not be that big of deal, but at Bean Styled any type of changing food from its natural state is not the way we want to eat our food. This is easy way to explain “processed foods” so listen up! Starting with talking about Brown Rice.

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Healthy Begins Here

To Start off Bean Styled Health and Fitness here are  some of our favorite Healthy Recipes.  Along with eating a balanced and nutritious diet you must get your daily intake of water. H2O keeps skin healthy, the body hydrated, and keeps those cravings away. A Daily multivitamin along with Omega Fish Oil for heart health. To Begin a Healthy Lifestyle

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