L’Oreal Elvive

Thanks to Influenster for the free full size L’Oreal Elvive Repair Balm! It is a great conditioning treatment for color treated hair.

Unlike a lot of store bought hair mask that are thin. This product is thick an doesn’t slide off fingers. Coats every hair strand and stays put.

I got the color vibrancy balm and if you color your hair you need Hydration. Hydrated hair retains color and helps color last longer.

Not only is this repair balm great to help colored hair last and repair damage. It is also amazing at keeping hair soft, smooth, and frizz free! If you have colored, fine hair like Myself. I highly recommend L’Oreal Elvive Products!

Looking for a great color hair saver plus great conditioning? Try L’oreal Elvive Products Today!

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Erno Laszlo & Marilyn Monroe?

Let me Introduce an amazing skincare line that has blown me away! Erno Laszlo has shown me there is a Brand that thinks about us Sensitive skin sufferers. I wish I had a picture of my face when I learned Marilyn Monroe used to use this brand of skincare on her perfectly Gorgous skin! As I couldn’t love old Hollywood even more.

What I was excited about first was that there is finally a Vitamin C Peel I can use on my sensitive skin. It really is amazing. I have dry skin, I still need a product for dark spots and wrinkles that won’t dry me out. I have never felt my skin so smooth yet still hydrated after a Vitamin C peel. I have tried others and there is no comparison. An it looks and smells like the ripest orange you have ever eaten.

It’s a two step process. First apply your orange Step 1: lightly facial scrub your face for 3 minutes. Then you get a pleasant surprise when you add Step 2.. a little heat. Which you apply and scrub lightly for 1 minute before you simply wash off with warm water.

I also have a couple samples of their moisturizer; Skin brilliance. It felt so light on skin and soaked right in. When finished I was left with the brightest, healthiest looking skin that felt so amazing!

I cant wait to try more from the Erno Laszlo line. I am surprised by the fact it is some of old Hollywood secret skincare. Even more Happy that it actually works! It’s worth the results,

Check it out today. Follow Instagram link below to learn more about the product.


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*complimentary thanks to influenster but opinion is all my own!

Eat Well Be Well

Such a great weekend trying yummy products Free from @Influenster Eat Well Be Well Voxbox! If your looking for gluten free, natural good for you quick meals check our picks from @evolfoods @glutinofoods  @earthbalance  @udisglutenfree 
The Steak bowl from Evol was delicious and full of flavor and pesto! The pizza from Udis was great. The Glutino pretzels make a perfect snack! We have used Earth Balance butters, but first for the vegan an it makes great muffins!


Not all natural and organic has to be fresh. Start shopping your frozen food sections! 

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Summer’16 Beauty Haul


It’s coming back, the sun, heat, and longer days! Be up to date on all the latest and greatest products with 100% honest reviews. We always have the What’s hot now in everything Beauty, Fitness, and Fashion. Today we cover must have beauty and health products for your Summer 2016!

First up, let’s talk NAILS! Mess No More– TOO EXCITED to let everyone know that the best new product in Nail beauty is a silicon peel! Put it on around your nails before your paint. An any polish that would normally get on skin, you can just peel right off. If you love to try and get creative with nails, but hate the clean up.This solves the extra on the skin around the nails, but also allows us to be a little more creative and try new things! An speaking of new things, thanks to Instagram nail art videos we had to find us a stamping set and give it a go. Essence nail art Stampy set is not the easiest to do ,but with practice it does become easier and fun. Just google search nail stamp art, and check out all the videos of How-to’s to learn all the tricks. Once we get better at it, you can expect a Bean Styled YouTube video. If you have time, and you like to create your own nails this allows us to bring out the nail artist in all of us. The possibilities for at home art is coming to a major new trend for retail and we could not be more estatic! It has been quit a few years since our nails have been a major focus in the beauty industry. Painting nails for us is a time to meditate and relax, like coloring!



Influenster Voxbox

Influenster Sprout Vox Box we received had some great products, and these one’s we particular favored! One is the Vichy LiftActiv Serum sample and LiftActiv Supreme. It is a great moisturizer and after a week you can start to tell the fine lines are seeming to diminish. This line is new to us, but they have skincare to beauty products. Focused on aging and how to prevent deep wrinkles and other signs of aging. A brand worth looking into especially if your at the age of fine lines and wrinkles. This is a great product to start at the first sign.Β  Eatsmarts Three bean tortilla chips is also another product new to my family. Always looking for non-gmo and natural product and here is one! Taste great, awesome with any salsa or dip. We tried the Garlic and hummus and they were delicious! Another household product we feel lucky to have been given free sample of is Ecos Laundry detergent. It has come to the conclusion that half our skin problems in this home is due to chemicals we are putting in our fabric. That stops today! Ecos is a great laundry detergent with natural products. It smells great, left our clothes clean and looking more bright than our normal detergent and this is the absolute truth! We were shocked at how the laundry seemed cleaner. The finale product I enjoyed most in the sprout voxbox was the Orgain Organic Protein Powder, plant based, organic vegan, gluten free, soy free, and Non-Gmo! For a plant based product we have tried a handful and found this to need an award. Non gritty and it dissolves better than even some whey protein powders. So if your looking for a gluten free protein powder, or one that mixes well give Orgain a try. It was great tasting and smooth!




Garnier SkinActive Free Thanks to Crowdtap

Crowdtap has sent out 3 of the Garnier Clearly Brighter line products. An absolutely loving them! First up, the Anti-Puff eye roller with vitamin C, caffeine, antioxidants, plus mint. The ingredients used help cool and tight blood vessels. Plus, the roller ball helps lightly massage the area to help products soak in and release any build up of fluid in the periorbital edema. Secondly, I received the over-night leave on peel. As someone who likes to have a glycolic peel facial this is an extremely gentle version. Again, someone who has sensitive skin may always want to test this type of product on a small area first. But, I suffer from sensitive skin, but with all the skin allergies I am having this season unlike any before this product alone has been a skin saver! In one use you will notice brighter skin, and reduced pore size! Two of us participated in a beauty night and woke up very impressed by Garnier’s leave on -peel. It has vitamin C, Algae extract, Castor oil, plus AHA, Alpha Hydroxyl Acid-which helps exfoliate the skin by removing old dead skin cells. Research has show that AHA is one of the best penetrating products for skin that also helps with wrinkles and fine line. Finally, we received the Anti-sun Damage Daily Moisturizer, helps reduce dark spots and sun damage with the power of vitamin C, vitamin E, and LHA-Lipo Hydroxyl Acid, which is a light exfoliate but also a antimicrobial so it helps remove that gunk in your pores as well as an anti-inflammatory so will help rid acne. If your one that thinks you can’t use a moisturizer because you have oily skin, this would be a great one to try. An the bonus is that this moisturizer doubles as sun protection with spf30! No applying extra products to skin.


us-vsl-0p25oz-rosylips_tcm2858-777556Vaseline lip Therapy Rosey Lips– Here is another favorite we have been using for some time now. Vaseline lip therapy in Rosey Lips gives the perfect amount of pink color to lips and enough shine that is not sticky and soaks right into lips leaving them smooth&Β  subtle.



Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation

Maybelline Dream velvet soft matte hydrating foundation.Β  I never buy over the counter foundation. I am a little stuck up when it comes to department store foundations. They are filled with chemicals and tend to dry out my skin and make problems worse. So I have a few more expensive brands I purchase from specialty online stores.Β  However, for the $10 it cost this is a great foundation for normal to dry skin. A great coverage, yet does not feel heavy on the skin and is extremely smooth. A little bit really goes a long way.




Yes To Coconut & E.L.F. products

Yes to Coconut Hydrate and Restore Eczema relief Spray, can’t say enough about this spray moisturizer. Maybe most would just use it on the body, but we tested this on the face as well and will never be getting rid of it. A new must in the beauty arsenal, but this not only relieved the dryness, it cooled and calmed the irritated skin. It seemed to heal the skin in just 48 hours. If you are one that suffers eczema, dry skin of any kind, this product did more for healing and protecting better than any facial moisturizer I have ever used. I could replace my daily moisturizer with this Yes To Coconut’s product it’s that good! But, as a suffer of such dry skin, you can feel the relief immediately reliving itch and/or dryness. Some great ingredients are in this product more than coconut oil it also has honeysuckle, soybean oil, and Tamanu oil (also known as Beauty leaf oil) from the Tamanu Tree. It is made up of different fatty acids so it is not only a good exfoliator for sensitive skin it will help hydrate. Can’t say enough about this Yes to product except if you suffer from any amount of dry skin, please try this.


Eyes.Lips.Face E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator – This is one of the best lip exfoliates that has ever been tested at Bean Styled. It is cute that it looks like lipstick, but we would still use this even if it came in a bigger jar. Hint Hint E.L.F. However, using once a week it will last you a good 30 days! It has vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape, and Jojoba oil, and of course sugar. Plus for the $3 price it is more luxurious than most lip scrubs in department stores.



eyes lips face concealer and highlighter

Β E.L.F. Under eye concealer and Highlighter– This is not a new product on our summer beauty list. It is just a favorite that is perfect all year, but with the added highlighter the possibilities of nude no make up look or pair it with your other eye shadow products to create great looks that will last. This concealer is a great primer for eye makeup, takes away dark circles, and has a dual highlighter to create highlighting effects, it is a must have in our beauty bag always and can find at Target stores.



Que Bella Facial Mask



Finally, the last product is Que Bella. From their line of facial mask, to other skincare products. The price on shelves on all their products range from $1.99 to $3.99 at my local target. So if you don’t have the time or money to hit up the spa, these products work wonders for us diy at home ladies! This wonderful replenishing mask did the trick and if your waking up with those puffy eyes.


Que Bella Gel Eye Mask


They have amazing little eye hydrating patches you can wear while getting ready, chasing the kids, or if you have 30 minutes to lay down and relax, we would recommend that one! Wish we had a before and after pic, but since we don’t take our word they are worth it, Bean Approved!







Cheeky Tints

Hard Candy Cheeky Tints in Ballerina. Scared of gel blush? Yeah, we were intimidated too until hard candy cheeky tints was discovered. A really sheer pink blush that when put on can barley be seen. It is a light gel, an feels great when applying.Β  More of a pink highlighter. Yet, has great build able coverage you can create a pinker cheek if needed. This is the perfect Doll Cheek, or as they say maybe a Ballerina who has been dancing for an hour flushed look, a perfect pink! An since we do not buy anything from Wally World (a.k.a. walmart) due to personal reasons, not being friendly to small businesses, and having a lawsuit settled out of court by immediate family member this is about one of the only times we will tell you to purchase at HardCandy.com online rather than locally. (You won’t hear us say this too often as we are a small business Fitness Studio!) However having been gifted this product, an realizing their website is not the greatest, you can’t search for products, and we have not been able to find this product on their website.


With so many great new products you will be able to keep that skin glowing beautifully this summer and staying healthy with some of the newest food and home products. Be sure to sign up for our email so you don’t miss out on great reviews like this one. Plus follow us on all Social media to keep you beautifully healthy and looking your beast! Bean Styled your BFF in Beauty, Fitness, and Fashion!



Spring Beauty 2016!

It’s time for our annual Fashion predictions for Spring/Summer 2016, plus the latest beauty products tested and reviewed.Pocketbook worthy to be purchased and get your skin forever beautiful. Plus, this season’s hottest trends in street and workout fashion!



Let’s begin with the beauty products on shelves worth trying. First up is No.7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm for Dry/Very Dry skin. You put the cream based cleanser on skin, and wipe off with a warm cloth. Never has a cream cleanser made my skin feel clean and hydrated as much as No.7 brand. A multi-vitamin and mineral blend with added lipids help with healing and hydrating. “Works in two simple step leaving no residue, just perfectly clean, soft and supple skin. It includes replenishing ceramides to help nourish dry skin and Glycerin and cocoa butter for deeper hydration. Hypo-allergenic.” We have tried many No.7 products and have not been disappointed. A Brand with a product for any skin type.



Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture Heal and Rejuvenate trio was next to be tried thanks to the Influenster program. First up was the facial scrub, followed by the moisturizer, and on an in-between day we tried the anti-aging replenishing mask. A hydrating facial skincare system that is natural, paraben free, and will not clog pores. The scrub left my face feeling clean and not dried out. An the beads were not rough on the skin. Yet felt very much it did they job. The moisturizer is thick and a little goes a long way. The smell of this product is amazing. Shea, Cocoa butter, plus frankincense and myrrh not only gives a wonderful smell, but they are all natural ingredients that help do more than just smell great. An for following @BeanstyledΒ  here is a special discount code for your purchase of Shea Moisture brand APPLY: sheaface16 at checkout for 15% off til March.31st 2016.


Clean Freak

Let’s move to Hair. Are you looking for a great dry shampoo for sensitive scalp? Look no further than “Not Your Mothers” UNSCENTED dry shampoo. No residue and no whiteness left behind makes this one of our favorite brands in the dry shampoo department. Not to mention the travel size is perfect and at only $3!!!





Cutex Felt Polish Remover pads

Finally, we will take the beauty regimen to the nails. Cutex has come up with the next best thing in polish remover. Cutex Advanced Revival Nail polish remover pads made from felt. Tiny, but mighty! TSA compliant so they are travel friendly. The best part of these remover pads is they take polish off with natural oils. So not only do they take off all 10 nails with one Pad,( yes we tried black and glitter!) they actually leave nails feeling healthy and strong. Instead of dry and brittle which most nail polish removers leave our nails with. If you don’t believe me…. Buy them!


Olay Swirl & Venus

Ready for Sexy Summer Legs? Must Try Gillette Venus Razors with Venus Touch of Olay Violet Swirl. Left legs without any nicks and smooth as ever! #chooseToSmooth Smells wonderful and leaves leg feeling hydrated and moisturized even before lotion.





Kon Mari

Before we hit the latest trends in the fashion scene. Let’s talk about one of my favorite things to do….Organize! Check out our “Get Organized Pinterest Board” for great life organizational ideas. However we must talk about the KonMari Method of organizing clothing in drawers by folding into 3rds. Here is an Example so you can visualize it. This has made so much more room in our Tank Top and leggings drawers we freed up space for an excuse to purchase more #FitFashion Gym rat or not anyone can appreciate this way of saving room and organizing. Just like the concept of rolling when packing your luggage. This using the same space saving concept and does not seem to wrinkle the clothes. An if you have any definite creases a hand steamer is perfect for a shot of hot steam to have it fall right out. This is the best organization tip since the luggage roll, and better than using drawer spacers!


70’s Style


70’s Style

Finally, let’s get to this season hottest street trends. An what’s fashionable in fitness apparel. This season you see pastels, but mostly bright pastels taking you back to that Spring 1970’s vibe. Sheer, Lace, and mesh rolling out the 70’s and gypsy inspired style in BOTH fashion apparel and in our workout apparel.


Wedged Heel


Metallic Tattoos







In past years we have seen an 80’s vibe, but this summer the 90’s will be rolling back thru with chunky heels and neon colors making a splash in patterns and accessories. We are so not into the chunky heel, but your going to see a lot it in shoes. An if your wondering if you could pull them off. There is always one sure way…. pair them with a cute wide leg pair of high-waisted jeans!Β  At the moment the metal of the season is Gold! An nice to see it back in front.



Body Suit or Leotard

An when your working out and staying dedicated you want the motivational kick-ass gear to go with your mood. Leggings are coming in all sorts of colors and fabrics. The days of all black and gray sweatpants and t-shirt days are over.Body suits in Street fashion and Unitard’s in Fitness Fashion. You heard it here and we are calling it! Forever21 had a bodysuit in their workout apparel and we didn’t score it soon enough. No worries, check ebay and other retailers will be sure to have them stocked very soon! An for the most part if you like leotards… be on the look out for more Adult workout leotards or bodysuits that double as both. We will be having those items in our Retail so be sure to follow our other Social media to see it first!

We are working on building Bean Styled Fitness Fashion online and in store-retail. We are looking for the softest, moisture wicking fabric in trendy patterns and colors. Along with suppliers. Keep up to date with our online store we are about to have the most unique, fashionable workout apparel at the most affordable prices. Fitness Fashion has it’s own runway at Bean Styled! Follow us on Social media and sign up for email updates. Models will be needed for Bean Styled’s 2nd Fitness runway fashion show to be held Spring of 2017 show casing Spring/Summer 2017 Fitness Fashion trends that will be in our local fitness boutique and health spa.




Bean Styled YouTube

Welcome Everyone Today Bean Styled starts Vlogging!Β Β  Here is our First Vlog- Video Blog.Β  A fun and interactive way to stay connected for everyone who follows. As we get busy it makes it a lot easier to get more articles published. Our first Video will detail, Plexus, Promixx Vortex Mixer, Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier, and PB2. The video is a little shakey, but bare with us the video thing is new and we are in the learning process and enjoying it very much!

We tried the Pink Drink by Plexus and can say we absolutely loved it!Β  Like to compare it to a crystal light taste. Or same as the liquid flavors you add to your water. Exception here is the Pink Slim is all natural, no jitters, and gives amazing energy. As a fitness instructor some days it is hard to go all day training and teaching classes so when plexus gave me enough energy to finish my day and still feel great with no crash. This product is a win!
If you would like to Order Plexus go to Jill’s Facebook Page Linked here

Next UP our favorite powdered peanut butter! PB2 has come out with PB2 chocolate/peanut butter powder. Great addition to your protein shakes and of course to make those amazing protein balls. That we simply call them Healthy cookies! Here is the recipe we used to make our new protein balls.Β  Plus these are both a great addition to any mix like pancakes, biscuits, waffles. Sprinkle a little on top of your frozen yogurt. So many options once you start using it you will be creating your own dishes.

PB2 COCO/PB Protein Balls:Β  1TBS of Honey, PB, Nutella,Β Β  1 BIG Scoop of Protein Powder, 1/4 cup of PB2(either one) Add in your favorite nuts, dried fruit etc and mix all together and create little size balls, place in fridge to get cold. Or mix together and coat the outside with coconut, or chopped nuts. And do the same above create balls and refrigerate.

Huge Thanks to Influenster Nation for giving us to try the Vicks #coolmist humdifier for free. This will keep your family healthy, your skin hydrated. And if you use the oils like we do it can be a great aromatherapy machine. We are using ours everyday so I recommend every house hold especially with kids to have one and great for your office.

Finally, we were absolutely amazed when we found the Promixx Vortex Mixer on Twitter and was happy to find it being sold on Amazon. This protein mixer will change the way you do you protein shakes. Check out the Video above to watch the demonstration. If your busy/on the run, hate clumps in your shakes, and yes very easy to clean… then we have found your new protein cup!

Fall Skincare Must!

Bean Styled has been busy trying and reviewing many products over the last few months. Here are a handful that made our review.



Equitance Brightening Serum and Spot corrector If you’re looking for a more natural skin brightening serum here it is! I have seen my skin appear brighter. A that is the perfect word to use. Skin seems to have a glow I have not seen in years. A few spots seem to be lightning up and here a couple more weeks we will post a before and after on Bean Styled’s social media sites. This line offers creams, lotions, cleanser, sunscreen, and dietary supplements to target skin care from the inside.Β  Here is a Special Code for this Wonderful new natural beauty product line! Use code INFL15 for Equitance brightening action! Everyone who uses the promo code will receive 15% off their own Brightening Serum & Spot Corrector, plus a free Equitance skin care trial kit (a value of $37)! This offer expires on November 20, 2014, so get yours today! Thank You for the Free Trial Influenster we have found a favorite new product line we can’t wait to try other products from .

The Body Shop Vitamin E Collection- If you suffer from sensitive skin or dry skin during the winter months this is a must try. A complete set put together by the wonderful Body Shop store. The cleanser is almost like a cream yet cleans. Unlike most cream/lotion like cleanser we have tried either get to oily, or do not even clean off the makeup. This cleanser is nothing short of magic. Leaves skin soft and smooth never tight or dull.Β  The toner also has an Oil consistency, yet some how goes on like a regular liquid toner, cleanses and moisturizes at the same time.Β  The moisturizer cream soaks in great and leaves skin looking smooth and healthy.


Vitamin E Body Shop

-Gentle Facial Wash

-Vitamin E moisture cream

-Vitamin E Hydrating Toner





illuMask Light Therapy

illuMask– Photo-therapy, Red light and Infra-red light 15 minutes Facial. Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles, helps skin tone and texture to help firm skin elasticity. HOOKED! That is the only word to describe this new technological beauty treatment you can do from your very own home. After you was your face, (we found bedtime routine was best) lay down put on the mask with built-in glasses, hit your button and you are ready to go. Pre-set with 30 uses for $30 you do the math, it’s beyond worth trying for $1.00 a use. I have a week left and I am off to buy my second. My skin texture is the most improved. Nothing can really improve elasticity in skin as we age but this gadget just may help prevent wrinkles and fine lines better than some skin care products offered. NO the light will not harm your skin, it is led and light infra-red rays that are completely safe. We had no side effects or problems using the illumask. Can easily say this will be a regular in the beauty routine and love this beauty gadget!




Yes To Coconut

Yes to Coconuts Cooling Lip oil So much more to this lip oil than just coconut oil. There is eucalyptus, olive oil, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, soybean oil plus more. It is not tacky, sticky, nor does it run. Yes to Carrots brand got it right!Β  A great lip oil, that makes lip shine like the greatest gloss, yet soaks in and great for lip care and to great that natural look this fall.




Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future-Β  Powered by ceramide; protective protein. It helps keep moisture in and toxins out. Before moisturizer apply to also help create a smooth, highlighted finish. This product we found to be a great primer for your makeup.

Softlips Cube 5-1 lip care non greasy or sticky. Does not dry out your lips with a great formula made from shea butter, antioxidant vitamins A,C, and E to help repair lips with spf 15 to protect from sun damage. Love the cute new packaging, it’s in the gym bag everywhere I go.





St. Ives Oatmeal Scrub and Mask- Some where along the shopping adventures in the beauty aisle at target I got a free sample of this new face wash/mask. It softens and hydrates skin with 100% natural oatmeal which is known to lock in moisture. Use it as a great mask or face scrub. Put the mask on a clean face, so if you have to wash a little with the scrub it ‘s fine. Then pat dry, apply a thin layer of the cleanser and let dry for 10-15 minutes then use warm water to remove, use toner and your ready to go. Absolutely loved this product. An easy at use too. Just mash-up 1/4 cup of oatmeal and a few tablespoons of water or milk and apply to face and let dry. Oatmeal is one of the best natural moisturizer’s.