Training & Classes

Description of All Classes and Training offered!


Personal Training and Group Fitness Classes Taught By: Jillian Dworak 


Local Gym-  I favor local small business Gym’s and like to support them. I also have options with Corporate and Franchised Gyms. Call to find out more! 304-444-4838

In-Home/On Location- Need us to come to you? Home, Business, Hotel? I will make it convenient for you to get your daily workout in! 4 a.m. No Problem!

Online– Providing virtual online training. Email Today!

***Personal Clients, Studio/Gym’s.    Corporate Rates Available

2014 promo poster 2Classes:

Pound Rockout Workout: 

Pound Pro Jillian will take you on a 45 minute Rockstar Journey unleashing your inner drummer! Pilates based with High energy Cardio this is the funniest workout to ever be created! Relieve stress and have fun, you can’t “beat” an exercise like POUND!



Bean Body Barre:

Ballet inspired exercise. Light Cardio, and traditional ballet moves. Using the ballet barre and your own body weight for a resistance exercise. Work on your flexibility and natural balance. Creates long lean muscle & burns fat. Great Thigh and Booty workout!  All over body as we hit arms, legs, and abs.



Bean’s Body Resistance

Created using your choice of weight. 1-15 lbs  Build lean to Serious muscle and burn fat. Strength Resistance exercises with a Pilates focus.



MaMa’s to Be-

Welcome all mama’s to be to enjoy a 40 minutes group fitness class where it is more than just exercise, but understanding and friendships made. With Dr.’s approval we will warm-up, light cardio & weights, with a cool down and always time to drink our water and do some mama chatting.


Kick Boxing-

45 minute cardio group fitness class with the skills and drills used in boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and Kick boxing. This class is not intended for Self-Defense and do not teach it as such. You will have fun bobbing, weaving, and jabbing the pounds off and the stress away!


flexstretchBean Stretch and Flex-

A body stretching class for beginners to Advanced. Athletes needing to protect tendons and ligaments, aging and need to keep joints healthy and balance on key. Everyone losing weight or maintaining health should be stretching. This is not YOGA this class background comes from Power Tumbling and Gymnastics. Dancers, Cheerleaders and those wanting to take their skills and flips up to the next level needs to inquire on why this is a necessity to all workouts and daily living.



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