Reviva Labs, “The Natural Skincare Authority”!

So whom is this Reviva Labs? Well, according to their website a company working on natural skincare for over 40 years! An I am Proud to say Reviva Labs is “Proudly made in the U.S.A.”

A family owned company still today. Has focused and truly cared about natural skincare since the 70’s. Bean Styled believes natural ingredients from Mother Earth has their own powers. You can find brands like Reviva Labs with Amazing products right here on our site.

I have been using Reviva labs Brightening System for two weeks. I have sensitive skin. So the fact I can spot treat with all these products is amazing. I can literally feel them working. I get a slight tingle sensation. But, no rash or irritation has occurred. So I am continuing to use them on my dark spots.

My most favorite product from the entire line is the Brightening Facial Cleanser! It does not leave my skin dried out. My skin feels clean and leaves it glowing! So with sensitive skin yet, I am aging like the rest of you. It is wonderful to find a dark spot/uneven skintone cleanser that doesn’t strip my skin. It also contains one of my favorite ingredients… Aloe!

An speaking of ingredients. It would take a page to list all the wonderful natural ingredients they are using. Their favorite in this line happens to be Kojic Acid. I believe I seen it in all the Brightening products. It usually comes from mushrooms and big in Japanese skincare too. I for one can’t use Retinol. So from what I can tell from others stories. If Retinol is too strong for your skin, Kojic Acid maybe a better option for you to try as well.

The professional strength Day brightening cream would be too strong for me. So I began sharing with my mother in law who lives with me. An gifted her that cream. She has fallen in love! We both like how they soak in. Even thou the cream is thicker it feels luxurious with a nice aroma. The Professional strength contains Hydroquinone which is a level up from Kojic Acid I’d say. Yet, about the same maybe slightly less than Retinol strength. They give you options for many different skin types. An I am grateful for this.

This is a perfect night time line for myself. An day/night cleanser. My mother in law has begun using the entire line as well. So I can’t wait to see her skin In 2, & 4 weeks. She is using it twice a day. An if you do daytime make sure to wear your SPF. I love how the products go a long way with just a little. So very affordable and worth the price!

Check out Reviva Labs Today.

They have more skincare lines. So anyone could find a product to love. If you think like Bean Styled and your into natural skincare over chemical Ingredients soaking into your skin. Make sure to subscribe to Bean Styled Newsletter. You’ll find great products like Reviva Labs!


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Week with Soo’AE New York!

There is nothing better than an affordable beauty product that does it’s job! Mom’s, College students, and even for the teenagers slumber party. You can’t go wrong with Soo’AE New York. Find them all at Walmart.

Amazing Skincare & Hair products made with natural ingredients are fun and beneficial. They have a new line called Hip Chic dedicated to your beautiful tresses. You can find their Sleeping Hair mask on my YouTube already! I absolutely loved how it kept my hair tame and frizz free for a few days. Helped control oil an I love when I can get multiple good hairs days in a row!

Also, I am one who doesn’t wash my scalp everyday. An I have always wondered what else I could find besides spray dry shampoos. They have also introduce Botanic Bouquet. A aerosol free, color safe, and travel friendly dry shampoo stick! I can’t wait to share. So make sure to follow along on my social media and YouTube channel. Thanks to SooAE for sending all these awesome products for video review! We will be posting lost of videos using SooAE Brands and Products!

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Nuts for Kopari!

No matter what else comes out this year In 2018 for Skincare… @Koparibeauty has my vote for Top New Skincare line. An award for their Coconut Cleansing Oil as Best New Facial cleansing oil!

The first time I used the oil to cleanse my extremely sensitive and dry skin I knew I’d never buy anything else. No, I’m not joking. Should I contribute it all to the coconut? It cleans an does not dry out my skin where I feel I have to slap moisturizer on my face asap. My skin actually felt…Normal! Anyone who suffers from extreme skin issues must give Kopari a shot. To not have to worry about skin blotches or dry skin is a freedom for me.

So doubling up using the Kopari facial Moisturizer made my skin feel so soft. An the feel of the cream on your skin is luxurious! Light yet airy and very Hydrating. Doesn’t weigh on skin, it soaks in completely. Provides a great base to apply makeup. Since it hydrates my skin so well; I don’t have to worry about dry spots from makeup powders.

Kopari Lip Gloss is simply amazing. Clear and makes lips sparkle without any sticky feel. Soaks in and leaves a beautiful shine to lips. This is one lip gloss that is doing some good being on your lips! My lips have healed better than with my traditional chapstick. Kopari also has colored lip glosses I must try soon.

Their Rose Toner is a great pick me up. Especially, after a hard Workout. It helps clean and refresh skin. Smells amazing and has become my favorite. Use it after your Cleansing ritual as well before serums and moisturizers.

Kopari’s Coconut Body Oil is perfect for my skin! It doesn’t hang around on skin like baby oil. It soaks in, leaves an amazing scent, and skin gets a huge drink of Hydration. My husband always compliments my perfume but, I keep saying it’s my body oil… I don’t think he cares;) I just love what the product’s are doing for my skin.

Check out KopariBeauty online and now you can find them in @Sephora stores! They have body scrubs, a coconut melt lotion, travel sizes, plus so much more! #BeautyinaNutShell


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Joyal Beauty Vitamin C Eye Cream

Looking for a great eye cream? How about one that not only targets the signs of aging, is hydrating, and safe for sensitive skin! To top off all this goodness it contains all Natural Ingredients!

Welcome to Joyal Beauty. Read more about the brand and other products from Joyal Beauty on a prior post. The Brightening Vitamin C Eye Cream is a great addition to your skincare regimen.

Its a great product for signs of aging and dark spots. It’s hydrating with ingredients like Hyluronic acid. Avocado rich in Vitamins to reduce dark circles. Caffeine to instantly reduce puffiness. Amazing plant stem cells to support cellular turnover. Plus, so many other Natural good for skin ingredients. Absolutely love the nature in this bottle!

It instantly brightens delicate eye area and reduces puffiness! I am impressed with this product from first use. Watch the video below to see it in action.

Check out my full Review on Bean Styled YouTube.

You can get your Joyal Beauty Eye Cream at the link below:

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Burt’s Bee’s, Bee Hive!

I have a long history with @BurtsBees products. My first sample kit with cuticle oil, soap, shampoo, and I don’t remember what else was found at a Cracker Barrel when I was 7 in Knoxville, TN. Even then I was into my beauty. An since then I have been an avid Burt’s bees user. From small organic skincare Products to now full size Beauty Products. I have seen there growth the past 25 years. I am proud to be a part of their Bee Hive Product sampling and review group. I got to try The sensitive Cotton towelettes, Micellar water, and the Eye mask. Here is the amazing ingredients used. An yes, I am still the biggest fan of Burt’s Bees! 🐝

Just look above! Do I need to explain? These towelettes work so well. They even took off thick Glam glittery makeup and waterproof mascara! I took off just half my face so you could see how well they cleanse. An I have extremely dry and sensitive skin. The Sensitive cotton towelettes left my skin smooth, clean, and not dried out. Thanks to amazing ingredients like aloe, rice extract, and many more.

Take a look at how well it cleansed the entire face. I have used their towelettes before. However, this was the first for these particular one’s. An I personally love them an have some always on hand. My 8 year old uses them as well. An it’s great to not have to make her wash her face off. With these she just does it. So thanks Burt’s Bees!

Burt’s bees Micellar water is one of few that actually leaves my skin hydrated instead of feeling dry. Thanks to good for skin ingredients like Cypress oil and honey extract. It also took off the lingering makeup and dirt left behind… Outstanding!!!! A great product to freshen up skin anytime.

I absolutely enjoyed the rejuvenating eye mask. Packed with so much Rosehip seed extract and Jojoba Oil to help fight wrinkles and stay hydrated. I love that you get a lot of ingredients in the mask. Leaves eyes looking so fresh and bright. My eyes looked a little less puffy. An felt even more amazing. A regular eye mask I will have for my Skincare regimen. At night I apply all my skincare and then these on top so all products get a chance to soak deep down. Oh, an I get 5 Minutes to relax!

Keep your skincare Products as Natural as you! Check out Burt’s Bee’s Today. They have Products for every skin type.

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Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Home Party!

It was an honor to host the Healthy Baby Home Party from Seventh Generation! Not only did I personally learn so much. I am glad to have ladies over for the conversation. It is no surprise that all of us believe in getting rid of all these chemicals being used in life, and in every thing!

An although that may take some time. It is wonderful to know California pass the “Your Right To Know Act”. Which makes companies in that state label the ingredients. More knowledge more power for the people.

We watched the amazing video “The Healthy Child Healthy World’s Wake Up Story” that shows you just what we are living in today. Do we really need to fertilize our lawns? No, it really is cosmetic only. An when my neighbor did it growing up. My brother always got sick and had to stay inside. Do companies need to create genetically modified food? Not for me! The fact there is a University trying to create a Cocoa tree by 2050 because, all cocoa trees won’t be able to stand the global warming. Is a sad realization. I don’t want any genetically modified chocolate…ever!

So in other aspects be thankful for Companies who are gearing their products to be sustainable and Natural. Seventh Generation makes Products without harmful chemicals and uses Natural Ingredients. We looked over their disinfectant spray that can even be used on baby items. Let it dry and it’s good to go. Made with so many Natural oils it is definitely the new product I was introduced to.

Since all of us are mom’s or were at one point. We discussed the diaper delima. I have used SG diapers and love them. For our girl it is no leaks and absorbable. So I was happy to introduce to a mom who just had a baby four months ago the diapers and she won the wipes during our fun Bingo game! It was also discussed how they had feminine products an made us love the Company more. It not only focused on task women in the home are usually doing. They have Products for the woman’s Lifestyle. Guess we appreciate that! We played games, and tried out the Plum organics on the babies (not pictured) but, oh they ate it all! An the morning bar is simply delicious and snack for anyone.

The laundry detergent is safe for baby and our clothes. So no need to buy two different products anymore. An the dish soap comes in soft scents and still so powerful. Plus, when the kids wash their hands it is a chemical free soap!

Had I not been a part of the Generation Good Community I too may have not seen the #ComeClean act passed in California. An able to learn so much and why other states should follow suit. I was more than happy to share the “Wake Up Story”. We all had an eye opening experience. That led to a powerful and moving conversation. It is safe to say most mom’s care much about the chemicals in Products and wish for them to cease. Especially when they can soak right into our skin. If your breast feeding, do you know how many chemicals can penetrate? Join the Community today and make sure to share the video.

An after everyone left we recycled the box for some coloring fun! I highly recommend Seventh Generation Products. They do live in my home daily. I enjoy buying Products from a company who is creating Products safe for my kids and the future world they have to live in. A company who seems to think about my needs. An finally, a company who cares about this Earth and willing to give back.

Check out Seventh Generation today to learn more. An better yet, go try a product today!

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Joyal Beauty Age Defy Serum

Another wonderful Product from Joyal Beauty! Ultimate Brightening Age Defy Serum Skin Whitening Solution. A 3 in 1 Serum that helps clear skin, whiten an reduce dark spots, treat acne scars, and reduce inflammation.

Key Ingredients:

Kojic Oil- Lighten and Whiten

Glycolic Acid- exfoliant, treat an prevent blackheads.

Salicylic Acid- exfoliate, clear pores, soothe acne.

Hyaluronic Acid- lock in moisture and Hydrate.

Licorice- Reduce dark spots, lighten & Whiten, Reduce Inflammation.

Also, Aloe, Witch Hazel, Horseradish, Ginseng, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, and more!

Joyal Beauty Age Defy Serum is 72% Organic an made with Natural Ingredients. Use at Night under your Joyal beauty Vitamin C moisturizer. An apply around eye area not on eyes. This product should not be applied during the day because the sun would be to harsh on skin. It’s a nice gel consistency. An soaks into skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth. No sticky or tacky feeling.

Loving results so far an that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Looking forward to continuing the Joyal Beauty regimen.

Get Yours Today at the link below:

Great Natural Age Defy Serum! Great product to add to your skincare nightly routine.

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