Fall for Booties!

Fall 2017 has arrived and one of the hottest items this season are Booties! An the Fashion is so retro 70’s inspired fabrics and colors. I can’t wait for the bell bottom pants and all the baby soft pink!

I fell in love with these Big Buddha Peep-Toe Booties. The Tan color goes with just about everything in my closet. The suede feels luxurious and easily wipes clean. I have worn them about 100 hours and they still look New! Extremely comfortable an extra padding in the soles. An suede inside but, airy so no sweating or slipping! The square heel provides great stability too. The toe area does not cut into my toes like other shoes with similar Styles have.

Thanks to Mesh1 for the Big Buddha Booties for Testing.

My other want in the Boots department are over the knee boots. Pair with any leggings or Straight leg jeans an Instantly jazz up any outfit. Plus, can be worn with skirts an dresses! Live where it’s really cold it’s just another layer on the legs.

Check out my Fall ’17 Fashion Pinterest Board for other Fashion Trends and Style’s you’ll see this season.

Happy Fall πŸπŸ‚

❀️ Bean


FALL 17′ Fitness Fashion!

Looking for trendy Workout apparel? Look no further than Bean Styled to show you where and how to style your fitness fashion. No more sweat pants and t-shirts. We can feel confident and empowered in our workout wear!

Check out this stretchy Crop top that will go great with Black or a Rainbow of Colored leggings!

Perfect long sleeve for cooler weather. An cropped so you can stay cooler when giving πŸ’―% and sweating! Buy yours at the link below:


An I have a great pair of leggings with reflectors on the back. Sent from another fast shipping Amazon Seller who I have collaborated with.

So if your a runner you’ll love these. I love them because they are high waist and lose on the ankles. Extremely soft and comfortable material. Perfect for gym or studio classes!

Get your High Waist leggings at the link below:




LazyCaturday Leggings!

Looking for a great pair of Made in the U.S.A. leggings that are so luxurious you’ll never want to take them off? As a West Virginia University Alumni I am a lover of the city of Pittsburgh (it’s not far from Morgantown, WV peps!), an actually lived there a few months after College. So give lot’s of love to LazyCaturday Online Fashion!

Their Tuxedo Leggings in Charcoal are the perfect style to dress up for work, Lunch with the gals, or to your workout class. Plus, nothing beats curling up to a good Movie with a hot cup of coffee to just relax after a hard Day’s work in a comfy pair of leggings. An no worries ladies! These leggings are double lined so they Do Not show through. They are just Purrfect! 😸

Right now you can score these Tuxedo Leggings FREE with Any Purchase on their website with Code: FREELEGGINGS

Shop LazyCaturday website Today!

Link Below:

Tuxedo Leggings

Nothing beats a great versatile pair of leggings, Grab yours Today!

❣️BEAN -Your BFF in Beauty-Fitness-Fashion

T0Wish Posture Brace, break that habit!

Are you trying to Fix your Posture? Do you have a desk job and want to help get into habit of not slouching? Wearing the T0wish Posture brace for 15-20 minutes a day can break a bad habit and provide many health benefits.

Do you have a medical condition that requires a posture brace? Check out this one by ToWish. Right now you get an extra Resistance Band to exercise with. Which can be great for many upper body workouts! An you can find a list of workouts on our Bean Fitness Pinterest Board

You can also use this during Hiking, Lifting and other exercises to keep proper form. An if your a Fitness Competitor looking to perfect your Pose, Stance, and Walk. I highly recommend wearing this an you’ll see how imperfect your posture has been. Plus, Good Posture leads to joints, ligaments, and organs all working properly. This is also why some like to visit a chiropractor. An with everyone on cell phones and tablets all day. This is the perfect fitness gear to help remind you to stand straight and head up. Absolutely loved adding this to my gear and Definitely will have clients in it!

Get yours today and fix your posture so the rest of your body will feel great too!

Purchase Link Below:

NEO Earbuds Rock!

Absolutely fell in love with these earbuds from NEO. You can listen to music, take calls, and get your full workout in before recharging!

The sounds in these NEO earphones are amazing. Clear and good bass. You can control the volume on the ear piece and if you need it louder you can use your phone to increase volume. It comes with a sturdy hard case so you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty or bent in the bottom of your gym bag!

They are perfect for running, lifting, or even handstands! They stay in very well and the ear loops are a soft plastic too. So they are the most comfortable ear phones I have ever had…Really! They come with extra ear pieces. Silicone and padded. This is nice because people have a preference, eventually they do wear out, one goes Missing, or they do get dirty and need changed. You definitely have enough for a year or more!

There is also a lovely voice inside that tells you when it is on or off when you push the on/off button. The mic seems to work great during calls. An again the computer voice in the phones tell you who’s calling! So important call you can answer it from the ear piece, if not you can keep focusing on your workout. Absolutely has advanced options! It comes with it’s own USB so plug it in for a full charge and your ready to Rock your Workouts!

Get your NEO Earphones Today, Don’t wait! Link Below to Purchase:


Rock On Fit Fam,

πŸ’‹ Bean 🎸

*** “Free for review and Testing purposes but, Opinion is all my own!”

Dresses for Fall 2017!

I have been collaborating with an awesome, fast, and great service Amazon Seller. An today I want to share a Rockabilly style dress which is so trendy right now. An a little black dress that is sexy yet Professional!

Beautiful Women’s Vintage 1950s Long Sleeve Retro Rockabilly Belted A-Line Swing Dress. Absolutely LOVE IT! She seemed to know my style well. My husband came up with the idea to go on a Retro date Night an he’ll wear his knickers! An since we live in Vegas we have a few options for where we can go!

It is extremely soft and the stitching and zipper are very well made! I am head over heels for the perfect retro military green color! Once I lose these “Baby boobs” it will fit perfectly. However it still fits great, right on point and I got a Medium being 5’7″ you can see it hits perfectly below the knee. Grab your Rockabilly Swing dress today by shopping the link below!

I was in need of a new and updated Cocktail dress and this one is perfect… Sexy yet Professional! It is a One side shoulder Dress which I LOVE. One of my favorite body parts to show off are definitely my shoulders! The other side is a see thru mesh. It’s extremely Gorgous in person and looks more Fab on. The zipper and stitching is very well made. I can’t wait for a great event to wear this too.

Extremely soft and comfortable. So you can move and dance the night away! A style that would look great on many. A perfect style LBD for any event!

Shop Today! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0743CB8BT

Follow for more upcoming Fall Fashion 2017 style ideas!

Love Bean,

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Comfy Travel Neck Pillow

Got Travel plans coming up? When we think about traveling we don’t always think about our health. You can get dehydrated, bowl/intestinal upset, and just as important your Posture! Of course, comfort is equally as important. So having a good Travel neck pillow is a good idea and convenient to have on the plane, cars, and trains! The Raniaco Travel Neck pillow has a blow-up feature with eye mask and ear plugs. All in one cinch bag which makes the perfect travel companion!

You can control the firmness of the pillow by how much air you blow in or release out by it’s easy push button air release. Block out light from your neighbors light or sun with the eye mask that has a mesh Inside so no sweating. An any annoying voices or sounds can be silenced with construction grade ear plugs!

Get yours today by shopping the link below!


Happy Travels!