K-Beauty, Korean Skincare

So you may have seen the relative hashtag these days #Kbeauty which is short for Korean Beauty. The country is know for it’s flawless skin, whitening Products, and being on top of the latest skincare ingredients. Here are a few more products I have tried free for trial and review purposes. Trust me when I say the opinion is absolutely my own and I will tell you truthfully how I feel about each one. An huge shout to 08liter.com an the Product companies for choosing me to review their International products!

First up, if you have read my previous blogs… I have already gotten to try products from “The Hair Mother Cellar”. This month I got another shampoo ‘Volume Curl’ and a Step 2 ‘Color Protect Treatment’. The HMC line is wonderful. I really do enjoy it. An believe it has given my hair new life. It leaves no product build up and I am pretty sure with less harsh chemicals my hair has been getting much healthier. The HMC is a professional hair care brand which sticks to secrets passed down from the Royal British family. Yes to Queen hair, Right! The Volume curl Shampoo contains wheat and silk proteins to protect curls and help keep them moisturized so they are soft an frizz free. 

The Color Protect Treatment is a step 2 after shampoo. It supplements moisture and nutrients lost due to dying hair. Contains ion polymers to leave hair glossy and protect from environmental stresses such as pollution and sun fading. There are silk and wheat proteins, and oils such as Bergamont, peppermint, lemon and lavandula hybrids oil. Still need to use conditioner.

Next, is a few skincare products that I am enjoying. An an a couple ingredients that are rather interesting. 

First, I got another step in the “Nice to Monaco” skincare. Step 4 ‘Water Wear Cream’ It is much thicker than the Water wear lotion I reviewed previously. It is more like a moisturizer. The cream is to nourish skin, water balance, and whitening effect. Water balance is equal to hydration of skin. An whitening is equal to removing dark spots. This has been a great moisturizer. An feels like it is helping my skin retain mositure. Unlike other moisturizers that seem to just keep skin moisturized when using them.

I then received an interesting product from Benton called “Fermentation Essence” According to the package it is a formula that helps prevent skin damage and relieve skin irritation and stress. After diving into the ingredients it gets more interesting. It contains the new popular ingredient EGF known as Epidermal growth factor. Which I will get into more details in a minute. It also contains GFF which stands for “Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate”. It’s a moisturizing agent which has antioxidant effects through activation of ARE related genes in human skin cells 2. This same product also contains BFL which equals “Bifida Ferment Lysate” a probiotic to work as a DNA repair agent. These ingredients are known as “Prestigious cosmetic ingredients” that some of the top cosmetic lines in the U.S. use in more high end department store skincare.  What makes this product even more appealing to a certified Personal Trainer who is into skin health is that it contains Adenosine! A.K.A. ATP a molecule responsible for being the leading energy source for majority of cellular and muscular functions. It is capable of boosting levels of protein such as collagen and elastin in the body. 

Finally, I received a retinol cream called “Elizavecca Milky Piggy EGF Elastic Retinol cream”. The famous Pig logo is popular in Korea so I was excited to try this product, but a little intimidated at first. Why? Because, my skin is so sensitive and dry yet I have fine lines. Retinol is supposed to be the best ingredient to fight signs of aging, but can cause sensitive skin like myself major drying problems. Well, I’ll give credit here. This product also says it moisturizes. Although it didn’t feel like it at first it has not left my skin dryed out or irritated like other Products with retinol have done. According to the package you use this 2-3 X’s per week and best at night since sunlight is not good when using retinol. It says it is a Anti-aging, pore minimizing, brightening facial treatment an night moisturizing cream. What probably helps with moisturizer is the ingredient “Swiftlet Nest Extract”. From what I can find is it is bird Saliva from the nest that a male Swiftlet builds. It is an ingredient they believe moisturizes and help’s slow down aging. Now as wonderful as that sounds. I didn’t like the fact that these poor birds nest are being harvested greatly and before the poor mama birds can lay their eggs. So if your like me and want natural products, but also care about our environment. Start reading and understanding ingredients. So it adds moisture and I haven’t had any reaction to using it. I don’t think I could buy Products with this in it. Unless I know they are harvesting them once the bird is completely done with their nest. Check it out, I encourage the knowledge. 

Now let’s discuss this EGF. It is said to be the future of Anti-aging skincare. Epidermal growth factor is a polypeptide; a molecular chain of amino acids. It was developed to speed up wound recovery. It stimulates skin growth at a cellular level an may increase collagen production. This ingredient is very popular in Korea. Scientist Stanley Cohen discovered EGF during studies of Nerve growth factor as a side effect of other experiments. This work led to 1986 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to Cohen for EGF and Rita Levi-Montalcini for the NGF. The EGF protein signals tissue growth through many mechanisms. This is an ingredient that again certain very high end cosmetic companies in the U.S. are now using. 

So if your interested in more Korean Beauty Products I will have another blog up soon with some more products I am waiting to receive. The country is definitely up on the latest skincare. An have some fun skincare like mask that bubble and lip mask that plump. Check out the hashtag on social media and a lot of these products can be purchased on Amazon. For extra pictures of the product themselves follow my Instagram where you can see all products early before these in Depth detailed reviews.

 Beauty and Health inside and out!          ❤️ -Bean


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Watch “Prenatal Workout- Hip Lift Exercise” 

Check out our recent prenatal exercise routine.

Hip lifts 10-20

Hip lift with leg lifted 10-20

Hold your hip lift and do 10-20 leg lifts. Don’t let hips fall, push to keep them up!

Add about 10 hip lifts to give thigh you just worked a little rest.

Then repeat for other leg.

120 hip lifts when your all finished! Booty and thigh burner.

Do 2 sets of 10 to break it down

Weights not needed, an if foam roller is too much of a balance issue Dont use it and lay flat for regular hip lifts.

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Spring Beauty 2016!

It’s time for our annual Fashion predictions for Spring/Summer 2016, plus the latest beauty products tested and reviewed.Pocketbook worthy to be purchased and get your skin forever beautiful. Plus, this season’s hottest trends in street and workout fashion!



Let’s begin with the beauty products on shelves worth trying. First up is No.7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm for Dry/Very Dry skin. You put the cream based cleanser on skin, and wipe off with a warm cloth. Never has a cream cleanser made my skin feel clean and hydrated as much as No.7 brand. A multi-vitamin and mineral blend with added lipids help with healing and hydrating. “Works in two simple step leaving no residue, just perfectly clean, soft and supple skin. It includes replenishing ceramides to help nourish dry skin and Glycerin and cocoa butter for deeper hydration. Hypo-allergenic.” We have tried many No.7 products and have not been disappointed. A Brand with a product for any skin type.



Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture Heal and Rejuvenate trio was next to be tried thanks to the Influenster program. First up was the facial scrub, followed by the moisturizer, and on an in-between day we tried the anti-aging replenishing mask. A hydrating facial skincare system that is natural, paraben free, and will not clog pores. The scrub left my face feeling clean and not dried out. An the beads were not rough on the skin. Yet felt very much it did they job. The moisturizer is thick and a little goes a long way. The smell of this product is amazing. Shea, Cocoa butter, plus frankincense and myrrh not only gives a wonderful smell, but they are all natural ingredients that help do more than just smell great. An for following @Beanstyled  here is a special discount code for your purchase of Shea Moisture brand APPLY: sheaface16 at checkout for 15% off til March.31st 2016.


Clean Freak

Let’s move to Hair. Are you looking for a great dry shampoo for sensitive scalp? Look no further than “Not Your Mothers” UNSCENTED dry shampoo. No residue and no whiteness left behind makes this one of our favorite brands in the dry shampoo department. Not to mention the travel size is perfect and at only $3!!!





Cutex Felt Polish Remover pads

Finally, we will take the beauty regimen to the nails. Cutex has come up with the next best thing in polish remover. Cutex Advanced Revival Nail polish remover pads made from felt. Tiny, but mighty! TSA compliant so they are travel friendly. The best part of these remover pads is they take polish off with natural oils. So not only do they take off all 10 nails with one Pad,( yes we tried black and glitter!) they actually leave nails feeling healthy and strong. Instead of dry and brittle which most nail polish removers leave our nails with. If you don’t believe me…. Buy them!


Olay Swirl & Venus

Ready for Sexy Summer Legs? Must Try Gillette Venus Razors with Venus Touch of Olay Violet Swirl. Left legs without any nicks and smooth as ever! #chooseToSmooth Smells wonderful and leaves leg feeling hydrated and moisturized even before lotion.





Kon Mari

Before we hit the latest trends in the fashion scene. Let’s talk about one of my favorite things to do….Organize! Check out our “Get Organized Pinterest Board” for great life organizational ideas. However we must talk about the KonMari Method of organizing clothing in drawers by folding into 3rds. Here is an Example so you can visualize it. This has made so much more room in our Tank Top and leggings drawers we freed up space for an excuse to purchase more #FitFashion Gym rat or not anyone can appreciate this way of saving room and organizing. Just like the concept of rolling when packing your luggage. This using the same space saving concept and does not seem to wrinkle the clothes. An if you have any definite creases a hand steamer is perfect for a shot of hot steam to have it fall right out. This is the best organization tip since the luggage roll, and better than using drawer spacers!


70’s Style


70’s Style

Finally, let’s get to this season hottest street trends. An what’s fashionable in fitness apparel. This season you see pastels, but mostly bright pastels taking you back to that Spring 1970’s vibe. Sheer, Lace, and mesh rolling out the 70’s and gypsy inspired style in BOTH fashion apparel and in our workout apparel.


Wedged Heel


Metallic Tattoos







In past years we have seen an 80’s vibe, but this summer the 90’s will be rolling back thru with chunky heels and neon colors making a splash in patterns and accessories. We are so not into the chunky heel, but your going to see a lot it in shoes. An if your wondering if you could pull them off. There is always one sure way…. pair them with a cute wide leg pair of high-waisted jeans!  At the moment the metal of the season is Gold! An nice to see it back in front.



Body Suit or Leotard

An when your working out and staying dedicated you want the motivational kick-ass gear to go with your mood. Leggings are coming in all sorts of colors and fabrics. The days of all black and gray sweatpants and t-shirt days are over.Body suits in Street fashion and Unitard’s in Fitness Fashion. You heard it here and we are calling it! Forever21 had a bodysuit in their workout apparel and we didn’t score it soon enough. No worries, check ebay and other retailers will be sure to have them stocked very soon! An for the most part if you like leotards… be on the look out for more Adult workout leotards or bodysuits that double as both. We will be having those items in our Retail so be sure to follow our other Social media to see it first!

We are working on building Bean Styled Fitness Fashion online and in store-retail. We are looking for the softest, moisture wicking fabric in trendy patterns and colors. Along with suppliers. Keep up to date with our online store we are about to have the most unique, fashionable workout apparel at the most affordable prices. Fitness Fashion has it’s own runway at Bean Styled! Follow us on Social media and sign up for email updates. Models will be needed for Bean Styled’s 2nd Fitness runway fashion show to be held Spring of 2017 show casing Spring/Summer 2017 Fitness Fashion trends that will be in our local fitness boutique and health spa.




Thermo Burn!


Let’s talk about thermogenics in losing weight. It’s a way to increase basal metabolic rate to help burn calories. Burning calories to utilize the food consumed. Some created supplements are used to increase your metabolic rate and usually have energy expenditure as well with caffeine and ephedrine just to name a couple. However there are many natural ways to increase our metabolic rate with foods that are naturally thermogenic. Look for foods that are known to increase your metabolism and your eating thermogenic foods to help burn calories!

We don’t need to make a huge list of thermogenic foods. You can simply google, read, and ask your nutritionist and doctors and they will flood you with food choices.

As a health coach it is not usually the food we eat when we are consciously eating healthy. It is the portions an the extras. So no matter how healthy the food. Keep the portions reasonable to what your eating and no extra dressings, or toppings are the best way to go.

Try this switch in your meal plans. When your wanting a snack make sure that snack is a thermogenic food. Or to sneak it into your meals start adding and cooking with the natural herbs and spices. If your using both spices and eating foods to help increase metabolism, keeping them in portions for some may be a way to increase metabolism naturally and help lose and/or maintain a healthy weight.

Let us know what foods you try, what other not so healthy foods you have replaced with a thermogenic rich food, and Share Recipes!


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